#SEOchat Changes Time and Format of Weekly Twitter Chat

We want to thank the SEO community for all your support of our weekly #SEOchat over the past couple years. It’s been an amazing time lining up guests/questions, building community, hosting and participating in the great discussions each week.

Change of Time

After nearly 2 years of running #SEOchat on Thursday evenings, we’re making a change to day-time. Our new time slot will be 11am Mountain and we’ll continue as a weekly chat.

Change of Format

The format is also going to change to an open chat, with a host, and the topics will vary with the community. We’ll still be talking about SEO, social media, tools, software, conversion, analytics, and everything else SEOs need to succeed.

You’re welcome to come with questions, topics, breaking news, and answers for the community.

Previous Guests

We’ve had the pleasure of interviewing great guests (sample):

We’re planning to continue hosting guests from time-to-time (maybe on a regular schedule at some point).

Share the Good News

We’d appreciate your help in spreading the word. Tell you friends on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc. If you run a blog or host a Twitter chat list, we’ve love an updated time.

This Week in Search September 3-9

The biggest news this week would have to be Google Instant, and there was plenty of talk about that out there. However, there were some other posts worth checking out that you may have missed.


Google Instant: Impact on Search Queries – Google Webmaster Central

How to Actually Use Google Suggest Feature for Keyword Research and Beyond – Blue Glass

How Google Instantly Made the Long Tail More Important for SEOs – Marketing Pilgrim

Thoughts on Google Instant – Matt Cutts

3 Awesome Accessibility Tools That Can (and Should!) Be Used for SEO Diagnostics – Search Engine People

Is Google AdWords Keyword Tool Now More Accurate? – David Naylor

Latent Dirichlet Allocation (LDA) and Google’s Rankings are Remarkably Well Correlated – SEOmoz

Discussing LDA and SEO – Whiteboard Friday – SEOmoz


Developing a PPC Strategic Plan – PPC Hero

How to Set up a Google Instant Experiment for AdWords – BG Theory

Social Media

6 Basic Questions for Social-Optimizing Your Company Website – Blue Glass

7 Social Media Lessons from Mr. Miyagi in the Karate Kid – Top Rank Blog

This Week in Search August 20-26

It’s been another great week of content online. Here are some great picks to read through:


WTF are rel=”dofollow” & rel=”noindex” – Andy Beard

How to Rescue Poorly Converting Web Sites – Search Engine Land

Showing more results from a domain – Google Webmaster Central Blog

Blekko: A Search Engine Which Is Also A Killer SEO Tool – Search Engine Land

E-Commerce SEO: Making Product Pages into Great Content – Whiteboard Friday – SEOmoz

28 New Link Building Resources: the “Dixon Jones Rocks” Edition (8/20 – 8/26) – Ontolo


When Is It OK to Have Low-Quality-Score Keywords? – PPC Hero

8 Crucial AdWords Reports For Measuring Success – Search Engine Land

What’s In Your PPC “Pre-Flight” Checklist? – SEM Geek

Social Media

How Gap’s ‘Groupon’ Went Crazy Viral – ClickZ

How To Calm Employees Into Social Media – Outspoken Media

Official Tweet Button Set for Release

As reported on Mashable yesterday, Twitter is going to be rolling out an official Tweet button to compete with Facebook’s “Like” button. Until now, sharing blog posts and other content via Twitter has been mostly done via Tweetmeme, so it will be interesting to see what happens when the official Tweet button appears.

Here is a snapshot of the button that was somehow obtained by Mashable.

As with the Facebook “Like” button, using the official Tweet button will not remove readers from the site they are on when it is used. This is great news for publishers who had this concern.

There is no official release date yet, so I will update this post as we learn more.

This Week in Search July 31 – Aug 5

There were a lot of great posts across the web this week. Here are some of the best:


Bing Maps Launches New User Interface – Search Engine Land

Video is Now a Must-Have Feature for Competitive SEO – Search Engine Land

How to Not Fail at SEO – Search Engine Watch

Linking to Internal 404 Pages Can Cause Search Ranking Harm – Search Engine Roundtable

Google: The Robots Meta Tag Is Cumulative (First Come First Serve) – Search Engine Roundtable

3 Tips for Effective ‘Link Luv’ – Search Engine Group

What to do Once You Make Front Page – RhinoSEO

44 Local Link Building Queries for Citation Prospecting and Opportunity Analysis – Ontolo

Facebook SEO: Optimizing for an Audience of 500 Million – Online Marketing Blog

Using Excel for SEO – the Grand Collection of Tips – Search Engine Journal

Introducing Google Small Business Blog – Google Small Business Blog

Social Media

3 Less Known but Effective Ways to Share Your Facebook Page – Search Engine Journal

Is Spamming Twitter Good Google SEO? – Read Write Web


AdWords Myths – common misperceptions about keywords – Inside AdWords

Modified Broad Match — Broad Match  as it Should Be – Search Engine Watch

What’s Hot On Sphinn Today

There are some really good posts today that are HOT on Sphinn right now. Just so you don’t have to jump over there… here you go:

Phase Two Link Building Strategies – Yay for us!

What To Do Once You Make Front Page

Many people get tunnel vision when running an SEO campaign. The ears are pinned back and the focus on reaching the coveted front page of Google for a desired keyword is all that is often thought about. But what happens when you are lucky enough to land that prime real estate on the first page of Google?

44 Local Link Building Queries For Citation Prospecting & Opportunity Analysis

One of the best resources for local link building that I have seen.  Several amazing link building (and citation building) opportunities spelled out for ya.  Dig in and get your hands dirty ….

4 Steps To Social SEO Success

Really great post from Lee Odden on 1) Listening, 2) Content, 3) Socialize, and 4) Measure. He goes into how to make sure social media and SEO work together for real results.

What’s Hot On Digg – Infographic

A great infographic that takes a look at Digg trends from the last month (June 15, 2010 – July 15, 2010), showing you Digg’s most popular topics, most-Dugg sites and what the power users are sharing.

6 Ways To Increase Your Influence & Persuasion

The art of persuasion is a science, capable of being studied, quantified and qualified. This means that pretty much anyone can be persuasive if they study the formula and rules.

Blog On Trending Topics To Get Noticed & Get Ranked

Your blogging style is up to you. I for one usually shy away from newly hot and trending topics for various reasons: firstly, I am not based in the USA and thus I am slow in learning what everyone says, secondly, seeing great coverage, I usually have hard time finding what to add.

This Week in Search July 24-30

Here is what happened in search this week as reported on many sites around the web.


The Clueless, but “Whitehat”, SEO – Sugarrae

DemandMedia’s eHow.com Using Interesting Expired Domain Redirect SEO Strategy – SEO Book

Breaking it Down – Why Site Navigation Matters – Search Engine Journal

SEO is Not All About Technical Changes – Search Engine Roundtable

First Evidence: Yahoo! and Bing Have Merged Search Results – EZLocal Blog

7 Cutting Edge Web Design Trends (That Can Actually Improve SEO) – SEOmoz

Social Media

4 Steps to Social SEO Success – Online Marketing Blog


Is Google AdWords Advertising Itself Honestly? – Search Engine Journal

Facebook Questions Launches Today (Limited Release)

Today at 1pm PST Facebook’s long anticipated feature Facebook Questions went live to a small number of their users. This feature allows Facebook users to ask questions and get answers from anyone in the Facebook community, which is now 500 million strong.

When announced by Facebook in this blog post, they specifically highlighted the following features:

  • All questions are made public to the entire community, not just your friends
  • Questions can be tagged with keyword(s) to associate them with specific topics
  • Anyone can browse questions by topic

So the big question that most marketers have on their minds is how can you use Facebook Questions? Well, as noted above, this is only open to a small number of users right now. If you are selected by Facebook, you will see a notification that you can now us the service. Facebook has stated that they will expand the service to more and more users until they roll it out community wide.

Facebook isn’t first to launch such a service, in fact, there are many other websites already playing in the Q&A space right now including Answers.com, LinkedIn Answers, ChaCha, Aardvark, Quora, Yahoo Answers, and Replyz. Facebook, however, has quite the advantage since it has the largest community of people who can be involved than any of the mentioned services. Another advantage they have is the fact that the community is already used to asking questions amongst their friends in the social space.

Currently, Yahoo Answers is probably the biggest success story in the Q&A space. They are generally ranked well when stats of Q&A services surface from time to time.

Twitter, although not a Q&A service is also seeing a huge amount of questions coming through their service. This is one reason why sites like Replyz tap into Twitter users and provide a way for marketers to leverage those opportunities to promote their brands, products, and services.

I am super excited to see what becomes of this since it could potentially mean that I and other online marketers can leverage this feature on Facebook to continue to grow their brands and steal market share from larger players in the search marketing space. More to come as this new feature fully develops and is rolled out to the entire community.

Google Webmaster Tools Launches SiteNotices

The Google Webmaster Central Blog announced yesterday afternoon that they will be stepping up their notifications within the Webmaster Tools interface. As of today, they will now be sending “SiteNotices” when there is a significant increase in content that is unreachable by Googlebot.

Here is a snapshot of what a SiteNotice will look like:

Google has said that they will only send out these notices if your website is verified in Webmaster Tools and they strongly recommend that you set up the email forwarding option so that you don’t miss out on these very important alerts.

As most SEOs know, if GoogleBot cannot access content from your website for some reason or another, this can be a huge issue and cause many headaches when trying to rank your content in the SERPs. I am sure that these alerts will be a welcomed change by many in the community.

This Week In Search July 19 – 23

Here is what happened in search this week as reported on many sites around the web.


Stuck In Link Limbo? How To Craft Real Business Metrics For Link Building – Search Engine Land

Yup, SEO Can Be A Competitive Advantage – SEOmoz

Calculating Your ROI On Internet Marketing – Vertical Measures

5 Useful Tools For Calculating International Keyword Research – Search Engine Journal

18 SEO Items Commonly Missed In Web Development – SEO.com

Want More Link Juice? Here’s An Easy Way To Get It – WordStream

Social Media

Social Media Marketing BlueGlass LA – BruceClay.com

Drilling Down – Where The Bloggers Are – New York Times


5 PPC Management Blunders That Will Burn Your Cash – SEO.com

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