Summary: How Evergreen Content Influences SEO and How to Measure Its Impact on #SEOchat

Moderator: @AndreaMLehr

What connects the two? How does one influence the other?

@AndreeaC_T    They are joined at the hip. You need content to boost SEO efforts and SEO to boost content. In my world, SEO and content marketing are 1. Always optimize all content with SEO to scale & make good use of your efforts. Another secret…I use blog and offsite content in my email & video marketing campaigns. Think scaling. Think integration

@oc2015    Connections between SEO & Content are like asking for connections between siamese twins. Each leads the other. Keywords lead content creation, content creation leads keyword & traffic.

@BerkleyBikes    SEO frequently influences content. E.g.: I create content based on keyword research and what will rank.

@AgentPalmer    It’s just like the chicken or the egg… Although in this case, it doesn’t matter as long as you have quality content and SEO.

@HeroicSearch   Content IS a major part of SEO now. You need to create the content in order to give the search engines the signals its good. Plus the normal SEO, keywords etc, etc. that goes into the content and copy on your website. Its all a part.

@CallMeLouzander    SE’s want to measure engagement. Better content=better engagement/UX=better ranking. Feedback loop.

@misfttweek    They are pretty much interchangeable, you cant go very far in SEO world without hearing “great relevant content” from someone

@RoshniFlood    By having more appropriate content (links, key words, etc.), you increase your SEO!

@lees_joy    SEO and content have to work together because by themselves they do not work.
‏@BerkleyBikes They can. You could have killer content a la BuzzFeed that does well on social, but doesn’t rank for common search terms. The problem with Buzzfeed’s content for SEO is that it’s not terribly evergreen – they need to keep churning it out.

@mackenziedag10    impossible to have one without the other.SEO efforts need content and vise Versa.

@samsitesearch    Good content makes SEO easier, and vice versa. answering the right questions makes it easier for audiences to find content

@emily_C27    Content offers the quality that attracts visitors/customers & #seo is there to make sure that its found

@jessicatheo123    They need each other!! You cannot boost content without content!

@WesleyDurrance    IMHO, the headline should reflect and be determined by the content.

@CallMeLouzander    That being said, Rand makes gr8 point about what “Good Content” really means.

@chowdhury_lamia    I think it’s always important to keep SEO in mind when creating content. Otherwise you will not hit your target audience!

@Randomhero180    SEO and content are intertwined. Creating content around keywords and phrases you want to be found for is a good practice.
@mattgent12    That’s really clever. Creates very effective and efficient marketing and utilizes your resources well!

@EricLanderSEO    SEO & Content are in a Facebook relationship, and it’s not complicated at all. In fact, it’s mutually beneficial. Good content builds social, links and conversions. Good SEO can bring out positive and negative traits in existing content. In other words, SEO has the ability to magnify the good and bad things about your content.

@Claire_Levis    SEO helps get your content out there and seen!

@kaitmilligan    SEO is the way to get your content more noticeable and searchable!

@_TanishaBennett    SEO and content are dependent upon each other. One without the other will not work.

@AndreaMLehr    SEO is impacted by high-authority links, and you earn those links by producing data-driven and highly engaging content

@jumfdesign    To me content is what generates a good SEO. One can’t really be successful without the other.

@HLuthersdottir    Content and SEO go together like PB&J. You need to make sure your content has searchable keywords!

@EthanCharlesY    Like others have said, content contributes a lot to making SEO easier, and SEO helps good content to be discovered more easily.

@directom    Nowadays, content should ultimately be shaping your SEO strategy overall. Value to both users & search engines!

How do you determine your keywords and what are some best practices?

@HeroicSearch    Keywords should be based around what your audience is searching for/wants/asks about. Who better to tell you want they want?

@AndreeaC_T    Look at where your organic visits are landing (through google anlaytics) for starters. Let audience help determine keywords. Watch social. ID your audience, listen, pay attention to hashtags. Then research those phrases. Check your competitors through @SpyFu or @SEMRush. Check out their keywords too.

@cynthialehrer22    SEO would be nothing without quality content!

@oc2015    Customer intent, traffic metrics, top converting KWs. Let users show you the best words to use. Best practice wise, its always better to take a pinpoint approach over a shotgun for converting. Awareness goes the opposite.

@Randomhero180    Googles Keyword Planner is a good tool, also SEMrush and Google Search Console.

@AndreaMLehr    Look at posts on targeted sites to determine what they’re talking about; use Google Trends to add focus and context to each word

@noellespencer10    The best keywords keep the audience in mind. If the audience won’t search for it, who will?

@angela_cdunn    Keywords would usually be the audience’s most commonly searched words.

@BerkleyBikes    Look at what competitors are ranking for. Look at your site search queries that return no results.

@MHolton36    Based on your content, and understanding what your audience searches for is a great start for creating strong keywords.

@AgentPalmer    I look for the best words to use to tell the story… I don’t do keyword research except to see where my traffic comes from.

@RoshniFlood    The best way to determine your key words is to first figure out how you want to brand yourself and your work.

@misfttweek    Figure out what your Niche is searching, i have always been an advocate of targeting long tail keywords #SEMrush is my favorite

@samsitesearch    Been saying it for a while- 1st talk to the right people, get ideas. then use tools like ubersuggest (or whatever) to pinpoint. Best practice is to focus on intent, use some long tail. quality > quantity, and always answer questions.

@vanyailiev    Keyword consistency in your content plays a big role in SEO

@directom    KW research will be your foundation. From there, craft your content around content and answer questions by intent! KWs should really be thought of as topics users are trying to get answers for.

@crobbins1995    The keywords need to be highly relevant to the audience and action based

@emily_C27   Use tools like @semrush to determine what kw’s you’re ranking for or do a simple google search.

@HLuthersdottir    Make sure to use keywords the audience will look for, and integrate them in the headline/content/hashtags/etc

@EricLanderSEO    Likely an unpopular stance: I’m over keywords for content creation. People don’t search keywords, they search situations. Said differently, people use keywords differently. Content shouldn’t hit a keyword – it should address a topical need.

@_agilly_    Think of keywords that can summarize the content to optimize searches

@AndreaMLehr    Keywords: research them and utilize them strategically throughout your content; remember they should sound natural, not stuffed

@WesleyDurrance    I usually create and exhaustive list of keywords but I’m not sure if it works well.

@mackenziedag10   keywords are directed from what can define you! You want the keywords to be a small description of yourself

@lees_joy    In order to find the best key words we need to look at the most popular words people are searching for.

@rashebajones    think like the viewer/reader and see which keywords are popular searchable words increase your SEO

@kayleyashlyn39    Key words can vary. The best ones are going to be the ones that are used, but not over used. Don’t want to get lost in the crowd

@lesleyuf    Relevant issues/topics within your content, simplified to one or two words always serve as great keywords.

@BylineBetty    When choosing keywords, I think about what my readers would be googling.

@breyflynch    I’d definitely say keywords vary depending on content… So finding keywords that pair with the content is vital

@pennameJAM    I use keywords that summarize what I’m talking about

@cynthialehrer22   To determine your keywords you need to evaluate the goals of your content!

@selenavidya    I look at overall volume per topic, the queries driving users to the site, and phrases hanging on page 2 and build master topics and ideas to address them. I also talk to customer service/sales/community to understand the verbiage. That potential and current customers are using, and what topic could address their needs.

@bill_slawski    I learn about a client’s keywords by learning about what they offer their customers and what those customers want and need.

@jonathanbentz    Find keywords that indicate buyer research. Sometimes they are long tail or complementary but they will create an opportunity

What are ways to ensure Google deems it high quality? Length? Domain authority?

@AgentPalmer    Just make sure it’s something you are proud of and that tells a complete story from beginning to end.

@HeroicSearch    A mixture of length, domain authority, as well as quality links back to the content.

@lisabuyer    Personalize the content to your brand and include related and authority sources. Company news too!

@misfttweek    I find content that answers all possible questions is the best, make sure its relevant and informative.

@kayleyashlyn39    It appears that the more keywords and page views there are the better. The strongest results seem to come first.

@HeroicSearch    Also, social signals are another way Google will check out whether its worthy of some better rankings. So those are a factor.

@RoshniFlood    For google to deem it high quality, you need to have relevant and accurate content.

@jonathanbentz   Domain authority helps, sure, but you don’t have that without links. Repurposing content and writing guest posts helps both

@Randomhero180    1. Right for your audience, not for search engines. 2. Min of 500 words, but upwards of 1000 is great.

@selenavidya    Avoid regurgitation of topics that are already out there. Create useful content, that’s synonym/contextually rich and internally links to other relevant content on the site. In-depth articles are great when possible. Avoid thin. And only create content when you have something valuable/useful to share. Also, social/search signals help as an indicator of relevancy/usefulness. Links + shares. (not the end all, be all.)
@CallMeLouzander    In this instance, it can be measured: engagement/shares/comments/views. Content’s not done when published.

@mackenziedag10    Length isn’t important if domain and authority don’t come into play. Make it relevant before long.

@BerkleyBikes    This is probably the best resource out there

@jumfdesign    Use keywords that you know people would search for, don’t use more than 65 characters.

@noellespencer10    It’s all about quality over quantity of links. I would rather have one good word or phrase than 10 poor ones

@samsitesearch    I think it’s about nailing the intent of the searcher and providing more value vs comp. good DA helps, but do the basics too

@EricLanderSEO    Write quality, error free content & deliver it predictably across platforms that’s adaptable & personal. That’s high quality. Just remember that great content resonates w/ an audience because of what it is, not because of length, keyword density, etc.

@lees_joy    The quality and relevancy of the keywords helps to determine how Google deems it high quality.

@oc2015    Provide value with targeted keywords. Google & users are overt the keyword stuffing

@AndreaMLehr    Length is key, but make sure it is comprehensive. Are there gaps or other areas that haven’t been fully explored? Also remember the importance of DA: A highly-targeted outreach strategy with a focus on authoritative sources is key for rank

@kenhkelly    Just write good, quality, and useful content for your target audience. Your target audience is people, by the way, not #google

@directom    Content length is definitely a place to start. But we think engagement metrics are playing a larger role more & more.

@cynthialehrer22    Length doesn’t necessarily mean high quality. The better your DA is the more likely you are to have strong traffic.

@bill_slawski    Ensure Google’s perception of the high quality of your keywords by treating them as well defined and supported entities.

@chowdhury_lamia    It’s also important to not fabricate your keywords or content. To build an audience you must gain trust and respect.

What are some unique ways to uncover evergreen ideas? How do you optimize your content creation process for SEO?

@AndreeaC_T    Stay current. I look at what’s going in the public media that impacts my market and curate my content around that. For instance for @inviterbiz, content is around email marketing for ecom for holiday rush. Also look at news stories. Sometimes you can get evergreen content from that too. Ask to sit on sales calls. See what issues or topics come up most.

@HeroicSearch    Evergreen is relatively easy, finding related topics to popular ques. from your audience. Find a new spin, recycle old content. FAQ’s are great evergreen content. Answers to customer questions. How To’s.

@oc2015    Solving problems of users. High search volumes for solution based content is a great indicator of content that never goes bad.

@BerkleyBikes    Talk to customer support teams and see what questions they get asked repeatedly. Evergreen content is content designed to valuable in the long-term. Current events are usually not evergreen.
@CallMeLouzander    Lots of blogs bury evergreen content: under-promotion; dated cntent loses rnkngs over time…why cntent audits help!
@mattgent12    It depends if it is a recurring event or not. I think sometimes current events can be evergreen topics in that case!

@EricLanderSEO    Topically associate your market with news topics, seasons & celebrities. Then revisit, recirculate and update ONLY when needed. Good content can rank and do wonders even if it’s years old. New is most certainly not always better.

@noellespencer10    Making content that lasts over a period of time is the best way to uncover evergreen ideas and increase their success.

@jonathanbentz   For a blog, I always like taking user or contact questions and blogging them out. That person isn’t alone in needing an answer.

@pennameJAM    Figure out what gets your audience’s attention and roll with it.

@_agilly_    Always consider: “So what? Why does the reader care?” Strive to make your content relatable/current

@directom    In essence, evergreen should reach to be high level. Will it still be useful 10 years from now?

@selenavidya    I dig through comments in client’s and competitor’s content for unanswered questions and surprise topics to write about “resource” centers and FAQ guides are great also. Lots of this can be mined from tracked on-site search data. Also, for companies driven by annual events – master pages that aggregate content/data YOY and are updated can help it pop yearly in the SERPs when the event comes around again.

@CallMeLouzander    Anyone else see this? Not everyone that shares smthing reads it.

@AndreaMLehr    Use tools like @BuzzSumo to type in your primary keywords and see what type of content is earning the most social shares. Take a look at the comment section in previous features; what do your readers want to know more about?

@Randomhero180    Listen to your audience. If someone has a question, there’s probably others looking for the same answer.

@samsitesearch    If you find out what questions your customers always ask, and then answer them awesomely, that’s strong evergreen content
@CallMeLouzander    QED: Amazon’s products allow you to ask questions of customers who’ve bought that product.

@WesleyDurrance    Talk to your customers and figure out what they want to read about!

‏@cynthialehrer22 To optimize your content creation process for SEO it needs to be relevant and “fresh” for your audience

@jonathanbentz   For evergreen content, keywords like “[service] + ideas” will give you golden opportunities. Just have to stick to broad tips.

@JaredCarrizales    Multiple hands need to touch one piece of content for best results. Design, dev, SEO, editing, etc

@bricryar    Making content that lasts for a long time and remains relevant is the best way to increase the success of evergreen ideas.

@bill_slawski    To create evergreen content, explain why something is the way it is, or why it works the way it works.

@EthanCharlesY    Definitely addressing readers’ needs. If they aren’t interested to begin with, then content won’t be evergreen either

What are some of the popular metrics to measure the success of evergreen content in terms of SEO?

@AndreeaC_T    Traffic! Even better…direct sales or form completions from content.Always have some sort of call 2 action even if it’s passive. Ex: I have a call to action to ask questions in every blog post. That usually leads to a call and demo (I work in SaaS). Setup @mention to see how far your brand is mentioned and life of your content. Love them for that. Don’t forget. Content that gets the most exposure can are hot topics you can write about over and over again. Also…don’t forget to vary your content type. Use videos, gifs, images (optimized with alt tags) and linked back your site.

@EricLanderSEO    Conversions, sales and signups per visitor. The other stuff like ranking position, clicks and visitors are superficial, IMO. I, like everyone else, love seeing traffic volume and vanity rankings – but we’re here as marketers to serve business needs.

@oc2015    Landing page visits, referral traffic (as an information source), engagement metrics (time of page etc. )

@kayleyashlyn39    Get it trending! It’s so important to spread out your content in various regions and make it relevant to each!

@emily_C27    Setting up and using GA goals and social sharing metrics

@AndreeaC_T    Analytics like bounce rate, page sessions too.

@_agilly_    Past internships have taught me the importance of tracking impressions/engagements across social media platforms. Pay attention to the times your audiences are most responsive/interactive! Be aware of differing time zones.

@noellespencer10    There are plenty of apps and websites that measure metrics to measure success.

@jumfdesign    Metrics, bounce rate, page views.

@jonathanbentz   Traffic from search, leads, and referral visits. Sorry for the sarcasm. You will want to monitor performance over time and then maybe consider updating a post if traffic drops.

@selenavidya    YOY comparisons for sharing metrics, link velocity around certain time windows (if seasonal-evergreen) average yearly referral traffic& conversion comparisons, fresh comments. And also traffic from search queries.

@samsitesearch    Definitely conversions over time. you could look at backlinks over time too. analytics metrics obviously, and social signals

@RoshniFlood    Some metrics to look for for best evergreen- page visits, at what time they visit, and what kind of content gets the most hits.

@Claire_Levis    Get it trending and then check out your traffic volume!

@directom    Social shares will validate how good you content is, but traffic and on-site engagement will show success.

@Randomhero180   Engagement and traffic to landing page.

@Lifeas_rach    Traffic & Sales. These measurements may be used to learn what your audience like most.

‏@CallMeLouzander Know your micro-conversions. Email signups? CTR? Video views? Shares? Driving down bounce rate? Define KPI to measure success.

@AndreaMLehr    Backlinks are huge: Setting up a @Google alert for the content is a great way to see links months down the line

@lees_joy    Social meda platforms can be a great way to measure success. It’s always cool seeing what’s trending on social media.

@chowdhury_lamia    Track the amount of traffic it brings. Or maybe even measure the popularity through a hashtag!

@bricryar   Establish the times your audience is most responsive, and don’t forget about different time zones!

@bill_slawski    Everygreen content results in a steady stream of return and repeated visits rather than a burstiness of traffic;

Although the content is technically ‘timeless,’ pieces like stats can be updated. How frequently do you revisit your content?

@AndreeaC_T    Depends on the topic. But the min something is outdated ie when I write about #Periscope. #SMChangesDaily so pretty often. Also, publish date matters for articles and blogs. People want FRESH content around a topic. Don’t forget to test things with content. Headlines, link placements if you’re refreshing content.

@mackenziedag10    Shouldn’t it depend on how frequently your information is changing?

@EricLanderSEO    Most content should be revisited and updated so long as there’s a steady flow of inbound visitors. If visitors are new visitors, prioritize. If it’s returning, look to leverage feedback from comments & shares to personalize.

@RoshniFlood    Trends change all of the time, so it’s important to revisit content frequently

@kaitmilligan    I revisit my content often! To see if anyone has engaged with it and also to see how I can make it more relevant in the future!

@kayleyashlyn39    I would stick with every few weeks/month depending on the timeliness/prominence and reuse when relevant!

@pennameJAM    On Facebook pages specifically, you are told how many people were reached, so use that to your advantage

@Claire_Levis    I think you should only revisit content if it’s relevant and if your words are still valuable to the conversation!

@directom    Assuming new content is constantly being pumped out, checking in monthly on traffic can target sharp dropoffs.

@_agilly_    Updated content is crucial. @Moz provides a great read on handling expired content. Check it out.

@breyflynch    Content is forever changing, therefore revisiting content should become second nature!

@cynthialehrer22    I think content can always be revisited and revamped according to what’s relevant to the times

@BerkleyBikes    I’ve worked on valuable seasonal content that got refreshed every year.

@samsitesearch    Could depend on the content type, topic & whether it’s a ‘major’ piece. if it’s great, people may even send you updates!

@AndreaMLehr    Given your bandwidth, sometimes it’s great to reboot a campaign entirely. This is especially true with ‘best practice’ posts

@HLuthersdottir    Revisit, redo and repost frequently if it is relevant and timely to gain followers and attention.

@Randomhero180    Depends on the topics you are writing about. I usual do some research once every other month for posts that may be out of date.

‏@jonathanbentz Depends on your keyword targets. A ‘2016’ post will lose steam by end of winter usually. So then you prep for next yr, etc.

@EthanCharlesY    If the content caught the attention of readers the first time, maybe once every few months, or perhaps yearly. I feel like it depends on the type of content as well. Updating stats on a product is a must, and should be done often.

@bill_slawski    You learn whether your evergreen content has become stale by looking at what others are saying on those topics and freshening up.

Give your top reason why evergreen content is invaluable for SEO

@shallagalanos    A major benefit to technology is that things can get updated almost immediately so staying current is important.

@RoshniFlood    Evergreen content is invaluable bc it optimizes SEO and allows your work to be recognized.

@EricLanderSEO    Evergreen content is always capable of ranking. No excuses like: it needs links, indexation, time, shares, blah blah blah. Beyond rankings, evergreen content is fertile soil for A/B tests, new feature testing and cross-promoting new content. Outside looking in, too, evergreen content from others publishers is a great way to jump start your own content creation.

@misfttweek    Evergreen is important because it potentially keeps ranking, linkjuice, and valuable relevant content

@BerkleyBikes    Because you can make a big investment up front and profit from it for a long time with minimal added effort.

@AndreeaC_T    Relevancy. Testing & learning. Conversions…always conversions. I used fresh content to build email campaigns. I can’t have old content my audience has already read. They’ll unsubscribe.

@bfmweb    Successful content is always checked for timeliness and can be made relevant no matter when it was written.

@jonathanbentz    Because you can write a good piece 1 time and have it provide relevant eyeballs for a long period of time.

@platanopower36    Evergreen content has constant viewers/clickers/audience. That audience is what’s invaluable to SEO.

@bill_slawski   Being the source of evergreen content on a topic can make you the perceived authority on that subject.

@kayleyashlyn39    The ability to create something that stays relevant means you’re doing your job right. All comes back to relevance.

@CallMeLouzander    Creating is harder than maintaining/updating.

@oc2015    Optimized evergreen content is the foundation for other content, marketing efforts and determining user goals/intent.

@WesleyDurrance    Evergreen content is important for SEO because it keeps your page consistently high on search engine rankings.

@samsitesearch    Because if you do it right, invest a little in updating, and really try to give value to your audience, you’ll see big rewards

@HLuthersdottir    Good evergreen content will always attract new visitors, keeping it relevant and shows that it is SEO

@AndreaMLehr    Simply put, it’s cost effective: It will continue to improve rankings while generating leads with very little upkeep

@Claire_Levis    Evergreen content is what we strive for, because it always stays relevant and that’s what SEO is about

@_agilly_   Consider this: Would you prefer your content to be valued temporarily or long term? Stay relevant, interesting and searchable!

@cynthialehrer22    Evergreen content is indispensable for SEO without it there would be next to nothing to engage audiences

@pennameJAM    If your content is relevant and unique enough, an audience will come your way.

@BylineBetty    SEO won’t help if your content isn’t consistent and relevant.

@kaitmilligan    Evergreen content is the ultimate goal, because having content that is always relevant in people’s eyes is ideal for SEO.

@directom   Get it right the first time, and make more content!

Summary: SEO Mythbusters on #SEOchat

Myth or Fact: Linkbuilding is dead

@AgentPalmer    Myth… Linkbuilding is not dead… But as a fact, it’s not as relevant in algorithms as it used to be.

@markdhansen    Links are as important as every. But mostly organically grown, high quality is what matters.

@samsitesearch    2 answers here imo- fact that mass/low quality linkbuilding is dead. myth that quality outreach to the right people won’t help.

@KristiKellogg    Links are an integral part of the algo … so total myth.

@PeterThistle    Busted – quality links such as from BBB still matter.

@SEOcial    Alive and well. Both @Moz and @searchmetrics found external links to have one of the highest correlations to rankings. And if you STILL think rankings could work well without links, just talk to #yandex.

@Sonray    Linkbuilding in how we used to do it maybe; it’s about placements and traffic now. still valuable!

@kimberleeann    Myth. I wouldn’t go so far to say it is dead. Linkbuilding is still alive and kicking.

@tannerpetroff    Myth. Link building isn’t what it used to be, but it’s far from dead. More like earning instead of building.
@CaitlinBoroden    That’s a great point. It’s a fine line of earning vs. building.

@ancemoore22    Myth. Good link building can draw traffic.

@MyNameIsTylor    Myth. Links are still an important part of the algorithm.

@directom    By no means is it dead. Linkbuilding & earning should be part of your SEO strategy!

@netvantage    Myth. Link building is far from dead!

@Tony_DWM    Link Building is still prevalent, from a buying, selling, earning, promoting & spamming perspective.

Myth or Fact: Social activity effects SEO

@ExpWriters    Big time! With the unpredictable and all-so-often updates, content and presence (esp. in social) matters a whole lot.

@AgentPalmer    Fact! Social Activity does effect SEO… Especially now that Twitter and Tweets are in SERPs!

@netvantage    Fact. Social activity can lead to links you didn’t expect. Social activity is a great way to build relationships for future links too!

@lancemoore22    Fact. Google has talked about how posting fresh content on your Google+ Local page can help with local rankings.

@tannerpetroff    Fact. Because social increases reach and drives engagement, which can lead to links and exposure, which is awesome for SEO.

@samsitesearch    I’m going with fact on this one – producing excellent #content that drives social shares can generate strong links.

@SEOcial    True. Even though Google says it isn’t a factor anymore, they said it was in 2010 + some case studies.

@markdhansen    Mostly Myth. Social only helps grow branded search.
@tannerpetroff    100% disagree.
@oc2015   You miss a massive market share if ur not engaging on social media.
@markdhansen    How does it help non-branded? By creating links you didn’t expect? That’s kinda like saying that ANY PR helps SEO.
@tannerpetroff    It’s all about how you use it. If you’re only promoting your brand on social, you’re doing it wrong.

@oc2015    Fact. Social is a driving force of content & without a social strategy ur missing a big opportunity.

@Sonray    Can I shamelessly plug my blog post about the Twitter SERP Pack?

@MyNameIsTylor    Fact. Social ‘Affects’ SEO, directly through indexation and links, indirectly through ranking.

@milestech    Definitely a fact. Many companies can almost survive just on great social activity

@PeterThistle    Indirectly. Like most social effects.

@kimberleeann    FACT. Social is becoming more and more influential for SEO. Twitter in SERPs, also FB review stars in SERPs.. & of course links.

@SEOcial    The reason for debate on this is because Google keeps saying social signals DO NOT affect rankings. Something to do with recent statements from Google like this.

@emily_C27    SM impact on #seo is always up for debate. More on this one from our past discussion here. Referral traffic is one way, sm engagement.

@Tony_DWM    Yes. Tweets in SERPs, brand authority, long & sticky site hits, entities, mentions & data extraction.

@StephenHoops    Correlation does not = causation. Lots of shares/likes merely validates how good your content is. Probably NOT directl impact. Really, social should be considered for distribution and finding inspiration for newer content ideas.
@SEOcial    No, but here are some case studies attempting to isolate social signals from other factors.

Myth or Fact: Blackhat Tactics Still Work

@MichaelBurjack    IMHO only if you’re small enough not to be noticed. And if so … does it matter?
@misfttweek   It does matter if you are a local business trying to beat another local. its all perspective.
@MichaelBurjack   Still unconvinced risking a penalty is worth black-hat vs legit effort.

@ExpWriters    We talk about black hat & lies SEOs tell themselves here.

@lancemoore22    Fact. I’ve seen people add a keyword in the name on a Google+ profile and rank higher.

@netvantage    They work until Google figures out what you’re doing, then you’re in hot water.

@thompsonpaul   Certainly some blackhat still works – but no the worth the risk of getting caught on a company’s primary branded site.

@directom    Some do… but Google is getting better & better at resolving that issue.

@samsitesearch    From what i’ve read on blogs/forums it’s an unfortunate fact. many using churn & burn domains, so longevity doesn’t matter.

@ajutah    Social can indirectly affect SEO. @K_Cisnero explains how Google uses Twitter to discover new content.

@misfttweek    Blackhat works if you are trying to get short term ranking change. it will catch up in the end.

@MyNameIsTylor    Yes, some blackhat tactics still work. CTR manipulation will be a big one in the next 1-2 yrs.

@getSTAT    Blackhat tactics borrow from tomorrow for today. Some may work – but not for the long game.

@AgentPalmer    Fact. There will always be Black Hat Tactics & they will always work until algorithms change. Then new Black hat tactics emerge.
@MichaelBurjack    Sounds like a lot of work. Maybe it could be better spent, eh? Consultants love black-hat I’m sure.

@PeterThistle    Not that I would know… but some blackhat stuff still works in the (very?) short term?

@SEOcial    There are a lot of blackhat tactics that work well—but they’re no good for long-term return. Will be interesting to see how blackhats fare when deep learning is introduced into Google’s algo and machines determine factors.
@StephenHoops   My issue here is why people care so much to figure this out. Why does the content get shared? Probably because it’s dope.

@milestech    A fact that blackhat works. Never recommend to customers looking for long term success though!

@ajutah   Like other things in life, you can manipulate to get what you want, but it’s not a sustainable strategy.

@CaitlinBoroden    Sadly, it seems blackhat still works.. but not for long. I think we all agree – stay away!

@tannerpetroff    Yes, they do still work, but it’s a matter of time until you get caught. So, what’s your risk tolerance? Mine isn’t that high.

@AgentPalmer    If Black Hat tactics didn’t exist, SERP algorithms wouldn’t all the time… In order for White Hat to exist.
@MichaelBurjack    I don’t disagree. But in terms of effort: you can either constantly keep up with black-hat, or set a sustainable path.

@thompsonpaul    Clients love quick blackhat returns, but when shit hits fan, they come to me because black hat folks have disappeared.

@Tony_DWM    Depends on risk the site/biz owner is willing to take. Some SERPs are rife w/ BH. But G getting better!

@BruceClayInc    Ethical SEOs must “do no harm” to clients. Black hat techniques can damage them long-term. Doesn’t matter whether work or not.

Myth or Fact: Google uses engagement metrics to rank – time on site, ctr, pages per visit

@kimberleeann    Fact. The correlation right now is small but rising. I thought the study that @randfish did on this was pretty interesting.
@SEOcial   Machine learning yes, deep learning not yet. But given Geoff Hinton and Jeff Dean are at Google now.

@samsitesearch    Wasn’t there just a google hangout where JM said they can’t see what happens on site after click? could be a fact though.
@CaitlinBoroden    I’ve read that as well. But, the fact remains – is it true. I feel there’s lots of controversy around this now.
@Sonray    How many times has JM said something that was later proven false? Google is all smoke and mirrors.
@MyNameIsTylor    Yep. I just don’t buy it. Surely one of Google’s 1,500+ PHDs can figure that out.

@MyNameIsTylor    Fact. Yes, Google’s denied it, claiming they can’t even track on-site engagement. Yeah, right.

@BerkleyBikes    I bet CTR is important. Using metrics from GA sounds awful Big-Brothery. But never say never.

@misfttweek    CTR and time on page could show good reliable content = Rankings boost.

@ajutah    According to this study on @moz by @royhinkis, high engagement metrics correlate with higher rankings.
@ammicallef    I think that a correlation makes sense, but maybe not necessarily causation.

@netvantage    Fact. How much of an impact is still to be determined though.

@thompsonpaul    Engagement metrics is like pagespeed – who cares if ranking factor? We should be doing all we can to improve regardless.

@milestech    Have to say fact here. They’d be missing a trick if they didn’t analyze this kind of stuff

@BruceClayInc   While there have been conflicting reports, we suspect this is fact.

@oc2015   Yes. Kinda. Sorta. Ask @Moz

@AgentPalmer    Fact. (Fact = True)

@SEOcial    Fact. See SearchMetrics’ 2015 data-driven ranking factors study. Yandex, Bing and Baidu admit that they use their analytics suites to measure CTR as a ranking factor.

@allmikehall    Probably. To what extent though? Is everyone affected, or does it only affect outliers? Plenty of questions to consider.

Myth or Fact: Google Answer results are hurting my website

@misfttweek    Maybe by pushing you below the fold but if you can get top 3 you are fine

@netvantage    One of our favorite burns of all time

@kimberleeann    This has been good so far.My client’s blog went from 45 visits a month to 16,000. Rankings shot up as well.

@ajutah    If you have a well-rounded digital marketing strategy, #SEO is only a portion of your inbound traffic.

@SEOcial   Study describing how Russian sites rank much better when analytics are included. Most of the traffic removed by Google Answer results would immediately bounce anyways.

@BerkleyBikes   If you can get a knowledge graph placement, that’s killer. Supposedly Wikipedia saw an 11% drop.

@SEOcial   If only we had an accurate graph of Wikipedia’s bounce rate, we’d really understand the impact.

@samsitesearch    I’ve seen sites get pushed onto page 2 from all that stuff, can be a game change

Myth or Fact: Schema is not necessary

@MichaelBurjack    Without schema, rely on Google to suss out meta. What next, not putting a meta desc either? ;-) Control what you can! Always! Schema (rich snippets) can boost CTR (an engagement metric) which in turn can boost rank… believe it.

@oc2015    Not neccessary, but hey why not make things easy for the user/Google

@maygpetry    Necessary but weight still skewed toward engagement metrics

@misfttweek    not “necessay” but why would you avoid such a simple way to improve your rankings/UX

@allmikehall    Definitely helpful. Schema helps you stand out in SERPs. Eye catching data like product reviews can make a big difference

@SEOcial    Schema is necessary now. Eventually machines will be able to semantically appropriate on their own though

@directom    Myth. Schema will eventually help your CTR.

@samsitesearch    fact and a myth – depends on the business, time and expertise to implement schema. can help a ton, but also be a distraction

@ajutah    Schema is a way to make the page in the SERP stand out. It helps invite clicks, so while it’s not necessary, it’s still useful.

@StephenHoops   I mean, anything to make my listing simply look better than the others makes it necessary. But hey, what do i know

@SEOcial    Early semantic web: people argued about which ontology was best, turns out multiple description frameworks are totes okay

@netvantage    Very important for local businesses, especially if your brand name doesn’t do much to identify your service.

@misfttweek    Moz just posted an article saying 67% of consumers use reviews to help with their purchases, so adding those could be huge
@StephenHoops    Personally, I don’t make any online purchases of products I don’t have experience without reading reviews.

@thompsonpaul    My concern with more Schema is more website content being delivered right in SERP, cutting out more site traffic.

@SEOcial    Examples of how semantic web can figure stuff out with tables instead of schema

Summary: SEO for e-commerce & optimizing for the holidays on #SEOchat

Moderator: @BruceClayInc

What does your holiday season SEO timeline look like?

@BruceClayInc   ChannelAdvisor’s ’15 Online Retail Survey: 59% of US & UK retailers have begun holiday promotional campaign.

@ramirez_robert   Site optimization is a year round endeavor, but I start to feature/ focus on seasonal hoiliday keywords end of summer.

@EricLanderSEO   Holiday season is coming up, but should always be in mind if you’re an SEO interested in progressive content development. Said another way… When #pumpkinspice everything shows up, you’d damn well better have your plans together!

@AJUTAH   You should be planning for holidays well in advance. I like to begin planning around August.

@Sonray   The holidays started last month! Planning and ground work for the holidays should start in August depending on the vertical/competitive nature.

@lisabuyer   Hopefully it includes SMO too! Pinterest says 38 million people Pinned holiday-related content. Stat: Survey found 47 percent of Pinterest users start their holiday shopping before Thanksgiving.
@paulaspeak   Wonder how representative the Pinterest users are of the whole population. My guess, PUs plan ahead more.

@misfttweek   Holiday planning is planning for next year.

@tannerpetroff   Holiday planning started in mid August, is starting to really ramp up now. Going to be full steam ahead ’til Christmas.

@SarahFromDC   Planning / some execution starts in August, ramps up through September

@Magnani_Dot_Com   Just like most things with SEO, if you aren’t planning way ahead, you will end up behind.

What does your holiday SEO preparation entail?

@EricLanderSEO   Starts with late Spring ideation, summer creative development AND reviewing calendars and actual dates. Don’t be a n00b and fire out Black Friday content on the actual day. Folks do their planning weeks in advance.
@lisabuyer   So true, I’m already working on Valentine’s Day for a client.
@EricLanderSEO   The days of week matter, too. People buy while connected most (desktop, work week) even for weekend dates.

@tannerpetroff   Starts with trends and guesswork. What did people search last year, what’s on the rise that will be a big hit this year?

@misfttweek   As an in house marketer the on page stuff is done well in advanced, we are on to maintaining good customer UX / Service.

@ramirez_robert   Sending more link equity to evergreen holiday landing pages. Creating collateral for promotions & brand+product pushes.

@AJUTAH   New product/service trends, accounting for shifts in demand, and get things started ahead of time (including content!)

@SarahFromDC   Lots of research internally & externally – tons of number crunching, content creation, you know the drill.

@CaitlinBoroden   Get your content calendar ready. Social ads would also be a strong play. Get on their radar now. They’ll be thinking about holiday shopping soon enough.

@AndreeaC_T   How about a good promo strategy that includes #videoemail. That’s what I’m telling ecomm. Actually @inviterbiz does a good job of combining seo with video email.
@BruceClayInc   Great idea! Video is always good for engagement.

@Sonray   Researching who I need to know for killer placements is usually near the top!

@Navahk   Make sure your content calendar is updated! Google has simple ways of integrating holiday calendars within Google Calendar!

What tips or tricks do you use to rank for seasonal holiday keywords (“Black Friday,” for example)?

@EricLanderSEO   GREAT Q! Seasonal influences aren’t reflected fast enough in many of the SEO-industry toolsets. TIP: Use Google search suggest! Also, make use of print mags if you can develop content quickly. They’re publishing months ahead w/ advertising in place.

@misfttweek   Aim for Long tail keywords or synonyms i.e “Artificial Christmas tree = Fake christmas tree” and so on.
@KristiKellogg   Yes! Long-tail is always good — and remember you can be creating pages that target these worlds now!

@AJUTAH   Build a big, beautiful, clickable, share-worthy and valuable holiday gift guide in a folder off your root domain.

@AndreeaC_T   Branded keywords in combo with those terms. Also associate images and videos with them too.

@ramirez_robert   Add internal links to those evergreen landing pages in your main nav. Send juice to the pages you are trying to get to rank!
@lisabuyer   I like it! #SEOPR for old public relations content too.

@CaitlinBoroden   @ThinkwithGoogle published this back in July – 5 Holiday Shopping Trends to Watch in 2015.

@SarahFromDC   Tough one! We usually go for more social media / email push than SEO – though we do post charity events & blogs for holidays.

@paulaspeak   Combining trad’l and online media for branding and “recall bias” advantage at holiday gift-buying time.

How can smaller ecommerce sites best compete with big brands like Amazon and Walmart?

@AndreeaC_T   Harness the power of social & video. Stand out by humanizing your brand with video. Go native on FB, Twitter, Instagram.

@EricLanderSEO   First, utilize product feeds and syndication. Second, differentiate w/ price, message – and time willing – video/blog reviews.

@emily_C27   Target local, go for niche communities.

@ramirez_robert   Focus on specific verticals. Make your smaller brand synonymous with a niche and you’ll be able to compete with the big boys!

@misfttweek   Take advantage of the Local search! and again Long tails are the key to beating the big brands.

@BruceClayInc   Create holiday targeted landing pages and keep them up and indexed year-round

@getSTAT   Supplement with PR. We researched Black Friday SERPs and found news results to be a big competitor.

@Magnani_Dot_Com   DDOS attacks. #JK But a big part is engaging audience in social to drive them to product pages. Good, relevant content helps too
@ramirez_robert   lol at DDOS attacks… that would definitely do the trick (temporarily).
@Magnani_Dot_Com   It is never a final solution. Darn those server redundancies!

@AJUTAH   Focus on what you do best! There’s a reason people like shopping smaller, niche brands.

@AndreeaC_T   Think local online papers too. Submit holiday special interest stories-donation drives. Start that early prior to black friday.

@CaitlinBoroden   Are there any ‘shop local’ initiative in your area that you can jump on to? A great opp. for additional exposure and links.

What ecomm platforms are SEO friendly, which do you recommend to clients? Which are least SEO friendly?

@CaitlinBoroden   I think I have a love/hate relationship with Shopify? Anyone else experience this? It’s definitely a user friendly back end but their are limitations in some key areas such as constructing URLs, etc.

@AndreeaC_T   Most: @AuthorityLabs @inviterbiz — those are my favs. Great analytics

@EricLanderSEO   To call a spade a spade here, I don’t know enough on eCom CMS’s. I audit their outputs, but lack experience to form opinions.

@Navahk   HyperLocal Marketing! Like your recent blog post on iBeacon & Eddystone.

@Randomhero180   Working on a new site in Magento, Has some very SEO friendly elements. Not a fan of 3dcart or Big Commerce.
@Sonray   Even Magento is kind of a bummer. I judge ecom platforms like it’s my job.

@emily_C27   I’ve done very light client work using @magento. Seems to be alright.

@ramirez_robert   Most ecommerce platforms are now SEO friendly, but an experienced developer is your best friend. Especially for complex CMS’s. I’ve had good and bad experiences w/ Shopify, Magento, bigcommerce. Difference was always having a good developer on the team.

@AJUTAH   I’m partial to WordPress (and WooCommerce), but have experience with Shopify and Joomla. I don’t have a lot of experience with Joomla sites, but I know this Subreddit is a good community.
@Bizzy_Fizzy   I tried joomla with k2 and found it very clumsy

What are some of the main obstacles to getting ecommerce sites to rank well?

@AndreeaC_T   Competition and noise– hence why experimentation is key. Don’t be afraid to do that early…as in now.

@AndreeaC_T   To combat noise & comp– integrate efforts-> SEO, email, social, video.

@Sonray   I’m always amazed at how little attention XML sitemaps and RSS Feeds get. Ya gotta feed the bots!

@EricLanderSEO   I think this is how I differentiate things… a CMS is for content, a platform is for navigable interaction – like an eCom store. Therefore, I’m only really looking for one to serve as both, or, a platform that behaves well w/ a CMS. Like WordPress/Woo. URLs, indexation of categories and subcategories, and configurable per-URI level items are key, IMO. Also key to make sure there’s enough content to differentiate multiple pages and products (deep descriptions, dimensions, etc.) Particularly at scale. Know all the variables you can use and craft great content w/ them on templates.

@AJUTAH   Canonicalization issues and dynamic URLs are common with ranking problems. That’s why regular site audits should happen.
AndreeaC_T Avoiding duplicate content too…making sure titles and descriptions are unique. Img alt tags present—the basics

@misfttweek   Everything from big brands to IT, the technical stuff needs to be on point if you want to have a great UX and rank well.

@ramirez_robert   External link equity & brand recognition. When your competition is synonymous with products you’re selling, you’re in trouble.

@CaitlinBoroden   Going back to basics here too: strong, unique, and enticing product descriptions!

@thompsonpaul   Big obstacle is still getting buy-in for custom product descriptions ans supporting content.

@Randomhero180   Competition if other big companies like Amazon sell the products and canonicalization is a big one too.

How do you handle faceted navigation (URLs with filters) that are important for shoppers but not for ranking?

@AndreeaC_T   Focus on the shopper instead. Add bread crumbs to make it easy to navigate– with relevant kws of course!
@Bizzy_Fizzy   Breadcrumbs all the way! Can add rich snippet structured data too.

@ramirez_robert   Use page level noindex rules & robots.txt exclusion to keep your index clean. Index bloat on ecommerce sites is a killer.

@EricLanderSEO   Canonicalization and no-index controls. Good to use the X-Robots HTTP headers for those, in my experience.

How do you make product pages unique, esp when you don’t have bandwidth/option to write descriptions for thousands of products?

@AndreeaC_T   Pick your topic products and do that…or at least the ones you’re putting on promo. Add video too.

@EricLanderSEO   Differentiate. Use/source custom reviews, highlight key UGC submissions & go deep (dimensions, for example) where others don’t. Consider that even Amazon has their Vine program. Free products exchanged for custom UGC reviews.

@ramirez_robert   Write custom descriptions for your most important products. Reviews and UGC can also help make pages unique.

@paulaspeak   It’s key to prioritize that mountain of pages that all need unique content. Products in demand first.

@Randomhero180   Reviews (customer and employee) and custom descriptions for big sellers isn’t a bad idea.

@AJUTAH   Great guide from @quicksprout for product descriptions. Product reviews add a good amt. of unique content .

What’s your strategy for optimizing product pages: brand searches vs. product keywords?

@ramirez_robert   Depends on the vertical, but searchers who are ready to purchase get more specific (brand+product keywords FTW!)

@EricLanderSEO   Its a hierarchy. Use categories for branded searches & product specific URLs for long tail buyer focused terms

@Randomhero180   For brands with a lot of variety, I like to focus on product keywords to make sure people find exactly what they want.

@Navahk   “You can’t even start thinking about keywords until you think about the people that will use them.” @ipullrank

What’s the ideal # of links in global navigation? Do you have tips or tricks to limiting links passing juice in global nav? What’s your SEO reaction to global navs with 100s of links?

@ramirez_robert   Hard to put a # to the ideal # of links. I know what isn’t ideal though- linking to every category on your site. Choose wisely.

@thompsonpaul   Too many nav links gets into the paradox of choice – too many puts visitor off. Big believer in guided search instead. If visitor arrives knowing what they want but are not on the “right” page, they know what to ask for, so search is ideal.
@BruceClayInc   Guided search, guided navigation, absolutely. Guide customers through the funnel. Be choosey. If visitor arrives not knowing what they want, too many options will discourage. Point them to the hilites & walk them through.
@Bizzy_Fizzy    A poor “open search” can be the quickest way to drop a customer #seochat prefer guided funnels.

@EricLanderSEO   Always an economy of scale to balance out. I’d suggest using analytics data to validate how deeply useful your URIs are. I mean, Amazon “only” has 177M URLs indexed in a site search. Walmart: 24.6M, Target: 11.6M.

@CaitlinBoroden   I would pay attention to how you interact and shop online. Where’s the cut off of you happily skimming the options to getting frustrated?

@AJUTAH   Having good internal site search will eliminate the need for a ton of navigational links.
‏@Bizzy_Fizzy But esential to monitor activity to see queries with zero results – too many is a bad sign of search failing.

@Randomhero180   Depends on the scale of a site. A larger site will need more navigation to get people where they want to be.

Summary: Tips for Discovering Ideas for Killer Content on #SEOchat

Moderator: @thompsonpaul

Given it’s everywhere – how do you use Social Media to prospect for content gold?

@EricLanderSEO   Social commentary is a great indicator; Comments and controversial debates point to topics you can expand upon. There’s nothing wrong with writing content to provide a different perspective on previously success content pieces out there! Beware of blind comments & shares though; Seen a lot of content that does well on those metrics but fails to deliver traffic. Engage successful content authors in conversations, too. You can get great quotes to build off of and earn links, too.
@AJUTAH   True. I’d rather lean on metrics that can’t be easily manipulated, like those found in OSE.
@EricLanderSEO   Completely agree; Trying to get a client to buy an @ahrefs account w API access for similar reasons

@AndreeaC_T   I look for authoritative thought leaders and look for their articles, tweets and topics that I can make valuable to my audience. Listen to your audience and see what topics they’re talking about most and create content around that.

@thompsonpaul   Biggest area of Social where I find ideas for content is FB and LinkedIn groups – hearing potential customers talk.

@bill_slawski   Social Media allows you to search for timely new content on specific topics to share with others. I like using twitter lists. Social Listening can give you insights into hot topics that people are finding interesting today.
@BerkleyBikes   Forums can be pretty damn awesome if they’re active in your industry.

@AJUTAH   I love Reddit for content ideas. You can look for trends to find out the answers people are trying to find to their problems.

@OC2015   Keeping watchful eyes, compare what certain social groups are discussing etc. Facebook IQ is always a good place to start

@BerkleyBikes   Sometimes, ya gotta be hip to the trends (and piggyback on them).

@emily_C27   Use #SM to find out what topics are trending, follow #content topics using hashtags and dig in

@netvantage   Social media gives you timely content. Take advantage of what people are talking about, but don’t wait long or it’s too late.

@samsitesearch   Follow hashtags, keep lists of influencers. also use tools like @buzzsumo to see top trending content. then seek to improve.

@bill_slawski   Old school social media sources like forums can lead to discussions about content issues and controversies worth blogging about.

@ExpWriters   We use social media to establish thought leadership, provide value, and resolution (customer service). We also use a lot of social media for engagement (just like now – we’re doing more twitter chats than ever!).

@BerkleyBikes   Content and social media? Insert obligatory plug for @BuzzSumo.

@directom   Finding content idea that our audience is specifically looking for. New trends in social media, etc.

@TheBuyerGroup   Hashtags, lists, feeds and tools like Buzzomo

@HeroicSearch   Reddit is a good one, Quora, and even Twitter. And of course, we love BuzzSumo, too.

Do you use actual news/current events (as opposed to social media trends) to come up with ideas for valuable new content?

@ExpWriters   Absolutely! We produced a #laborday post, an #autumn image, and we’re sending a social message for 9/11.

@netvantage   Yes, we just had a blog post on the #USOpen! We knew people were going to be talking about it, might as well join the convo.

@HeroicSearch   Staying away from newsjacking, but coming up with content related to trending/current topics is never a bad idea.

@SolomonSolves   Yes, most definitely! I personally like reading through @HarvardBiz and @Hubspot for good stuff.

@EricLanderSEO   Depends; I love BuzzSumo to help me pick up on building trends, but to be a “first to market” on a new topic is really key. Don’t overlook “upcycling” content ideas. Old topics that don’t hit on their first attempt can kill it with a different spin. When covering breaking news, be careful not of saying too much. Getting things wrong leads to “success” of the wrong reasons.

@OC2015   Industry dependent. Explaining new developments in plain english for more advance clients can be easy/sharable content.

@directom   We definitely keep up-to-date on events/news in our local area and try to get involved in the community!

@AJUTAH   A good strategy includes a mix of news & evergreen content. Social media trends aren’t always based on current events, though.

@BerkleyBikes   Oh hell yeah. Recurring yearly events give you time to plan & prepare killer content, as opposed to urgent trending stuff.
@AJUTAH   Shares are often worthless without actual click-throughs and conversions.
@BerkleyBikes   Yeah, unless brand awareness is the play. You can grab a lot of followers from shares (even without traffic).

@kmullett   If it provides value, futhers the conversation, or endears people to your brand, sure.

@samsitesearch   I think it depends on industry and expertise, but events like ashley madison hack can provide huge content fodder.

@milestech   The trick with timely #content pieces is to take a quirky or different angle that provides value and makes people think more.

@bill_slawski   Actual News, and sources like Google Trends, can help ID good topics.

@AndreeaC_T   Yes, use news to create content that is relevant. But becareful to stay compliant with brand & company guidelines.

How useful is it to scan others/competitors website for ideas to write about? Tips?

@HeroicSearch   Its always good to check on competitors, and even more so if they are creating content that is engaging to your audience. You don’t want to steal content, obviously, but taking ideas away from what they create is harmless. Basically, if you can add value to something you see a competitor doing, do it! But don’t always be chasing them for your cntnt.

@BerkleyBikes    1) See what competitors are doing. 2) Do it better. 3) Glory.

@netvantage   It’s only useful if you can put your own spin on the idea/topic.

@SolomonSolves   It is pretty helpful! Especially if it’s controversial. You show them your arm in battle, and go at it.

@AndreeaC_T   I use private list on Twitter to monitor competitors.

@ExpWriters   It’s very beneficial for SEO to repurpose content. We actually have a guide. If done right, it can prolong the lifespan of your original post.

@AJUTAH   Use the information to write bigger, deeper and more valuable posts.

@EricLanderSEO   Determine if you want to be a leader or follower; Leading requires a lot of hard work and learnable mistakes. Following others too closely means that you’re always chasing the pack. There’s some gain there, not market leadership.

@samsitesearch   Useful to get the initial idea – sometimes i just read titles and forget the article to stay unique. always try to do it better.

@bill_slawski   I often scan competitors sites for things to not write about, or to share if if adds to what I’m writing about.

@markdhansen   Useful, but not great to just copy. Better to improve on or come up with a new angle.

@kmullett   If you see that your competitor just created a listical, with no explanation, do it bigger!

@milestech   If you can back up the idea with something more valuable, there’s nothing wrong with competitor research.

@AJUTAH   Would you ever link to/share/curate competitor content?
@thompsonpaul   Sometimes linking to competitors can be an effective way to demonstrate your own confidence/leadership position in the field.
@bill_slawski    Yes, most of my competitors, when it comes to topics we write about, aren’t competitors in services.
@markdhansen   Yes, I think that being an impartial curator can build trust with your audience.

Any cool suggestions for getting new content ideas from your/clients’ Analytics and Search Console data?

@SolomonSolves   Charts, infographics, any visuals, videos, reports – just be sure to make sense of your data. People like #statistics!
@BerkleyBikes   Technically, a query that people DO search for on your site, but find no results for.

@thompsonpaul   My absolute go-to is the internal site search report in GA – gold for finding things visitors want more content about.

@EricLanderSEO   I really enjoy using Search Console’s search query data. I always think I know of long tail content ideas until… I don’t. Search Console, content-specific XML sitemaps can help make sure new content has complete & timely indexation (& stats).

@AJUTAH   Take your 10 best performing posts, and then create more posts on those topics! Double down on content visitors already love. The site search report (if you have it set up) will also show you what visitors are looking for when they are on your site. Go to Behavior > Site Search > Search Terms.
@BerkleyBikes   And make sure you’re tracking “No Results” queries too.

@markdhansen   Search Console for sure – only place to find long tail keywords these days. Can provide ideas for niche content

@netvantage   Yes, big fans of the Search Console for long tail keywords for content.

@AndreeaC_T   Oh for sure Google Analytics, @Moz

@ExpWriters   Reshare your best-performing content (i.e. top 15) by scheduling via Twitter throughout the day. Also, work on improving your least-performing pages/low-traction types of content.

@OC2015   If possible, using top converting keyword paths in GA can help get general ideas for what users are looking for/ content ideas

@samsitesearch   I think looking at the standard query report, but trying to mine for question type queries who/what/why/how etc can be useful.

@BerkleyBikes   Start typing into Google and look at suggested queries. Or use @ubersuggest

@kmullett   Make sure all client facing staff provide feedback what is being asked.

@milestech   Look at demographic profiles that are top performers, and tailor language to maximize performance from that group.

@bill_slawski   I like the queries section of the search console, especially when I come across something unexpected (It happens sometimes).

@thompsonpaul   Reviews, even negative one, can be gold for ideas for things to write about/explain/amplify.

Any other particularly valuable tools you’ve found for researching new content?

@EricLanderSEO   Again, @BuzzSumo is great. I also love Google Trends, Yahoo!’s trending topics and dare I say it… Twitter’s trending hashtags. Archive old, failed or not pursued ideas, too. Ideally in a spreadsheet. Then mix and match against new topics for a twist. Need to echo @AJUTAH on the reddit recommendation. So many passionate communities ready to engage. For free!

@netvantage   We like good ‘ole fashion brainstorming meetings at Netvantage. Our brains are a tool, right?

@AndreeaC_T   @SEMRush is awesome. @moz does a decent job too. The @authoritylabs keyword tool…love the Now Provided report.

@ExpWriters   We may already sound like a broken record, but BuzzSumo & Moz are both amazing tools.

@AJUTAH   I’m not a fan of paying for tools, when you can find ideas for free. Google Search, Topsy, Reddit, Quora and a spreadsheet! I encourage new SEOs to use a tool only *after* they have a thorough understanding of how to do the task manually.

@samsitesearch   Aside from buzzsumo, i’ve found that using some good old search operators in google can throw up some strong ideas.

@OC2015   Being committed learning as much as you can about the client industry is always the best place for original content ideas.

@bill_slawski   I like finding relevant white papers at Google Scholar to identify new topics.

@BerkleyBikes   I think @bill_slawski mentioned forums. That’s where people go to ask questions. They basically brainstorm content for you.
thompsonpaul Someone mentioned Quora for same purpose – makes good sense.

@thompsonpaul   While keyword research !=content research, Keyword Tool great for aggregating ideas Ubersuggest on ‘roids.

@milestech   Sometimes using the other T word (telephone) to speak to your customers or sales team can produce tons of content opportunities

What abut “voice of customer” and other offline sources? How to dig out opportunities there?

@SolomonSolves   Always be sure you talk the talk with your customers. If they don’t feel connected to you, it’ll be bad for business.

@AndreeaC_T   It’s about listening. In social and in person.

@EricLanderSEO   Random: Look at cited reviews on online profiles for businesses. Great indicator of specific niche experiences – good & bad. Also, do a Twitter search for topical keywords on tweets including “me” or “I “ in them. Great, timely topics there.

@emily_C27   Repurpose positive client testimonials to your site/blog. Get client feedback from the sales/services team.

@thompsonpaul   Make certain call center operators are set up to regularly submit questions/problems the deal with frequently.

@netvantage   Any how to question a customer asks has potential to be good content.

@AJUTAH   Find out from your sales team what questions prospects are asking, and create content they can reference in emails/phone calls.

@HeroicSearch   Even some customer interactions, stories, can become content. Not just limited to questions.

@BerkleyBikes   Integrating CS teams can be super useful, but tough to do.

@ExpWriters   Dig out opportunities by solving customer issues on social media. Turn a single, aggravated customer to a happy one publicly.

@samsitesearch   Could always hold meetups or focus groups. asking for feedback by email is another good way to understand issues for content.

@milestech   How about recording telephone conversations between sales teams and customers? (For internal use only).

What’s your favourite method for coming up w/ really solid new content ideas that we haven’t talked about yet?

@HeroicSearch   Our faves have already been talked about! Reddit. Quora. GA. These are all golden.

@kmullett   Seminar, Webinar, or Speaking engagement feedback and questions. Content gold.

@ExpWriters   Weave beautiful storytelling into your content! Here’s how. Reveal a common problem as a part of the context, describe a struggle, add an ounce of mystery, etc.

@EricLanderSEO   Current events; You’ll engage an audience outside of your core demographics based on immediate interest – then discovery begins. Get personal. Easiest way to do something new is to tell a passionate story others haven’t heard before. Be unique. Be you. No one is a better subject leader on “you” than… YOU. Use that to your advantage!

@SolomonSolves   Doing things unrelated to your industry (comics for PUD?!), thinking of ways people use your product you don’t expect!

@OC2015   branding & design sites. If a pic = 1000 words, sites = 1mm right? Draw inspiration for content from images and experiences

@netvantage   We like to find dead websites — which isn’t easy & takes time — & recreate a resource/content if their is an audience.

@BerkleyBikes   Ask the people you’re creating the content for?

@samsitesearch   Examine everything we have talked about, then go outside. get away. surprising how many ideas turn up when out of the office!

@milestech   Power brainstorming sessions with colleagues can be really beneficial. Set a target and reach it. Creative minds are powerful.

Summary: Going Beyond ‘SEO Best Practices’ on #SEOchat

Moderator: @jennita

@jennita   “Best Practices” such as: 80/20 rule for Tweeting, subfolder > subdomain, CTA must be above the fold, may not work for you.

What’s the one “Best Practice” you live & breathe by? The one you know to be true in all (or at least most) situations.

@OC2015   Optimize for the USER first. Understanding an audience is more important than keyword stuffed meta.

@Moketronics   That’s hard… I guess always have at least a few short paragraphs of text content on a page.

@scin383   Consistent Citation and NAP profiles!

@Magnani_Dot_Com   Write for people. Build for robots. I always mention that creating great content is on point. But, if it has no architecture behind it, no one will find it. Another piece of advice, in two questions: “How are you being found?” “How do you want to be found?”

@kotmseo   Best practice I live by is the keywords to target are always different from the ones product owners want you to target.

@tannerpetroff   Content is king. Because that’s literally all websites are made of.

@jennita   “Don’t make Google think” is my tried and true best practice. Google can mess up if you leave it to them to figure the site out. Another fave “Talk like your community/customers” – this helps in keyword research/targeting, content creation, social media.

@hollafaye   Clean URLs. Always.
@Moketronics   Yeah, I initially kind of wanted to say something like “if you’re on IIS, you’re (probably) going to have a bad time” because it so often causes so many basic SEO issues like poor URL structure.

@EricLanderSEO   Verify indexation. Seen many sites publishing content w/ HTTP header, robots.txt issues, etc. Content needs to indexed to rank. You’d also be very surprised at the number of issues that can be uncovered if content isn’t indexed in a timely manner. Love @allmikehall’s rec. here. Understand the KPIs of an effort are the best way to ensure success.

@samsitesearch   If you’re not adding value to the user, and giving them what they want/answering questions, then you’re doing it wrong.

@directom   Be transparent with everything you do, from reporting to content creation.

@netvantage   Content that is beneficial to the user, not just Google. Quantity is important, but quality matters more.

@CallMeLouzander   Make sure you know your elevator pitch, then make sure your website tells that story. Why do you deserve to rank?

@AndreaMLehr   Produce valuable, data-driven content and go from there. Also make sure your keywords are focused and relevant to your audience/content.

@jacquesbouchard   Blend your approach across content types – news, research, video, images, etc. Fit your content to multiple contexts.
@directom   Agreed. Be with your audience every step of the way in every way possible.
@EricLanderSEO   XML/RPC ping issues in WordPress were for a long time an issue for a series of sites I consulted for.
@CallMeLouzander   Categorized XML feeds FTW. Slow work but finds indexing problems. So many sites w/ 404s in XML.

@SEOSEM   Does this work (indexing, keywords, links, code, content)

@milestech   Make it easy for everyone to find you. If they can’t find you, then how can you help them?

@allmikehall   Understand the end goal. Metrics like links and traffic are nice, but they are secondary.
@OC2015   But write your end goals in pencil..never know what will change or pop up.
@jennita   Love this! Know what the heck it is you really care about!
@CallMeLouzander   hear, hear! Understand how every part of your site contributes to a goal: education, sales, entertainment, etc.

@DavidProHQ   Get your own house in order before you invite people over. Make sure on-page SEO is in order and funnels set up.

@BerkleyBikes   Trust your gut. If it seems spammy, don’t do it. If you think it’ll be successful, make the case.

@scin383   It doesnt matter what YOU think you are it only matters what Google thinks you are (ecommerce vs local business with a website).

@BruceClayInc   Know your conversions (micro & macro); make them easy for users to find. Do landing pgs quickly communicate?

@Casieg   Just be a real human. Search engines don’t buy products.
@Moketronics   The one caveat I would say is “speak like a human who is descriptive” – some real people can be super vague.
@Casieg   Haha great point! And forget the jargon!
@Moketronics   Googles: “Buying things and stuff that are okay”
@CallMeLouzander   Good point. I’ve seen lndng pgs use only pronouns, no real keywords. Get someone else proofread your copy
@jacquesbouchard   Is that always The way to go, though? What if you’re selling something highly technical? Will plain talk build trust?
@Casieg   You can still talk like a human and be technical.
@Magnani_Dot_Com   Depends on the audience. Sometimes you can jump right into the deep end if you target for those members.
@jacquesbouchard   …yes, you can. But that’d be something I’d A/B test; which language will speak to them? What kinds of humans are they?

@AlanBleiweiss   always rant. With a smile.
@jennita   this is a given.

@markdhansen   Content is King!

@OC2015   The user the king. The brand is queen. Aligning your message is more important than getting bad content out

@BruceClayInc   Impressed that most of the A1 answers have been content-centered. SEO has come a long way!
@jacquesbouchard   INB4 someone mentions meta keywords and NOYDIR tags.

@meg_furey   Commander’s Intent. Action Items may change but always aim to reach that final destination and the goals set.

What’s one SEO “Best Practice” that you’ve found simply doesn’t work for your organization (or client)?

@Magnani_Dot_Com   Content generation can be a tricky thing to implement into an establishment that has never thought of frequency or process.
@OC2015   Especially when you don’t have any value to add to your customer’s process
@Magnani_Dot_Com   The thing is, odds are value exists, is just doesn’t align with customer wants to corp’s executive desires.
@OC2015   means a lot of things to a lot of people, but a company needs to understand what it means to their user.

@misfttweek   Optimizing for Mobile apps. Our site is responsive but we dont have the niche that will be downloading APPS onto their phones.

@directom   Every client is different. Replicating strategies will not work. Learn from past experiences and customize each strategy.

@EricLanderSEO   Can’t divulge many specifics, but in highly regulatory industries, real time social content marketing for SEO is tough.
@denverish   I can only imagine, as real time social content marketing for SEO is tough for any industry.
@EricLanderSEO   Downsizing, too, many clients need to keep pages active but not publicly available. Creates many additional steps to follow. Seriously, @denverish. We have social response matrices, post content pre-approved 24 hours in advance, etc. for finance/legal. Another best practice many can’t commit to is using Grunt and similar tools to reduce code bloat to increase optimization.

@AlanBleiweiss   Don’t assume a “best practice” isn’t working. Issues not considered may have bigger impact.

@tannerpetroff   Had a client once where I recommended cutting 10k pages from an 18k pg site. Worked perfect.

@Moketronics   Quick test and update approach. Doesn’t work with most enterprise clients due to implementation speed.

@jacquesbouchard   I’ve had a very hard time believing that linkspam disavows work. Used to, but it’s been a long time now since I’ve seen impact.
@CallMeLouzander   Conversely, over-zealous disavowing (it’s real, ppl) really hurts a site. We def live in paranoid times for links.
@jacquesbouchard   Agreed, although I’ve never personally been hit. I still see wins from disavowing with pharma hack links.

@BerkleyBikes   Bloat is one of the biggest problems I encounter (even if it’s easily fixed).

@BruceClayInc   Setting up a blog isn’t a good strategy for every site. Some are just filled w/ boring/promotional content.
@CallMeLouzander   Agreed! And maybe your audience isn’t on Facebook. Do resrch b4 hopping onto social and wasting your own time!
@EricLanderSEO   It’s really difficult to get clients to commit to a blog, authorship attribution & content over time.

@netvantage   Producing content, no matter the quality, doesn’t always bring in traffic, or the right traffic. True for niche industry sites.

@RonellSmith   Remember that “best” doesn’t necessarily mean best for your brand

@AndreaMLehr   Having the same metrics across the board for every client–some want all the links while others want one or two big ones.

@jonathanbentz   Deep links are the key to pull rank. In some niches, youd be surprised how many top ranking pages rank because of DA of site.
@Moketronics   On top of that, if most sites in niche have few deep links, lots to yours might look unnatural.
@jacquesbouchard   Fixing indexation issues is still a pretty big win that happens fast.

@denverish   At @moz, we recently found after running a test that we didn’t *need* to publish a blog post every day.
@thompsonpaul   Was going to mention the same thing – that at site “must” publish a certain number of times per week.

@samsitesearch   depends on the client/industry, but sometimes a lean # of pages isn’t ideal when there are SO many variables (e.g. chemicals).

@Ozaemotion   Daily blog update doesn’t work for some specific niche project!

@allmikehall   Look at competitors for link building: Often don’t have anything of value, or have paid/partnership links that don’t help.

@AlanBleiweiss   It’s not a “best practice” if it doesn’t fit your brand/audience/niche

How did you figure out the “best practice” didn’t actually work for you?

@RonellSmith   By attempting to replicate processes shared by others. Data and/or content performance analysis.

@Moketronics   As far as implementation struggles, that’s proved out constantly across most big clients.

@misfttweek   Mainly just a demographics test. older demo usually arent to familiar with the ways of mobile.

@EricLanderSEO   In short, we determined this because it broke code repositories and created DB conflicts between staging and live

@netvantage   Trial & error. Content marketing works great for some industries, but others didn’t get the same spike in traffic from it.

@directom   First, find out client’s needs. Then, form strategy and metrics around these needs.

@jacquesbouchard   Annotate in GA and watch to see how channel volume, conversions, user behavior, events, and indexation change over time.

@Magnani_Dot_Com   Figured out “Write for people. Build for robots” by monitoring algo changes and adjusting content type and content structure.

@jonathanbentz   Amazing what comp research does to your strategy for clients links and on page. Threshold for over optimization is always diff.

@jennita   Test all the things! Rely on your OWN data, not someone elses.

@scin383   We have a good mix of ecommerce and clicks & bricks clients. A lot of local SEO tactics work well for C&B but not for ecom.

@AndreaMLehr   Presenting clients with different reports to see what they like most–a sheet with links or screenshots of top placements?

@Magnani_Dot_Com   Once solidified, created a general approach that can be modified per clients’ wants/needs and their audiences’ wants/needs.

@EricLanderSEO   Really important to integrate. Annotations are great, and there’s not an issue of having “too many”
@thompsonpaul   How many folks added release of iOS 9 to their GA Annotations yesterday? Re: new availability of ad blockers.

@samsitesearch   Cut pages with good content (for a better UX) saw drop in key metrics. pretty obvious this one lol.

@thompsonpaul   Every time we hear “best practice” what we should really think is “starting point” for for testing against our own situation.
@jennita   I like what @thompsonpaul mentioned before. Remind boss/client that Best Practice is simply a starting point. Then you test!

@Ozaemotion   All over engagement, clicks and impressions could be consider in order to measure the best practice!
@BruceClayInc   That depends on which “best practice.” Submitting an XML sitemap, for example, can have quick results.

How do you convince your boss/client to go against a “Best Practice”

@misfttweek   The best way to convince any one to do anything is to do the research. Bring the numbers and they cant object.

@Casieg   Ideally with data. Although sometimes you just have to use the “trust-me-I’ve-been doing-this-a-long-time” factor.

@OC2015   By showing them empirically that it wont work for a client. Or by pushing beyond the tactic to something more innovative.

@seanvanguilder   Multiple times it comes down to showing them the data. Ideally backed up by other industry experts’ results.

@EricLanderSEO   Easy; Data driven reasoning can lead you against the grain. In a creative field, evidence against a trend warrants a test, IMO.

@BruceClayInc   Data! Draw a conclusion between the practice and the pain point to make your case. This is the “art” part of SEO.

@Tinu   Case study, test w/ bribe, followed by results.

@AndreaMLehr   Always bring numbers to back up why and be sure to come with a new strategy already outlined–adding a smile never hurts either.

@bill_slawski   In making a thoughtful and convincing argument against a best practice, it helps to have reasonable alternatives.

@jonathanbentz   The data speaks for itself. If you can’t make at least a logical argument w/ data, stick to the best practice.

@Moketronics   Data is the obvious one, but what if you don’t have it yet? Sometimes do it anyway and ask forgiveness.

@tannerpetroff   Educate. Talk through the situation and why it makes sense to move from the beaten path. +1 for case studies!

@CallMeLouzander   Accompany “this won’t work” with “but here’s what will, and why”. Be proactive & creative.

@AlanBleiweiss   Educate. Explain why a “best practice” isn’t the best path in that situation “because X”…

@jacquesbouchard   Create a culture of trust with your boss and team. Educate, and show supporting data and anecdotes that led to your theory.

@denverish   Show them what *will* work (with a small test).

@netvantage   You can only do something for so long before you realize that it isn’t going to work, but have data to back up your claim.

@samsitesearch   Provide as much data as possible. also if there are any articles out there where it was done before, can be a good loosener.

Your boss says “But this @Moz post says to do it this way” how do you respond (nicely folks… )

@tannerpetroff   Here’s another @Moz post that shows a case study of a different path that still works.

@EricLanderSEO   How? Respond with a compromise. Test a new initiative in a “safe enough” environment to compare/contrast results. (Test!). If we all did the same thing the same way, we’d never really learn from one another.

@PeterThistle   Offer to run a test.

@BerkleyBikes   You explain that even the all-seeing experts @moz know you’ve gotta test, test, test.

@seanvanguilder   Typically I say there is no silver bullet that works for all companies with SEO. And changes occur all the time in seo.

@jonathanbentz   “who wrote it? Was it @dr_pete or a YouMozzer? Let me read it first please”

@directom   “This could be our next case study”

@milestech   Try to educate, and always have a good backup plan. Like if a fire alarm goes off during #seochat, and you need a buddy to step in.

@jacquesbouchard   Also, with due respect to Moz, it’s not “MOZ” posting on the blog, it’s whoever wrote the post. Best practices are not implied.

Why don’t we just throw out “Best Practices” all together?

@OC2015   Becuase Google already has

@misfttweek   SEO is ever changing what doesnt work now could work a month from now.

@EricLanderSEO   SEO, at ~20 years old, is still in it’s infancy. It’s the Open Source Marketing Industry. There’s no value in ruining that.

@CallMeLouzander   Agreed w/ @BruceClayInc on prev q. Some practices work 90+% of the time. Can’t reinvent the wheel each time.

@Moketronics   As mentioned earlier, you need a starting point. Why not learn from others rather than throwing dice at a dart board?

@Magnani_Dot_Com   No one likes to hear, “Well, we make up our approach as we go along.” Best practices make guidelines, not a stone-etched truths.

@jonathanbentz   Because it doesn’t make sense to avoid doing SEO tasks that have worked since 1999 when none of us have the real roadmap.

@jacquesbouchard   I throw them out every day. But having an XML sitemap, for example, is clearly a best practice, and it’s good to identify that.

Best Practices… What are they good for?

@Tinu   There are situations where a best practice is a good jumping off point it general guideline.

@bill_slawski   Talking about “Best Practices” gives us a shared vocabulary to begin discussions with, and rules to break (responsibly).
@BruceClayInc   THIS. Also, let’s not forget that best practices are rooted in search engine guidelines, not arbitrary.

@CallMeLouzander   Plus, even tho the bots evolve, they still follow same patterns. Good UX/crawl paths, logical linking, clean XML can’t hurt!

@samsitesearch   because then SEO would be like the wild west…oh wait. there’s so much value to starting points as @thompsonpaul said.

@thompsonpaul   Because then we’d be unnecessarily reinventing the wheel each time – Best Practice is uselful for worthwhile starting point

@EricLanderSEO   Best practices are innovated and improved upon forever. I mean, how often had we heard @jillwhalen tell us about content?

@Tinu   It’s the thinking behind best practices that needs to change. It’s not carved in stone or even wood.

@tannerpetroff   I think the term deserves a place because it gives a baseline for the less-than-expert to go off of. Everyone starts somewhere!

@milestech   If the SEO mythbusting committee can disprove them, or thought drastically changes, no issue with abandoning them.

@seanvanguilder   Depends on the definition of best practice. I pust best practices into two silos with SEO: Usability and User Intent

@RonellSmith   They serve an important purpose: For most, they provide the ideal starting place.

@directom   Always question best practices! Don’t just accept them. But at the end of the day, most have data driven results.

@kotmseo   Best practices are best practices for a reason. Unless they’ve been nullified by a Google algorithm change, still follow them. “Best practices” is a relative term. If you mean things like character counts, use of alt tags, etc., those never go away.

@BerkleyBikes   “Best Practices” is kind of a buzzword for saying “doing it the other way is gonna fuck things up.”

@netvantage   There are some universal best practices: Ex: Pages should have page titles. Best practices for how to write them up for debate.

@AndreaMLehr   A “best” is great to have as a point of reference to learn from and challenge; it forces us to think creatively and push forward

@Ozaemotion   Sometimes we need keep few hidden weapons(best practice) with us. It can be used when all strategies fails!

@EricLanderSEO   The key to “best practices” is that there’s always room to make them innovate, automate and improve (@yoast comes to mind)

@jennita   We all seem to be in agreement:

  1. Best Practices are a good starting point
  3. Use data & reasoning w/ boss

@allmikehall   Best practices make you evaluate the factors that are important for SEO. Keeps you from overlooking essential items.

@thompsonpaul   Best Practice can also be short for “Don’t really know what I’m doing, so covering my ass by laying blame elsewhere if it fails”

Summary: Creative Linkbuilding Tactics on #SEOchat

Moderator: @ajutah

At what point in an SEO campaign do you start building links?

@BlueJeansPoet    As soon as you have good content to link to!

@tannerpetroff    Simplest answer: when I have something worth linking to.

@SocialMichelleR    You should have relationships in place to build linked content from in the planning stage.
@AndreeaC_T    Definitely! Identify link sources and build those before hand! Great advice!

@SarahFromDC    As soon as we have enough quality content to not look like idiots or spammers!

@AndreeaC_T    Immediately once you know your keywords and onsite pages are done. Linkbuilding takes time. Start as early as you can.

@CaitlinBoroden    Typically, it’s smart to get some of the big technical problems out of the way first. Then start. Also! Don’t build links until you have a strong understanding of the clients/your own audience.
@tannerpetroff    Yeah, no sense in building links to pages with dup. content or that will be 301’d down the road.
@CaitlinBoroden    Absolutely! A perfect example.

@netvantage   After the site audit is complete assessed. Site audit > link building.

@DavidProHQ   Well, you want to have your house in order before you bring people to it, so after on-page SEO is taken care of.

@OC2015   When you have something worth linking to. Concepts and prototypes deserve love too, but don’t bother if there is no value yet. Redirects can do wonders, but always be sure that you begin LB with the new site immediately.

@emily_C27   Following a content audit to know what stays & what needs to be optimized vs what is top qual.

@allmikehall   Get your keyword research and website audit taken care of. Sometimes websites don’t need much LB if in non-competitive industry.

@GoBrandify   First assess your current efforts, then use your analysis to build your links

@kotmseo   Backlinks affect domain authority, so something 2 look at in beginning; building new links tends 2 happen after on-page opts.

What are some FREE ways to identify link opportunities?

@SocialMichelleR   Twitter search for bloggers writing on related topics.
@DavidProHQ   This is one of my favorite tactics as well. IFTTT custom Twitter search to Google spreadsheet.

@MichaelBurjack   Can look at strong referring domains, maybe there’s a natural fit with someone already sending refs your way.

@AndreeaC_T   I use free tools to check competitor links and research those.

@BlueJeansPoet   Look at other sites that have content gaps your site fills and contact them

@netvantage   Use advanced search modifiers to collect lists of high quality link prospects

@PeterThistle   Understand the business, where it fits into the economic ecosystem, who cares about them, who do they care about.

@allmikehall   Ask the client to see if they can help with links. They might have some industry buddies that will happily link to them.
@CaitlinBoroden   Great point! They will also likely have an in on some of the niche (but still well know) industry websites, etc.

@SarahFromDC   We compare channel analytics (Facebook, website, etc) to see where our audience is going / coming from & build links from there.

@GoBrandify   Do some research on social media to see authoritative figures/sources to link to you.

@tannerpetroff   Google searches + Moz/OSE + @screamingfrog can give you some incredible insights on link opportunities.

@DavidProHQ   Competitor link analysis, broken link building, guest posting opportunities, link reclamation, some directory submissions.

@kotmseo   Ask friends/customers to share on social, link swap.

How do you qualify whether a particular link opportunity is worth pursuing?

@netvantage   Relevant? Non-manipulative? Updated? Probably a decent target.

@kotmseo   Check their domain authority to see if the effort is worth it.

@tannerpetroff   Relevance and context. Then I’ll look at things like DA and PA. If it’s not relevant, it’s not worth it.

@SocialMichelleR   Relevance is my top qualifier. Be sure to leave room for a little serendipity.

@SarahFromDC   Number crunching! Who’s saying what about them, how many quality followers do they have, etc.
@SocialMichelleR   I agree that we want influencers, but sometimes you have to let timing and availability decide.

@allmikehall   Great place to start is competitor co-citations. Find pages and websites that link to multiple competitors.

@AndreeaC_T   Start with page rank for a quick glance. Then look more deeply at their content & social presence.

@CaitlinBoroden   Relevancy, Authority, Strong social activity to help get it out there?

@OC2015   Use a 1 in 10 rule. Common sense and bit of research can go a long way to identifying worthwhile linking opportunities.

Let’s get specific. What are the metrics you use to qualify a good link opp?

@allmikehall   I use Majestic stats – Page TrustFlow is the first stat I look at

@AndreeaC_T   You can check @kred & @klout for deeper insight.

@Perfect_Search   Thoughtful research! Look at the source, the quality of their posts, and if it will provide good, unique content.

@DavidProHQ   Actually visiting the site. Checking backlinks with @moz, @ahrefs, & @tryMajestic – doing some Google searches for their site. Metrics: Look at DA, look at number of referring domains (not just links), Ahrefs Domain Rank, Majestic Trust Score.
@tannerpetroff    If a site doesn’t pass the eyeball test, the metrics mean nothing to me.
@netvantage   Yep! Finding ways to “see” the page first is ideal. Look at page data, urls to identify type of page before visiting.
@MichaelBurjack   Additionally: does it look like the site owners are contactable and responsive? Seems basic, but.
@DavidProHQ   Right, is contact info present? Which is an element the spam score for OSE looks for.

@tannerpetroff   DA, PA, mT # of LRD’s, # linking C-blocks, internal vs external links, etc.

How do you look for unlinked brand or product mentions?

@DavidProHQ   “[brand name]” -site: -site: Also, Talkwalker Alerts and Fresh Web Explorer.

@thompsonpaul   Setting up TalkWalker alerts for primary terms is usually where I start.

@CaitlinBoroden   I learned a nifty trick for @reddit recently. add .rss to the end of any subreddit to get the feed. From there use @IFTTT to monitor for keywords you specify.Example:

@ireyfish   Buzzsumo definitely for brand mentions

@tannerpetroff   Got a logo? Reverse image search! See who’s not linking. Scored many links that way.

@AJUTAH   I don’t use a lot of paid tools, but Open Site Explorer is indispensable for me for analyzing link opportunities. Use Fresh Web Explorer from @moz to find brand and product mentions. Then reach out for a link!
@DavidProHQ   I’m totally with you, but sometimes they’re link index is slow to update. I use @ahrefs and @tryMajestic as well.

@kotmseo   I use Google Alerts to find unlinked brand or product mentions.
@CaitlinBoroden   I don’t know if it’s just me but I never have much luck with Google Alerts.
@DavidProHQ   me neither. I use Talkwalker Alerts. Tons better.

@allmikehall   Can also look for mentions of owners of company, links to social media accounts but not websites.

@emily_C27   Did we mention ? + Google alerts

@GoBrandify   A few ways but the first thing to do is look on search engines. There are also tools like @Mention / @BuzzSumo.

Directories. Yay or nay? Why?

@AndreeaC_T   Nay mostly. Some are business sites are legit. But I tell companies to stay away from them.

@CaitlinBoroden   Ohh directories. Yes, some key ones. Don’t go crazy now and add it everywhere

@tannerpetroff   ‘Directories’ is a vague term. Local directories? Absolutely. Super mega web 2.0 directories? Steer clear

@DavidProHQ   I believe there are still a few directories that are worth submitting yourself to (i.e. DMOZ, Crunchbase, Yellowpage)

@AndreeaC_T   It makes sense for some depending on the industry, especially those associated w/ a publication.

@_Fidelitas   For local SEO, it’s imperative to submit biz info to directories. Outside of that, we like a few niche directories.

@netvantage   Sure there’s manipulative directories out there, but many your website should be in. Especially local businesses.

@SarahFromDC   Yes for local listings or niche – but those enormous directories that are just lists of every site under the sun are terrible.

@GoBrandify   For #localsearch- A big, loud YAY! Make sure that you are providing these directories with accurate & consistent data.

@emily_C27   Yay to a point. I’d say to make sure you’re listed in the major directories; don’t waste too much time on the little guys

@allmikehall   Ignoring links, some niche directories can be really important. Know many companies that get referral traffic from directories.

@PeterThistle   Some top level directories for local search, others may be worth cleaning up if already present but inaccurate (common!).

How about broken links and 404 pages. How can you find opportunities in your niche?

@_Fidelitas   One of our favorite ways is to help webmasters that have malware. This not only builds links but it builds relationships.

@ireyfish   we use ahrefs. Pretty effective

@emily_C27   As part of your outreach efforts, kindly inform a site if they are showing a 404 & provide them your relative link. Be helpful.
@AJUTAH   That’s key. Would linking to your site be helpful for *their* visitors?

@allmikehall   .Gov websites do a bad job with redirects. Backlink checker – top pages – 404 pages relevant to you.

@tannerpetroff   Broken link building is my favorite. Read this guide and tell me it isn’t awesome. My secret to broken link building is replacing a valuable resource that no longer exists. Check Wayback Machine.
@CaitlinBoroden   Blog posts with nicely formatted table of contents are the best. Big thumbs up.
@allmikehall   Also do a Google search – search tools – Custom date range.

@CaitlinBoroden   Pull your backlink portfolio from OSE, WMT, etc. Pull all the links into a txt doc and do a list crawl in @screamingfrog.

@netvantage   Finding relevant broken links can be tough. Xenu’s Check URL List feature is fantastic for identifying many BL’s on many pages.

@DavidProHQ   Plenty of opportunities. I like to build linkable assets/resources and build broken links with something very valuable

@GoBrandify   If you spot a broken link or 404, check the backlinks and focus on the getting the right link to the owner.

@ammicallef   Broken link building is really successful if your link is a relevant replacement. Check My Links extension to find broken links.

@kotmseo   You could also create a really cool 404 page that features your most popular content.

@thompsonpaul   Using a broken link checker browser extension while running through relevant WikiPedia pages finds gold.
@AJUTAH   Wikipedia links are tough :) How can you make sure they stick? Sometimes moderators can be territorial.
@tannerpetroff   Those are tough. Anything you write has to be extremely unbiased. Links stick better if they’re solid resources.
@thompsonpaul   Agreed re territorial WikiPedia moderators but much easier when replacing existing broken link w/ equivalent value resource
@MichaelBurjack   Of course all of Wikipedia’s links are nofollow … in theory

How can you stay “White Hat” and build links through a contest/giveaway?

@_Fidelitas   Email 200 blogs about your contest and let them know it’s beneficial for their audience. It will generate buzz and buzz=links. You could also create a unique contest that’s never been done before and get some PR for it (after you do some outreach).

@SarahFromDC   Ooo absolutely! Did this for a travel site – got specific travel bloggers to participate, embed a contest image/link, and tweet

@netvantage   Give away a product or service for free to key influencers and ask for them to review it.

@tannerpetroff   It’s always possible to stay white-hat with contests. Just get them in front of the right people.

What’s a good ratio of follow:nofollow links a site should have in their portfolio?

@markdhansen   What about review websites? Do links from these places (e.g., ) count for much?

@tannerpetroff   I don’t think there’s a golden ratio, but if all your links are follow, or all are nofollow, that could be a problem.

@SarahFromDC   We haven’t looked much into ratio yet (maybe we should?) but we generally go on a case-by-case basis for quality, etc.

Share your favorite linkbuilding resources and tools

@CaitlinBoroden   Sometimes it’s nice to go back to the basics and refresh.

@AJUTAH    This creative link building list from @PointBlankSEO is money.

@allmikehall   Check My Links + Link Clump (browser extensions), Co-citation tool from @CitationLabs.

@kotmseo   Well, I just started reading @Entrepreneur’s “Ultimate Guide to Link Building” by @ericward, so hoping to learn more about it.

@netvantage   For finding broken links: Xenu, Screaming Frog, Check My Links

Summary: Getting Creative with Low Budget SEO on #SEOchat

Moderator: @tannerpetroff

Whats the lowest budget you’re willing/able to work with? Where’s the ground floor?

@EricLanderSEO   For consulting work, I tend to start with $1,750 audits and expand from there. Retainers and monthly services begin at $500/mo. Also worth mentioning, many veterans in the space (myself included) provide work to non-profits at little to no charge.

@AndreeaC_T   I work with startups. It’s pretty close to 0.

@dan_patterson   Let’s say you’re a new blogger/site owner. Your budget might be $0.

@BerkleyBikes   You can work SEO on any budget…the question is how soon do you expect any results? For an agency…you have to provide a certain quality of work within a certain time frame, which is why minimums are higher.

@lancemoore22   Don’t have set numbers, but as advice…sometimes small accounts can turn into the greatest relationships.

@allmikehall   Budget = time. For an initial site audit, depending on size of site, probably need to spend at a minimum of 6-8 hours.

@milestech   Really depends on what the goals are. basic setup vs comprehensive outreach e.g. could depend on health of website (panda etc).

@tannerpetroff   As a consultant, it’s really hard to take anyone on for less than $1,000/mo but there are a few exceptions.
@AndreeaC_T   That’s my minimum too.

@ThinkSEM   This really depends on what they already have, what we’ve done for them, etc. Can’t put a # on it.

@AgentPalmer   I think it also depends on if they want you to do it, or teach them how to do it? One takes much longer than the other.

@Tripp_Hamilton   Depends on what the website needs in terms of SEO. On and off-site SEO can be quite pricey.

@markdhansen   For low price, you are basically a coach, telling client what to do, training them, while they do the work.

How do you address & manage expectations with small/non-existent budgets?

@dan_patterson   Back when I was an agency guy, it seemed like the low budget clients had the highest expectations. Always made me wonder what the sales guy said to them… you have to set the right expectations!
@tannerpetroff   The 20% of revenue that takes 80% of your time. Not worth it.
@ThinkSEM    …and took up the most time nit-picking via emails & calls. Why is that???

@AgentPalmer   Honesty.

@EricLanderSEO   Be clear and precise with priorities and influence/impact on client’s business goals. Do the most effective stuff first. In other words… Don’t focus on “nice to have” micro data layers & content revisions when the framework for SEO isn’t there. Key is, be honest. Be clear. Low priced SEO doesn’t work when value isn’t properly represented or delivered.

@AndreeaC_T   Clearly state that it takes time. I always say 3-6 months depending on difficulty.

@JohnziePat   Compartmentalize your resources.

@ThinkSEM   Right away. Be up-front about what you can do w/in the scope of their $$. Transparency is key.
@dan_patterson   I think it’s a desperation thing. When you only have $100, you NEED that $100 to work miracles.

@netvantage   Establish benchmarks, know where they stand already and establish how long it will take to see improvements.

@MatthewAYoung   That’s where the education piece comes in. You may not be able to do the work with limited budget, but you can teach others.

@AndreeaC_T   Depends on goals too…and market saturation.

@OC2015   Being transparent with the client. OR under promising & over delivering. Know what u can work w/ at the budget, strive to deliver at that level. W/e comes after, thats the bonus.

@BerkleyBikes   I’ve worked for friends for free before. With ZERO budget, I set all the rules!

@milestech   educate, understand goals, provide real world examples at a similar level of $. show expected results up front.

@SocialMichelleR   Expectations have to be managed regardless of budget SEO is not magic Takes time.

@allmikehall   SEO isn’t a small investment, and important to honestly educate small budget client on how long results will take.

@lancemoore22   Maybe the most difficult question you’ll ask today. You have to set expectations up front.

@tannerpetroff   Do my best to focus on one single thing, do it well, and explain the reality of the situation. Realism is key.

@dan_patterson   I always hated the phrase “manage expectations.” Usually that meant to me they were misled from the beginning. Can you get results with a small budget? Of course. Not as easily/quickly as 7-8 yrs ago, but you can. Takes time.
@allmikehall   Yep – smaller budgets work fine for smaller local businesses or websites targeting lower-competition audience.

@ThinkSEM   Right, it should be SET expectations; if you have to manage you’re probably already way off base.

@livnLASHETAloca   You have to be clear and upfront from the get go so everyone is clear on the expectations.

@luireyes1   Most important would be stating and understanding goals clearly.

How do you determine where your limited budget goes? Ex. Content, promotion, pizza, etc.

@AndreeaC_T   Onsite content first. Site infrastructure.

@AgentPalmer   It depends on what you’re hoping to accomplish how many people you have on your team & more but those 2 are the most important.

@allmikehall   First is an on site audit. Most important to set that up right before long term stuff like link building / content development.

@AndreeaC_T   months 2 and beyond more on external content & linkbuilding

@tannerpetroff   Look at what resources are already available, what relationships exist, and try to fill the gap with the budget.

@BerkleyBikes   First off, never slash the pizza budget. Never. When done eating pizza, go for the high return and low investment tasks first. Score some early wins for morale.

@dan_patterson   Fix onpage/arch problems first always. Then work on content. Manual outreach doesn’t have to cost a lot. The other thing with audits, outline the crucial things. No site is or can be perfect, so focus on what will do the most.

@CaitlinBoroden   It’s always a good idea to get the technical things in order first. You need a solid foundation to jump from.

@EricLanderSEO   Start with an audit and prioritize against impact. Then, start at the top. The most important is the most effective.

@MatthewAYoung   Depends on the needs. Usually first time clients have grave technical errors on the site. Triage.

@netvantage   On site SEO audit. Optimize meta data, internal links, body copy, GA setup – need to start on the right track. Occasionally client has already done an audit and the fundamentals are in a good place. Take it case by case.

@milestech   Audit 1st, then either 1. use $ to build up areas lacking OR 2. use $ to kick more ass in strong areas. depends on client goals.

@ThinkSEM   Depends on the client’s goals, the abilities of their current site, etc. We’d start off w/an audit.

@livnLASHETAloca   It would definitely depend on the needs of the client. Every client is different and may have different goals to reach.

@ammicallef   Where are the client’s biggest pain points and opportunities? start with what will have the greatest impact.

@FlyingSmitty    The initial budget should go to a site audit. Most people have no idea what they are doing.

@SocialMichelleR   Once basics are covered, budget and time need to be set aside for linkbuilding/relationships.

@kotmseo   I do what I can do myself, then outsource what I can’t/don’t want to do — stuff easy to delegate (e.g., content creation).

When you absolutely need more resources, how do you overcome objections and justify asking for more?

@dan_patterson   It all comes down to $$$. This also comes back to realistic expectations though. If it’s a new site, there is going to have to be time involved to get $$.
@ammicallef   Yes – prioritize by greatest impact. It likely won’t all be fixed immediately so outline the most important items.

@Sonray   I always try to make a business case & tie it back to revenue. Hard to say no to money that makes money.

@AndreeaC_T   I go to data…data trumps all.

@BerkleyBikes   Make the pitch! Reference previous results. Show them the data (and explain it!) Talk about projected outcomes.

@allmikehall   SEOs aren’t wizards (although clients tend to think that) Need the help and input from the client end to be successful.

@ThinkSEM   Is goals-to-budget realistic? If they want X done by Y time, it’ll cost Z. If $ isn’t there we need to realign their expectations & tell em how it’ll pan out w/their budget.

@misfttweek   The Numbers never lie, you have plenty of evidence of things that need to be fixed use that.

@EricLanderSEO   Long term commitments require long term resources. Hard conversations happen when you’re not showing clear value / ROI.

@SocialMichelleR   Time to put together reports & show them how efforts up to this point have earned them biz.

@milestech   Sometimes using competitor data helps spur more $ activity. paint a realistic picture, show what could be done with more $.
@markdhansen   I think this is very true. Many companies respond when learning that competitors are spending more. Its a wake-up call.

@lancemoore22   I think you have to have been upfront at first to have the credibility when asking for more resources.

@netvantage   We often get smaller client involved on content promotion and provide them guidance on the content they should be creating.

@MatthewAYoung   Create an SEO narrative. A site is never perfect, but it can at least be better than other sites. Then talk about money.
@tannerpetroff   True. Using competitors as benchmarks can help to convince additional spend as well.
@EricLanderSEO   Agree with @MatthewAYoung here; You need a clear path forward that’s understood. You can accelerate resource costs with growth.
@MatthewAYoung   People dont buy what you do, they buy why you do it. Hat tip to @simonsinek
@tannerpetroff   I’d argue on that. I believe people buy you as much as they buy what you do.
@dan_patterson   But that only goes so far. You still have to get results.
@tannerpetroff   Definitely. But it’s imperative someone believes in you during the sale.
@MatthewAYoung   Yes, show them the proof. Nothing wrong with that.
@EricLanderSEO   No appetite for complacency in SEO, but people DO hire thought leaders.
@dan_patterson   Yes. That’s all I’m saying. You may get hired, but can you stay hired?
@EricLanderSEO   Precisely. Might have earned it, but no one likes an overpriced has-been.

@kotmseo   If I need it, have the cash and think it’s a priority, I’ll submit a request to myself, then approve it.

@luireyes1   First you have to be certain and have strong reasoning behind it. Following that state your case clearly.

@markdhansen   If you have measurable results, its a lot easier to ask for more money #seochat

@FlyingSmitty   Present what you have done, map out the next strategies, time needed and a proposed budget.

@ammicallef   Use data to show what you’ve been able to do so far with limited resources & explain the potential success given more $/time.

What are some of the no/low-cost tricks you have up your sleeve?

@AndreeaC_T   I have writers who are not seo’s write and then tweak their content…call that intuitive keywords. Start building buzz on social. Twitter is awesome for identifying brand amabassadors who will write about you.

@EricLanderSEO   Start with Search Console first and some trials. Plenty of free trials of tools to help you prioritize and set some goals. Don’t overlook the value a data visualizer can provide. So much great information can be exported from Google SC and Analytics.

@ThinkSEM   Not a trick, but it IS free — we use @screamingfrog to get a lot of audit/assessment info on websites.

@milestech   Not really a trick, but having a good rolodex of influencer contacts in client industries can help get some links/ buzz

@OC2015   List of chrome extensions for easy/ little effort metrics that can make a huge difference in proving points.

@JohnziePat   Keywords derived from content from copywriters.

@misfttweek   using Google auto search is always a go to

@BerkleyBikes   @jacquesbouchard wrote a smart blog post about using Google “site:” searches for #SEO purposes.
@BerkleyBikes   Low cost & so easily available. Combine that with GA & Search Console – you’re off to a great start.

@netvantage   Cut internal costs/time it takes to do specific tasks. Saves time when person(s) on your team is knowledgeable in specific area.

@tannerpetroff   My biggest secret is no secret at all. Just getting the business owner involved and leveraging relationships they have.

@MatthewAYoung   Got not $ for SEO? GSC is the first place I’d go to.

@OC2015   Optimizing social platforms (not a full-on strategy) is easier and quicker than anyone ever thinks. Just the extra effort. Complete info, updated site links, relevant keywords within profiles; Basic aspects people fail to realize help CTR.

@Sonray   @crestodina just wrote a post about a classic GA tactic that can earn better rankings.

@allmikehall   Have different team members focus on specific industries. They’ll know all the great places to get links from experience. Sometimes links from client relationships end up being the best backlinks they’ll get!

Where are your favorite resources to find inspiration for low/no-cost SEO ideas?

@AndreeaC_T   Peeps…love @authoritylabs. Have a call with them at 2 est. @moz too. WooRank can be free. Periscope honey…you’ll find lots on periscope.

@lancemoore22   #seochat is one of my favorites! You guys rock!

@JohnziePat   Tweetchats I’ve come to find extremely beneficial

@misfttweek   @Moz is my go to for any SEO inspiration @randfish WBF are a must watch always

@milestech   Never underestimate the power of Youtube for SEO research. also, asking client salespeople can help with content/keyword ideas.

@BerkleyBikes   Site search will tell you a lot about what people are doing on your site (and what they’re looking for).

@luireyes1   Best resource I believe is always the more experienced team I have around me.

@lancemoore22   Taking a walk to get some fresh air.

@tannerpetroff   I usually just go read @PointBlankSEO – That kid is ridiculously creative. This or that.

@EricLanderSEO   Start w/ @sengineland @sejournal @WebmasterWorld @seroundtable. Amazing new content daily AND excellent communities present.

@Sonray   I dig @SERPWoo lately. Pretty cheap and yields useful knowledge/ideas.

@allmikehall   Plenty of great free keyword research and keyword generation tools out there.

@EricLanderSEO   If you can’t read up over time, start w/ this from @AnnieCushing – amazing auditing process & tools.
@tannerpetroff   Also love the HUGE list of must-have tools by @AnnieCushing.
@Sonray   The paid resources she creates are beyond fabulous too!
@EricLanderSEO   Agreed! @AnnieCushing is a class act and so informative; If the question weren’t budget oriented – I’d have recommended too.

@netvantage   Brainstorming sessions from peers – find out what works and what’s effective for SEO.

What are your favorite examples of great low budget SEO?

@netvantage   The small companies that didn’t get 1000’s of visits from our work but got big increases in leads.

@AndreeaC_T   @inviterbiz I got them ranking in a month after some killer, long hours for almsot nothing 2 yrs ago. Lots of story telling using seo.

@kotmseo   Get free trial subscription to your fav SEO tool, crawl potential client sites, then approach them w/ results & your services.

@luireyes1   The work that got great recognition without including itself in trends. Just purely on it’s great content.

@EricLanderSEO   Global site changes and template optimizations rolled out w/ one change across multiple pages are my favorite. Massive rewards.

@allmikehall   Conducted detailed keyword research & found unknown relevant opportunities, developed content, got great traffic.

Summary: Conducting a Content Audit to Boost SEO on #SEOchat

Moderator: @emily_C27

What does a content audit do for you?

@EricLanderSEO   In short, a content audit helps set the stage for successful SEO, content marketing and social media opportunities. A great content audit will highlight strengths, deficiencies and competitive opportunities to leverage and exploit, too.

@AndreeaC_T   Determines if our content is actually driving leads adn assists in generating revenue. Also helps determine if we’re using the right keywords.
@mcraegj   Do you consider different metrics for different parts of the nurturing funnel?
@AndreeaC_T   It’s a mix and depends on onsite vs external. Onsite: pgs sessions, bounce rate, kw, referral source.

@HeroicSearch   Content audits allow us to, most importantly, determine what’s working. What needs changing.

@BrianRBaker4   Realize content gaps for service based businesses, and helps expand the keywords we can rank for by adding strategic content. Content audits also help determine how effective existing content is.

@lisabuyer   Reality check! What you get from a content audit.

@tannerpetroff   Content audits help determine resources you have & the ones you don’t so you can put a winning strategy together.

@AndreaMLehr   Content audits help us figure out what’s working and what’s not–it’s the simple. Another bonus to a content audit–it helps us locate new opportunities.

@TheAgencyGuyInc   Content Auditing? Be sure to look at competitors, G Trends, segment by persona, and most of all segment by intent.

@CJLio   Gives a better perspective on the amount of work I need to do and also insights to the business on how much they need to do!

@AJutah   At the start of a campaign, a content audit lets you know what you already have to work with and build upon. Great step-by-step Content Audit guide from @quicksprout and @neilpatel.

@directom   It helps us assess the relative scale of how awesome our content is. If it’s good, repeat. Bad, fix it!

@milestech   Exposes gaps in offerings that we need to fill. if people want it and we aren’t writing about it – solve it.

@emily_C27   It allows you realize what’s performing well in order to tailor your content to your audience.

@BruceClayInc   A content audit identifies how your content is working (or not working) to achieve your SEO and digital marketing goals.

@samsitesearch   Audits show areas that are lacking that should be addressed, and whether content is actually driving leads/ meeting goals.

@creativecalif   Sometimes when we audit our content, we see that we can apply our better practiced writing skills to old content.

@KristiKellogg   Content is the foundation of any #SEO effort, so it’s critical to make sure it’s working how you intend it.

What is your biggest challenge when it comes to content auditing?

@BerkleyBikes   Content quality is subjective. Evaluating subjective things often presents the same set of issues: everyone has a different definition of success. Telling our client’s “no… you REALLY shouldn’t write your own content.”
@CaitlinBoroden   A compromise for this is to let them write the first draft and then take over for the optimization.
@BrianRBaker4   We’ve resorted to that, but it comes with it’s own challenges.
@AndreeaC_T   True. But ultimately, the only opinion that matters are your visitors. Which chunk of content gets the most traction?
@BerkleyBikes   Even that is subjective. You can debate which KPI is more important, all day long.

@CallMeLouzander   I admit it’s hard to tell clients they need an audit when they don’t think they do. Tips, anyone?
@tannerpetroff   Easiest is point out 3-5 issues you see without completing a full audit. Make sure you let them know that usually where there’s smoke, there’s fire.
@CallMeLouzander   Do you include subjectives e.g “no one would want to read your clunky writing?”
@tannerpetroff   Try to steer clear, but if it’s relevant and you have industry examples of better ways..

@CJLio   Overall, just piecing together the story that their content tells and goals they want/wanted to achieve.

@BrianRBaker4   Thinking outside the box. It’s difficult to do when you’ve worked on a site for a while.

@tannerpetroff   Biggest challenge is deciding how to allocate resources to which project. So many important pieces!

@EricLanderSEO   Informing clients on how truly connected SEO and content are. Many don’t “get it” outside of our industry.

@ammicallef   Putting yourself in the target market’s shoes and determining if the content is truly what the audience wants to read.

@AndreaMLehr   The effectiveness of social shares is hard to gauge–did you earn the shares through bots or genuine interest?
@AndreeaC_T   Right and if you did get traction–determine by bounce rate if it was a bot or human.

@cjmonteblanco   Making sure that the content follows Google’s best practices and updates when the website theme sucks.

@samsitesearch   Sometimes ‘adding more value’ to content you deem to already be awesome/is performing well can be difficult.

@BlueJeansPoet   Making improvements that could backfire and harm areas where you already rank.

@AJutah   One big challenge is collaborating with other departments to contribute content. Lots of perspectives that could be added!
@tannerpetroff   Then when you start getting contributions things can get real messy if you’re not careful.
@AJutah   For sure. Gotta start monitoring images, post quality, legal compliance, etc. Starts getting hectic!
@tannerpetroff   Quickly becomes the job of an entire department.

@milestech   Resource allocation can be a big issue for some companies, should always be taken into accoun.

@Randomhero180   Communicating the importance of content to the client. Also, gauging what will work with a new target audience.

@directom   Older content ported over from an older web design. Broken links galore, Batman! Also judging ease of readability. Target user might understand it perfectly, so do you write for them or dumb it down?

@BruceClayInc   Lack of resources or time. Or, simply, not making it a priority when it should be. Or lack of awareness about state of content.

@creativecalif   While tools help, finding duplicate content can be tough. When the site is HUGE, tough to make sure all content is unique.

@KristiKellogg   Challenge: when a business owner writes content and it’s bad, but they cling to it as if it’s a baby. Stick to what you know.

How often do you perform content audits?

@AndreeaC_T   Monthly

@HeroicSearch   At least once a month.

@EricLanderSEO   They’re ongoing; Competitive balance is always changing – and so too are the data markers used in auditing content. It’s important to know who ELSE is involved though (creative, copy, design, social, etc.) and get them to regularly commit.

@AndreeaC_T   Small one at the end of the month with montly reporting. Then bigger audits every 3 months.

@tannerpetroff   Formal audits once a quarter. Mental audits constantly.

@BrianRBaker4   Maybe bi-yearly? Really whenever we feel necessary depending on the client.

@CJLio   I usually start with GA and GWT to see best performing content currently on site. This helps give some foundation.

@cjmonteblanco   Performing content audits as often as I’ve been walking my dog. Sadly, I don’t have a dog.

@peace_reddy   Monthly would be ideal to understand and analyse.

@Randomhero180   I work for a very small agency. I try to do one once every couple months if time allows.

@lisabuyer   I like to look monthly to see if any #PR content from the company #newsroom had a lift.

@creativecalif   Always during client intake, but after that, we do so on an as-needed basis. Traffic or rank changes are some triggers that we need to do an audit.
@cjmonteblanco   You gotta stay on top of the analytics, so you can either recommend or make changes directly for the better.

@AndreaMLehr   Ongoing–some campaigns explode and we start looking at what worked immediately; others are slower and need more time for stats.

@TheAgencyGuyInc   Сontent audit every 6 months and then develop strategy off of this. Test and iterate 6 months later.

@samsitesearch   Really depends on how much content you have, but if it’s less than once a month you’re losing out. cost/benefit of time spent.

@BlueJeansPoet   It’s difficult to schedule when you’re pivoting and reacting to algo changes and news within your space–it’s constant.

@milestech   The more often the better!!

@AJutah   Big audit at start, then monthly and quarterly. Should continually monitor and adjust strategy as dictated by what’s working.

How do you audit content specifically for seo purposes?

@EricLanderSEO   Last summer @moz published a great walkthrough on content audits by @balibones. Worth your time! I enjoy aspects of @moz @semrush & @spyfu for content auditing, but at a barebones level it BEGINS with Google Search Console.

@AndreeaC_T   Tie kw by funnel from source to lead, to conversion. Page session and new traffic by kw is big too that indicates content authority.

@AndreaMLehr   We look at what keywords pages are ranking for and then compare them to which keywords they “should” be ranking for.

@BruceClayInc    Make sure your pages aren’t resulting in soft 404s by checking the Crawl Errors Report in Search Console.

@BrianRBaker4   H1,H2,H3, Alt Text, Title Text, Anchor Text, Interlinking, LSI keywords, All The Things. To elaborate on my answer – Making sure on-page best practices are there, and monitor their performance.

@BlueJeansPoet   Evaluate titles for ranking kws and relationship with copy. Pair GA and Screaming Frog to speed this up. Lots of practical advice here. Keep user experience at forefront: are site users connecting to the content they want?

@cjmonteblanco   Target for relevant service keywords, optimizing titles/metas/images, and of course creating top-notch, user-friendly content.

@directom   Content and SEO go hand in hand (duh), so try to assess older content to see if worth repurposing or to start fresh.

@peace_reddy   Monitoring traffic gained by the keywords and their SERP changes.

@samsitesearch   Look for gaps in data/ if competition increased. see if there are any new keywords/ search trends that can be integrated.

@CTrappe   The best in #contentmarketing monitor analytics live and respond in real time.

@AJutah   Competitive analyses reveals how your content can overtake your competitors’! Take their articles and make yours even better.

@CJLio   Before I dive into GA and Search Console, I tend to ask the client, what audience are you creating this for? As SEO’s, we all know proper on-page. We can get the traffic there. But how do you know what to audit w/out the audience.

@milestech   Tools like Moz, Majestic, Screaming Frog can be invaluable. BuzzSumo for finding new influencers to share with too.

@CallMeLouzander   Look for cross-linking opportunities. Make old content relevant w/ updates/corrections, re-promote.

@Randomhero180   Creating content that the audience will interact with while targeting relevant keywords through page title, H tags, etc.

@creativecalif   With our eyeballs mostly. Use tools to check headers & article length, but read it to make sure it’s written for ppl, not robots.

What is the best way to handle out-dated content?

@AndreeaC_T   I write new content around it…linking back and discuss changes. We do that with @inviterbiz too especially around SEO and Email working together through blogs and onsite tweaks.

@BerkleyBikes   Refresh if possible. If you can’t, I often suggest leaving it up and making a note that it is outdated.

@EricLanderSEO   Upcycle it or prune it. The telling factors are hidden away in Search Console and your analytics. Be careful not to throw content away too soon, though. It’s easy to think something’s worthless without data.

@BrianRBaker4   Update it.

@HeroicSearch   Recycle, Reuse, and Repurpose!
@lisabuyer   I love this! My motto.

@CaitlinBoroden   This very much depends on the content but there are opportunities for refreshing old content. Definitely!

@tannerpetroff   That’s subjective. Could be refresh, repurpose, link to new version, leave it alone and let it die, etc.

@emily_C27   First check to see if the page is ranking!

@AndreaMLehr   We’ll usually produce campaigns that explicitly say they’re an update to an old one, especially if it performed well initially.

@Randomhero180   Post an update. If there is enough content it’s a great opportunity to link back to a previous post.

@AJutah   If it’s old news, link it to an evergreen page/post. Or just delete it if it’s not getting much traffic or conversions. Competitive analyses reveals how your content can overtake your competitors’! Take their articles and make yours even better.
@directom   Except in those niches where the content doesn’t exist…yet. Getting to be a leader is great…hard though.
@tannerpetroff   I’m not usually a fan of straight up deleting content. Sometimes it’s the right move, though.

@cjmonteblanco   For outdated content that’s still of quality, you can refer back to it in future posts. Get the link juices flowing! Speaking of new content, here are 13 Social Media Practices for Engaging Business Audiences.

@CallMeLouzander   Yep, update or get rid of it. If you update it, you should promote the updated version to let ppl know.

@samsitesearch   Always look to refresh- new keywords, data, messaging if written in the 90s and no longer ‘hip’. useful once, useful again!

@creativecalif   We leave it. Dated content can still be stable content that has history. It’s better to refresh than to remove. If the content has a shelf life, sometimes it’s a lost cause. If it can be updated or extracted into evergreen, do it.

@ammicallef   Just being old isn’t the issue, but outdated is. if it’s no longer relevant, then it’s no longer beneficial to keep.
@AndreeaC_T   Sometimes removing does more harm in terms of backlinks tied to that page. Better to update instead.
@milestech   Could create a new piece on a similar topic & mention the old piece, could actually be useful to be outdated e.g. SEO trends.
@CallMeLouzander   I respectfully disagree. When hit by Panda, there are times when you just have too much content. Sure, look at links, redirect if necessary, but there are times to clean out the attic, for sure.
@AndreeaC_T   I’ve never been hit yet so I haven’t had that issue

@BlueJeansPoet   Old content + improved and updated content X Design = Awesome.

@peace_reddy   Use 301 redirects if its listing in 1st page or else leave it as it is.

What do you do about content that is of good quality, but not performing well?

@AndreeaC_T   Figure out why and test new keywords, title, images. Check Google trends even to see if topic is even relevant.

@EricLanderSEO   Test it. Test it’s layout, placement, internal linking and optimization. Make sure it has a chance to perform before judging it. If it’s not great as it stands, chunk it out, break it up or dive even deeper. Good elements lead to great pieces.
@AndreaMLehr   Great advice on breaking it up–sometimes your audience wants more of one idea in particular!
@AJutah   Testing is a huge part of effective content marketing. Should be a regular thing.
@EricLanderSEO   Completely agree – both on a larger scale (site/category) and on a piece scale (page/post).

@AndreaMLehr   A great place to start is by looking at the comments section–what is your audience saying they would like to see more of? Also compare the content to something that performed well–what are key similarities and glaring distinctions?

@BruceClayInc   Content can be great, but if it’s not using the right keyword, your users won’t find it. Speak their language. Do KW research.

@BerkleyBikes   “Not performing well” is super broad. The first thing is to figure out why it’s not living up to expectations.

@creativecalif   Promote it! Social, direct marketing, pitches, etc.

@AJutah   Identify a new demographic to market to via Facebook, update the content and run an ad to see if it gets traction. Also “not performing well” needs to be defined. Likes & RTs don’t always lead to conversions!

@BlueJeansPoet   Well-written, factual content can fail if it’s not related to site user needs.

@lisabuyer   Optimize,socialize and publicize – add some social paid to it as a strategy.

@emily_C27   There’s always an option to Reuse, recycle, repurpose! Might look good as an infographic.

@Randomhero180   Test different elements to try and improve performance. Things like title, page layout, images, etc.
@BlueJeansPoet   Maybe add to that list tone- the writing may be too academic, salesy, or casual. Sometimes an easy fix.

@samsitesearch   If 100% sure it’s good quality, asking influencers (you know) to take a look and provide their opinion/ share could help boost.

@cjmonteblanco   Have inbound links to pages that are ranking well. Again, juice it up.

@tannerpetroff   Was it promoted well? If it was, then test and see if you can make incremental improvements. Keep promoting ’til it dies.

@CallMeLouzander   What makes it good quality? Is it relevant for your site? How does it fit into your funnels/themes? Have you promoted it well?

@milestech   There’s always a new trend, so try to include something super new to get attention (on social). Revamp content titles.

@directom   Assuming it’s actually good, distribution is the issue. Influencers, paid ads, etc. Plug your stuff appropriately!
@samsitesearch   right, if it’s worth refreshing, do it. but obviously consider that it’s 100% the right option. don’t waste time.

What’s a good number of content pieces you should have before conducting an audit?

@HeroicSearch   I don’t think there’s a minimum. An audit is there to help you find what is lacking. That might include content!

@tannerpetroff   Any. If you don’t have much content, the audit becomes less about what you have, more about what you’re missing.

@KristiKellogg   There’s no no minimum. Even one page can be improved.

@EricLanderSEO   In my experience, content gap analyses really come into play on sites of ~30+ pages. Smaller than that, and KWR is needed more.
@tannerpetroff   Even with that many pages, I’d still include kw research.
@EricLanderSEO   Apologize for underplaying the role of KW research in content audits. All sites can use it, but smaller sites need it more, IMO. General content audit rule of thumb: Smaller sites need content built from keyword research; Larger sites need help pruning.

@AndreeaC_T   I don’t think there is a set number. It really depends on the org and how much content is being generated.

@AndreaMLehr   Depends on the end goal–if you’re looking to compare assets, you’d only need one campaign with something dynamic and static. Client side though, you’d want a few to compare–especially if you’re trying to convince them on one idea over another.

@Randomhero180   No minimum, but it’s hard to improve sites with little content. The answer may be developing an initial content strategy.

@cjmonteblanco   I don’t think there’s a magic number. Make regular audits to ensure your content is still getting the recognition it deserves!

@samsitesearch   maybe there’s not really a ‘good number’ because an audit can still be useful even with 1 piece.

@BlueJeansPoet   Agree with no minimum, but you need KPIs to evaluate whether goals are being met.

@milestech   It really depends on the goals of the audit and what you want to accomplish, plus resources you have to perform it.

@AJutah   Again, it depends on a lot of factors. How often are you posting on social media? How much content are you curating? How large is your writing crew? How much $ do you have for content promotion/AdWords? There’s no magic number.

How do you work through all the content of a larger site?

@EricLanderSEO   Prioritize based on traffic, link equity and ranking success & signals. Then, work topically based on keyword matrixes. Important: Panda is 4 yrs old & Panda 4.2 just 1 mo old. Still plenty Google’s doing to tweak algorithms for understanding content. It’s easy for us to over-invest in Google rhetoric when conducting content audits – but there’s much more at stake than a SERP.

@ammicallef   Conduct a landing page audit and look at content on pages that are losing traffic first bc these are top priority.

@HeroicSearch   A piece at a time. Unless you have a team, and you can break it up a bit more.

@BlueJeansPoet   Start with using the best performing pages based on GA, then evaluate KWs you want to rank for.

@Randomhero180   Go for the low hanging fruit first. Then it’s time and making sure you have enough resources.
@cjmonteblanco   Even if content is lacking, there’s lots of room for improving it with rich, relevant and unique information.

@AndreaMLehr   Determine which pages you want to drive conversions and start from there

@AndreeaC_T   Be super organized!! Rely on good data from @moz, @authoritylabs to determine which pages are driving the most traction. Setup funnels for specific pages that drive leads and potential behavior paths.

@tannerpetroff   Take a deep breath and grab some coffee. Prioritize existing content and dive in. Check trends and find gaps in content.

@samsitesearch   Establish from your KPIs which pieces are performing best to worse (vice versa) and go from there. depends on resources though.

@milestech   Many times a good idea is just to follow the site’s navigational structure and address content pieces as they come up that way.

@BruceClayInc   Prioritize main pages first!

@cjmonteblanco   You’re going to have to break it down, starting with the main service pages. Pay attention to rankings, too.

Do you find it difficult to convince clients/c-suites to justify the time needed to spend on content audits?

@ammicallef   Easier than justifying other SEO tactics, bc most would agree that content is king.

@tannerpetroff   Surprisingly I don’t have much push-back on audits. Trouble is dedicating serious resources to creation/promotion.

@AndreeaC_T   No. They want to know what’s working and what isn’t.

@EricLanderSEO   I struggle selling my SEO/content audits daily. Notions of pumping out more content is more tempting than fixing what’s broken.
@tannerpetroff   Especially when it comes to branding & voice. A lot of SEOs just ignore that & it blows me away.

@AndreaMLehr   It’s not difficult finding the time as much as explaining what’s in the audit and why we should choose one strategy vs another.
@EricLanderSEO   @AndreaMLehr nails it here; The investment buy-off is contingent upon having key players invested in the underlying plan.

@cjmonteblanco   It’s often a no-brainer. Content is tangible and easy to see and understand for clients. What’s difficult is ongoing updates.

@Randomhero180   Depends on the client. But most just want do what will generate the best results.

@directom   Shouldn’t be. They hired us to write content, so we gotta show them how we’re doing. That whole…”ROI” thing.

@samsitesearch   Not had a ton of difficulty. provide some data and say ‘hey this is what we could get out of it with XYZ resources’.

@milestech   Many clients are open to an audit because a commitment to discovery/ improvement means progress.

What tools or platforms do you use for content audits?

@AndreeaC_T   Google Analtyics, @authoritylabs, @moz are the ones I use

@EricLanderSEO   For an SEO content audit, you need to leverage Google’s Search Console. It’s free and always updated w/ Google’s unique view. 3rd party tools & resources are great supplements, including @buzzsumo @moz @semrush and @spyfu. Just use your own data, too! Props on the @screamingfrog suggestion. The new GA integration is amazing for auditing purposes!

@AndreeaC_T   You guys @authoritylabs has a Now Provided report for pages that is GOLD!! love it!

@cjmonteblanco   Microsoft Excel does wonders despite its lackluster.

@emily_C27   GA and GWT comparison, along with @screamingfrog are my go-to’s.

@Randomhero180   Google Sheets, Google Search Console and Google Analytics.

@tannerpetroff   @screamingfrog @moz @googleanalytics @googlewmc and many, many others.

@AndreaMLehr   Simple @google searches and @moz are two big ones.
@CallMeLouzander   Exactly. A “site: ” + keyword reveals what on your site Google associates with that keyword.

@samsitesearch   I have actually just started using Screaming Frog and have found a ton of value in it from an SEO content audit standpoint.
@tannerpetroff   It will change your life. Best crawler around.

@misfttweek   I am a huge fan of SEMrush

Summary: Reporting & Data Analysis for Marketers on #SEOchat

Moderator: @ToriCushing

What are you top struggles with data analysis?

@singerswings   We drive traffic to a website which funnels users to our actual ecommerce site… a lot of info gets lost in translation. So looking at which landing page it came from is helpful, and creating custom landing pages.

@StefSettanni   Big struggles with finding REAL referral traffic in Google Analytics and filtering out spam bots for smaller clients. Giving additional color to analytics data through Google Search Console, SEO Software, SEMrush can also be a challenge at times.
@paulaspeak   True! Can’t wait for @googlewmc to fix the referrer spam problem.

@SocialMichelleR   Just the bulk of data available is a struggle. How do I track what’s most valuable.

@GoBrandify   For many marketers, the issue is honing in on relevant data to create next steps and strategies. When it comes to local, marketers lack tools that help them sort AND evaluate their data.

@BruceClayInc   Making sense of the numbers. Finding wisdom in the data. Of course, not provided doesn’t help. Educating clients up front makes all the difference. Also, provide customized reports they can understand. We actually require new SEO clients to attend our SEOToolSet Training course. No extra fee; it’s incl w/ their contract.
@aknecht   Old saying “A well educate customer is my best customer”.

@markdhansen   Distilling what’s important in the data and presenting to clients effectively.

@netvantage   Spam referrals in GA has been an issue as of late. Particularly in WP websites it seems. Started using plugins to help.

@tannerpetroff   Biggest problem is determining the metrics that matter most, and making sense of them when you’ve got them.

@creativecalif   Disseminating between real visitors and robots or the wrong visitors can be tough at times.
@markdhansen   Yes, the Google Analytics spam problem is out of hand.

@directom   Struggles? Automation. We know our KPI’s, but right now reporting is a manual process.

@aknecht   Making sure the client understands complex data & it`s meaning as well as I do when don`t understand analytics. I always like try to give my clients a 1-2 days of training course on the basics of using & understanding analytics.
@directom   Definitely a good idea in terms of transparency, too. We like setting them up with custom dashboards in GA!
@aknecht   Yes custom dashboards are nice, but if the client doesn’t know what the number mean or how to use they’re a useless tool.

@sozenpost   Figuring out which analytical platforms work best to produce the data your business is looking for to grow its target audience.

@milestech   Big data can sometimes be too big. important to block out the noise and focus on the things that matter to your client/company

@allmikehall   Clients often want to look at all the data. Important to focus on not what’s interesting but what’s important.

@Tinu   Dealing with missing datasets I could rely on before (not provided) & translating my finds into English.

@stekenwright   Numbers in GA don’t match actual revenue because of returns etc. Don’t always have visibility of the real takings. Trying to focus on outcomes not outputs. Sometimes meaningful metrics are ignored to zone in on things like link targets.

@cltaylor8   Helping clients understand metrics & that testing is required to develop strong marketing strategies.

@mysiteauditor   Our customers often struggle with translating data into actionable insights for their clients.
@markdhansen   Define goals TOGETHER with client. Set them up in Google Analytics. Report on these.

@keithgoode   Not knowing what might have happened to affect rankings and traffic outside of my purview (i.e Dev changes).

@JessicaKandler   Convincing clients of the importance of secondary + tertiary metrics- leads + revenue matter, but so does traffic, engagement.

How many clients/ceos/managers do you think actually look at your reporting? How do you increase the number?

@singerswings   At least 1 of 5 look at mine :) Sat down with each country mgr to see what info they want & made sure they understand each #.

@kotmseo   I don’t think anyone in the C-suite views my reporting. If I could tie visits to high dollars, they would.

@milestech   Tell a meaningful story with reporting – instead of just of metrics, make it relatable to biz performance. increase interest!

@pjmckeown   I use tracking links with my reports to see how many people actually view them. Unless I bring them to them, very little. Most of my reports are in Google Docs, so it’s easy to do that way.

@JessicaKandler   A colleague had a CEO literally melt down on a call bc he didn’t get basic metrics. Knowing who you’re talking to is SO vital. After that incident, we created a metric cheat sheet + stuck solely to leads, revenue + major gains for CEO convos.
@markdhansen   Good approach. Notes (story) intermixed with charts/tables help. Notes can include stock definitions of all metrics.

@netvantage   We seek feedback especially on the first few reports. If haven’t heard from client in a while always reach out before they do.

@SocialMichelleR   Sadly, decision makers are far too happy to set and forget and trust that we will make magic happen.

@markdhansen   Clients look at data if they collaborated with you to define the goals/conversions being reported on.

@directom   We like to think most if not all are reading them. The key here is make them care about the numbers.

@BruceClayInc   We maintain regular contact with our clients to make sure they are fully abreast of our SEO reporting. The SEOToolSet reports make it easier for us to show SEO progress that’s relevant to client execs. We designed them!

@aknecht   All look at it & then file it way. Lucky if 1 or 2 actually read it & are to prepared to take action based on it.

@keithgoode   Depends on co. size, mgmt style, data-savvy, etc. But you increase viewing by producing reports that are relevant. CEOs may only want to see Revenue +/-, Share of Voice, etc. CMOs may care more about competitive landscape, etc.

@creativecalif   Most clients like to see their ranks rise then use the general “feel” of business as a gauge. Most don’t really look at the data. Sometimes a client is being seen more (impressions), sometimes that we’re better at targeting their market (actions) & so on.

@allmikehall   Understand if there is specific info they are looking for. Specific landing pages? Link building? Avoid cookie cutter reporting.
@markdhansen   Everybody keeps saying that rankings are misleading these days. But, clients still insist on seeing them!

@Tinu   I think execs look at the summary. To gain more, have to make the report show what they care about.

@GoBrandify   If marketers aren’t showing value and analysis through their reports, they may look but not SEE the importance.

@cltaylor8   Have a conversation to support reporting. This builds their trust in your expertise & recommendations.

@SocialMichelleR   from #periscope Do you think that CEOs and decision makers would read if there was a compelling data story?
@pjmckeown   Nope. They are too busy. Only want it when there is an issue. Then all hell breaks loose.
@markdhansen   @pjmckeown I respectfully disagree. Many CEOs are data driven. Just need to include data they care about / understand. Think KPIs.
@pjmckeown   I agree, not saying all are not. Went through KPIs data many times with ours, but just don’t read. Previous ones have.
@aknecht   @pjmckeown Some CEOs are data driven & I love those CEOs, just not enough or they don’t understand the data.
@emcgillivray   @markdhansen @pjmckeown You gotta tie the data back to the company’s greater goals & talk about the numbers they care about.
@aknecht   Most CEOs don’t read reports they don’t have the time. They want 1/2 -1 page of easy to understand visuals.
@markdhansen   Yes, absolutely, story is key. Makes it more interesting and less work to understand the data.
@GoBrandify   Yes! We add color to the story w/ a Brand Score for each location evaluated. Anyone at any level can understand.

@denverish   I’m a big believer of the power of the interactive exec summary. Lots of times they only read that, but it’s get read! And use lots of visuals.

@kotmseo   I don’t think anyone in the C-suite views my reporting. If I could tie visits to high dollars, they would.
@ToriCushing   Tying data to revenue is not as easy task sometimes.
@kotmseo   No, esp when there are so many other tactics driving traffic 2 the website. I’m tasked to put a dollar to SEO traffic.

@ammicallef   Focus on YoY changes. Be able to explain trends and what you’re doing to impact them.

What tools make data easier to manage?

@milestech   Pivot tables in excel are great!
@ToriCushing   Pivot tables are the actual best!!

@pjmckeown   Tools that help automate where you can. Analytics Canvas in Google Docs works well.

@emily_C27   GA! but always when compared against Webmaster tools.

@keithgoode   At the enterprise level, you really need a platform to be able to manage the data without that being your only task. Not just dashboards. Compiling the data from various sources too. I.e. Ranking, Analytics, Search Console, etc.
@GoBrandify   Yes! If enterprises get caught up in the data coming in, they can’t move forward w/ strategies going out.

@SocialMichelleR   I love dashboards, myself. I need something that’s already automated based on performance we need to track.

@markdhansen   Shameless plug for @Megalytic. Our tool makes it fast and easy to create great client reports.

@ammicallef   Well graphs make data easier to digest. Trend lines of YoY & MoM changes are easy to understand visuals.

@GoBrandify   We’re a bit biased, but Brandify puts #localsearch #data into context.

@netvantage   Good screenshot software! Jing from @Techsmith is great for that.

@directom   Google Analytics. Ya know, because we’re trend setters. But we also love @Linkdex for KW tracking!

@kotmseo   Currently using @brightedge at work, which is great. Learning @moz for side work.

@allmikehall   For reporting on link prospecting activity SEO Tools for Excel helps you provide metrics.

@mysiteauditor   For SEO audit data, our tool uses a clean layout + visuals so the data is super clear to your clients (shameless plug).

What are your top data functions/formulas?

@aknecht   The most appropriate for the client & their digital properties. I look primarily at growth KPIs + ROI breakdowns.

@pjmckeown   vlookups, concat, hyperlink, ifs and others mixed with SEOTOOLS for Excel. Can’t forget SEOTools for Excel. And now @screamingfrog includes GA connectivity, but so far it’s been flaky.
@AnalyticsEdge   Worth looking at AnalyticsEdge while you’re browsing. Excel automation.

@BruceClayInc   VLookup.

@milestech   Had a lot of good use out of concatenate recently.

@KristiKellogg   Neil Bosma’s SEO Tools plugin.

@FlyingSmitty   I’ll cut back the snark, most agencies I’ve worked for have the “best tool in the industry” and just scrape free data.
@BruceClayInc   Justin, just for the record, our SEOToolSet doesn’t scrape; it uses paid APIs. Guilty as charged, though, for promoting them.
@FlyingSmitty   I’m just a hater ;) I’ve worked for several small agencies that had bigger bark than bite. No direct attacks were intended.

@ToriCushing   Mine is INDEX(MATCH) formula in Excel.

@markdhansen   Micro conversions (form completions, email signups) r top data funcs. Really just goals. Big insight abt what creates engagement.

@aknecht   Everyone forgets about annotation. It helps give meaning to the data. Need better annotation tools.

Where can we draw the line between useful amount of data and an opulence?

@keithgoode   Again, this goes back to appropriate story-telling. All data can be useful with the right audience.
@markdhansen   Absolutely! It is almost meaningless to discuss the value of data without also considering the audience.

@GoBrandify   It really depends on the marketers’ objectives. You can use a lot of data if you need to use a lot of data.

@ReviewTrackers   Between useful data and data that is easy-to-use. If we can obtain it, but not use it easily, how useful is it?

@directom   Teaching clients how to look at data should provide insights on their relative ability to understand it.

@milestech   It’s that difference between that data that you absolutely 100% need vs. the ‘nice to have’ but rarely use. less is more.

@netvantage   Sometimes in the amount of time it takes to put the report together. Literally takes away from the time spent doing SEO!

@kotmseo   Knowledge is knowing everything a tool *can* report on. Wisdom is knowing which data you *should* report on.

@ammicallef   Focus on KPIs and leave out “fluff.” Consider what’s important to the client and give insight on that.

@creativecalif   We have to cater the data to each clients’ needs. Some need comprehensive reports, some just need to hear “everything is fine.” The hardest part is learning the relationship and needs of each.

@allmikehall   When going over a report in person with a client, what data do you focus on? Everything else might not be relevant.

Does having branded colors and good organization make a difference in reporting when the number are the same?

@aknecht   It’s not what you say, but how you say it. So 100% yes!!!!!

@pjmckeown   Once you get the data right, absolutely. Keep things consistent so ppl know what to expect.

@FlyingSmitty   That’s why UI and UX departments exist.

@markdhansen   I didn’t used to think so, but a lot of people care deeply about the branding. The right branding conveys credibility.

@denverish   Absolutely! You need to present the report so that it appeals to visual learners. And organize it so it is both easy to scan (executive summary, ahem) AND dig into the details if desired/needed.

@JessicaKandler   100%, absolutely, yes! For a consultant, it helps instill your value + credibility.

@creativecalif   Yes. Clients LOVE little green upward arrows!

@BruceClayInc   Good presentation is great, but it’s no subsitute for actual results.

@milestech   yes -being as professional as possible develops trust, so more likely to get data driven recommendations implemented

@kotmseo   Yes. That’s like asking if I should wear pants during a presentation. Presentation matters!

@StephenHoops   To be honest, anything you create should be an opportunity for appropriate branding. Consistency is key.

@ammicallef   Absolutely. As SEOs we see things in data others don’t. Branding/colors help make our main points clear to our audience.

Summary: Content Marketing and SEO on #SEOchat

Moderator: @AndreaMLehr

Topic: how content marketing and SEO complement each other and how to measure the success of this relationship.

Relationship between SEO and content marketing: what connects the two? Are there any key distinctions?

@BrianRBaker4   Content marketing aids SEO to link-building.

@milestech   They complement each other! content marketing = making awesome stuff people want to read. SEO = making sure they can find it.

@AndreaMLehr   In one simple phrase, SEO and content marketing are connected on “quality over quantity”. SEO works through links, and you earn those links by producing high-quality content.

@AndreeaC_T   Content marketing has become SEO really. Offsite content– guest blogging, articles in legitmate sources, offsite blogs, that’s content that shoudl be SEO optimized too.

@Casieg   Content marketing helps drive an SEO program. Understanding the content you’re producing & for whom is key.

@SocialMichelleR   What connects content and SEO is the human element.

@emily_C27   SEO and CM go hand in hand. Using Keywords to optimize content is just one example.

@KristiKellogg   You can’t do #SEO without content — it’s impossible. There’d be nothing to optimize.

@RyanJones   SEO basically IS content marketing.

@EricLanderSEO   Successful SEO requires quality content & quality content is rewarded with SEO traffic. In other words, if “SEO” & “Content Marketing” were Facebook friends, their relationship status would be “It’s complicated.”

@netvantage   They go hand-in-hand. Content marketing can lead to links to improve SEO.

@cltaylor8   A connection is relevancy. Content needs to be of current interest to the audience unless they will not seek out content online.

@BruceClayInc   SEO & content go hand-in-hand. Always have, always will.

@allmikehall   Keywords are a key distinction. Content created from kw research data does leaps and bounds better than without kw research.

@AJutah   SEO is the discipline of optimizing for search engines, while Content Marketing is focused on marketing through content.

@utahphotobank   Content & SEO are connected in purpose and vision, but executed differently.

@alexpeerenboom   You can also look at externally and internally: optimizing your own content (internal) and the links it generates (external).

@mwilton13   SEO is a task. Content marketing is a larger strategy. SEO will help content marketing, but u could technically do it without.

@JesseStoler   Content marketing is an essential component of a successful SEO campaign. Of the internet is a vehicle, content is the fuel.

@creativecalif   Simply put, SEO needs content, and content marketing is made up of content. There’s a lot of overlap to use to your advantage.

@markdhansen   Search algorithms now are sophisticated, so technical seo is less important and its mostly abt content marketing.

@cjmonteblanco   Content marketing is becoming the norm, but throwing in SEO into the mix to drives up traffic and ranking.

Given the strong relationship between the two, what are some ways you integrate SEO into your content marketing efforts?

@AndreeaC_T   Because it’s more than just text: images & Video too, using alt descriptions and titles, etc.

@netvantage   We always have “leftover keywords” not used on product/service pages. Fantastic for content marketing.
@LiveOptim_US   We always have “leftover keywords” not used on product/service pages. Fantastic for content marketing.

@SocialMichelleR   It’s the semantics, not just keywords but the meaning behind the keyword. We find that long tail keywords work really well for tightly targeted audience segments. From #Periscope tested tags. Found that less than 5 tags actually rank better than stuffing tags.

@AndreeaC_T   Ex Youtube — optimized descriptions, titles, tags. Then when shared, you get that SEO boost

@AJutah   Always add longtail keywords into your content. Reddit and Wikipedia are great resources for research.

@AndreaMLehr   Keywords: research them and utilize them strategically throughout your content; remember they should sound natural, not stuffed.

@CaitlinBoroden   Make sure your content is easily understood by readers but also the search bots.

@EricLanderSEO   Content marketers can’t be limited to keyword strategies. Success require authentic audience engagement strategies. To integrate SEO, you’ll need to focus on well structured content that reads well, makes sense and addresses audience needs.

@utahphotobank   Try to consider search intent when crafting your content. This includes search engines, Facebook search, image search, etc.

@Casieg   Content allows us to answer the questions our users have (and are searching for). Content marketing helps us reach those users.

@DevDawg   Integration? Shouldn’t they already be integrated? Seperating the two seems foolish.

@TheBuyerGroup   Choose one primary keyword phrase per press release or article. Keep in mind that your brand isn’t always the keyword!

@mwilton13   Consider your outreach/link opportunities as you’re developing your content marketing strategies.
@DevDawg   I’d say consider users first and will they enjoy the content and that’s it.
@mwilton13   For sure, but if u want to partner with media or blog outlets for your campaign it doesnt hurt toinclude this in planning.

@allmikehall   Content marketing can always be used to answer questions – long tail keywords – of your target audience.

@JesseStoler   It’s important 2 create content/titles that r searchable. Don’t just write what u want 2 write, write what people want 2 read.

@milestech   Use the right keywords NATURALLY in the content – make it amazing. Then plenty of quality outreach to the right people.

@alexpeerenboom   SEO also includes HOW your audiences consumes the content. Just reading, or more interactive with video, interactive graph?

@RyanJones   Don’t ask “how can I make this rank for __” Ask “what do people searching __ expect?” Then write/build that.

@creativecalif   Integrate SEO and CM by prioritizing content based on most commonly researched topics, never forgetting about readability.

Keywords seem like a popular way to integrate the two. How do you determine your keywords, and frequently do you update them?

@EricLanderSEO   It may not be a popular opinion, but I don’t let content marketing’s START w/ focus on keywords. Audiences, yes. Keywords, no.
@AndreaMLehr   Agreed–starting on keywords made lead you down a “bot” path over more human connections.

@AndreeaC_T   Existing data from GA, competitor research–what they’re using in their content. Experiment– type in a search phrase and see what else Google serves up. Don’t forget google trends. Don’t be afraid of offline efforts either. Listen to sales/customer service & ID what phrases they’re using.

@DevDawg   You should use your keywords based on search traffic, conversation data, what users are searching, your industry, etc.

@AJutah   I’m a big fan of analyzing site search queries. What are people looking for when they’re searching on your site?

@utahphotobank   Your core list of terms will usually stay consistent, but long tail queries will change depending on season, news cycle, etc.

@cltaylor8   It’s about audience behavior. Knowing your audience allows you to choose keywords that they are most likely to search for.

@SocialMichelleR   Social media listening is a key part of how we continue to identify topics and create relevant content.

@netvantage    Ask your client what they think their audience would be searching for. Also use GA and WMT for keyword ideas. Determine keyword priorities by keyword volumes, competition levels and common sense. Adwords Keyword Planner comes in handy.

@allmikehall   Use tools. I love – use their questions section. Then establish top keyword targets and develop content.

@singerswings   Bing webmaster tools gives good insight. See the long tails people are using to find you, answer their questions.

@markdhansen   Get keywords from personas. Study how real ppl in ur audience talk and write. Get inside their heads.

@milestech   Come up with the topic/ idea first, then look into keywords. is pretty good.

@Casieg   I like to find what people are asking & the keywords/phrases they are using in those questions/comments.

@AndreaMLehr   Look at posts on targeted sites to determine what they’re talking about; use Google Trends to add focus and context to each word. Also simply being social: listen to what your target audience is saying on socal media and update your keywords accordingly.
@utahphotobank   Polls are great for research! Ask your Facebook community a question and note their answers.
@TheBuyerGroup   Absolutely! Create Twitter lists for each market segment allowing you to be more targeted in your analysis.

@cjmonteblanco   Find low-medium competitive keywords in @adwords. LSI keywords, too!

@Navahk   There are great tools like Scribe And @BruceClayInc SEOToolSet

@mwilton13   Go beyond keyword tools. Explore audience needs. What questions are they asking online? What do they search on your site?

@jennyhalasz   I thought this might be relevant for your discussion! via @stonetemple: Interview of me over on the BrightEdge blog on why content marketing is the key to success.

Aside from keywords, your SEO efforts can be elevated through high-quality content. How do you ensure your content adds value?

@AJutah   Make sure your posts are actionable enough to answer the initial question, but also go above and beyond with value.

@EricLanderSEO   Added value comes from quality recording and analysis of analytics, social sharing & commentary review and link building. I’d also advocate for understanding how content structure and layout can aid both users and SEO potential on page.

@AndreeaC_T   Stay away from blatant sales pitches. Make it “human”. I focus on making content educational and being a thought leader, linking to relevant pgs. Those pgs should have calls 2 action. Use annotations in GA to big/notable content features.

@SocialMichelleR   Touch more learning styles. Create written content, images, video, and podcasts.

@BruceClayInc   Link to appropriate content for FURTHER reading, include calls to action that keep them on your site. Add pics. Slides. Videos.

@utahphotobank   Watch your Analytics. Look at top 10 posts each month, and review bounce rate, time on page, exit page & other KPIs.

@CaitlinBoroden   If possible.. ask around. Figure out what your customers needs and wants are.

@milestech   If you haven’t worked your fingers to the bone trying to answer your target audience’s questions, you’re doing it wrong

@mysiteauditor   Actionable tips and resources, data, and real life case studies.

@jessesem   Make sure your content is not easily replicable. Teach vs tell. Does your content answer a user’s query so completely that they don’t need to hit the back button and refine their search?

@JesseStoler   Make sure it’s engaging. make sure it’s informative. make sure it’s beneficial 2 readers. + make sure it has Ryan Gosling memes.
@jessesem   Ryan Gosling memes are a key component of the online marketing toolbelt.

@netvantage   Analytics! Review bounce rates, time on site, pages per visit and determine what content was successful and why.

@DavidProHQ   To add value, you have to understand a reader’s needs, wants, and beliefs. Having your customer personas nailed down. Think of all the objections a reader could have and answer all of them in the article.

@Navahk   Listening to your audience can give you insight + testing it with snippets of tweets or FB posts to see if they’re engaged.

@cjmonteblanco   Hyperlinks, high-quality images with text, and rich content in the body that exceeds the expectations of the user’s query.

@AndreaMLehr   If your content answers specific questions while also leaving room for interpretation and discussion, you’ve added value.

@alexpeerenboom   Bloomberg’s “What is Code” is great example of value beyond keywords.

What are some of the popular metrics you use to measure a campaign’s success?

@AndreeaC_T   Set up content origins in GA and track conversions. If using a crm– look at where your conversions came from. Did they read a content? A blog? Add that to SEO conversions. I track SEO conversions based attribution–where conversions came from & note if it was offsite or onsite.
@pjmckeown   Let’s not get too fancy now. CRM able to track that. LOL I have this headache everyday.
@AndreeaC_T   LOL I double check my CRM’s data to be keep them honest
@pjmckeown   We are in the process of redoing CRM, I attended a meeting last week (they’ve been 9mos in dev) and mentioned lead scoring. Their response: What’s that?
@AndreeaC_T   UGH. Oh my. No words. I have to constantly give my CRM reps lessons in marketing.

@SocialMichelleR   Referral traffic. How did the content propagate across the digital spaces. From #Periscope GA tracking where traffic comes from and how long they stay.

@milestech   Depends on the type of content and what stage of the funnel is being targeted. could be lead volume, could be social signals. If influencers and your target audience are picking it up and sharing it, then it’s a success!

@Casieg   Leads/Sales are obviously top priority but getting people into funnel is also a plus. Did they come back?
@EricLanderSEO   This. You should all find ways to see how marketed content aids in (viewthrough/assisted) conversions!

@EricLanderSEO   Go way beyond the default and include author metrics, engagement depth and organic social enrollment.

@MarketingMeisha   Engagement metrics (time on page, etc.), Social metrics (sharing, etc.), and conversion metrics (sales, etc.) are all important!

@cltaylor8   Share-ability! You’ve hit the jackpot when your audience values your content enough to share w/their network.

@markdhansen   Set up goals in Google Analytics. Content marketing and SEO should be measured against specific micro-goals.

@jessesem   New referring domains, social shares, revenue/goal success events, CTR, time on page, bounce rate.

@netvantage   Organic & referral traffic, both month-to-month & year-to-year. Conversions are also a good metric to look at.

@RyanJones   Sales. because, at the end of the day, why else do the campaign?
@pjmckeown   Some places it’s about awareness, Non-profits, etc. My old place didn’t sell.
@RyanJones   Replace sales with otherwise main goal of website. donations, leads, etc.

@mysiteauditor   To measure content success, look at traffic, engagement (ie time on site), social shares, + conversions in google analytics.

@allmikehall   Year over year metrics (of all kinds). So many businesses are seasonal – have to make sure you’re comparing apples to apples.
@AndreaMLehr   LOVE this. Always want to keep in mind the larger picture–after all, campaigns should be part of a bigger strategy.

@AJutah   That’s a good question, but *metrics* don’t always equal Key Performance Indicators (KPI).

@AndreaMLehr   In a study from @fractlagency and @moz, leads, high-quality links, and social shares were at the top.

@cjmonteblanco   Tracking conversions (shares, comments, new subscriptions, purchases, visitor rate, time on site) after sharing new content.

@utahphotobank   Focus on things that end in results: conversions, appointments, leads, $$$.

@SocialMichelleR   Tracking traffic by device is also important. Are you serving your mobile audience?

@JesseStoler   Shares and links account for two of my favorites, but conversions are most important, whatever conversions may mean to yr site. As my man Alec Baldwin says, “Always Be Converting.”

Some indicated the number of links. In terms of total links vs. the authority of a link, which would you argue is more valuable?

@AndreeaC_T   Authority hands down. If u want external links, reach out to influential ppl with high social following and PARTNER with them on content linking back.

@EricLanderSEO   Both, with certain context. Quality for editorial links, volume for social shares and op/ed bloggers. There are some “quality link builders” out there who would love to have you believe otherwise.
@AJutah   Building links is still an important part of SEO. Definitely a right and wrong way to do it, though.
@EricLanderSEO   Completely agree – and I’m one of the few I know who would still prefer to hire legitimate link builders. I would always argue if there’s new content being generated, I always want more outreach specialists.

@AndreeaC_T   If the focus is quantity of links, you get trapped into bad linking.

@MarketingMeisha   I tend to lead towards quality over quantity, though ideally both.

@AJutah   Lots of *naturally* acquired links = valuable content, but site authority is determined by link authority.

@SocialMichelleR   Quality, authority, and relevance are far and away more important than pure quantity of links. From #periscope tons of non relevant poor quality links will actually hurt you.

@creativecalif   Visits, bounce rate, time on site, conversions. The usual! Authority, by far. Not only is it weighed more heavily, but you actually have a chance of referral traffic from popular sites.

@AlanBleiweiss   Quantity cannot be superior to quality if the quality is strong enough. 1 can be more valuable than 1,000. Quality links bring real, relevant traffic AND off-site authority signals. Quality links will RARELY jeopardize a site (except when Google screws up). Quantity will USUALLY do so. Quantity instead of quality is NOT a noble SEO goal with links. It’s a shiny object vortex of wasted resources. Quantity link pursuit inevitably leads to toxic, false patterns, paints a target on the site. Quantity link pursuit inevitably leads to fake attempts at quality.

@allmikehall   I’d throw in an additional link metric – relevancy. Majestic, Ahrefs, etc. are pushing relevancy metrics to help link builders.

@jessesem   Authoritative, relevant link is better than many, many low authority links.

@AndreaMLehr   Google favors the quality of your content more than the quantity, so I’d argue the same when it comes to links. High-authority publishers tend to have highly-engaged followers as well, so content amplification is also stronger.

@cjmonteblanco   Quality > quantity. But if you’re winning over localities, quantity may also deem valuable.

@Navahk   Authority = quality ..we all know how that saying goes.

@mysiteauditor   Definitely authority! Quality links over quantity, always

@JadedTLC   Since the beginning of sustainable SEO – links should always be quality.

@BruceClayInc   We pulled together recent wisdom on #linkbuilding, including quotes from many: Linkbuilding and Thoughts on Linkbuilding.

Another popular metric is total social shares. How would you explain the value of shares to an industry outsider?

@AJutah   Social share counts can be manipulated. I approach it as a trust-building metric. How does social really affect bottom line?

@pjmckeown   Same as IRL. You tell two friends, they tell two friends and so on. Same as content distribution.

@EricLanderSEO   Focus on the social reach and influencer of key shares and the lost link volume over time for active accounts. Ebb & flow.

@RyanJones   It’s all about LITRE Method: Limited, Influential, Trusted, Relevant, Essential. The LITRE method is however, only 0.946X as good as @AlanBleiweiss QUART method.

@netvantage   Social share is virtual word of mouth. It’s like a snowball effect and sharing keeps building up the snowball.

@SocialMichelleR   While bots will help you rank initially, it is the social vote of human confidence that you really need.

@CaitlinBoroden   Social shares are today’s word of mouth recommendations. You need people to spread your message.
@RyanJones   Majority rule does not work in mental institutions. See reddit or /b or American elections.
@CaitlinBoroden   Well you got me there :)

@milestech   Social shares are only valuable if they’re from real people.

@AlanBleiweiss   Social shares are a next-frontier of authority and trust signals vital to success with or without SEO involved. Social shares on scale lead to more organic search already. In the future, a likely direct off-site signal. Social shares also show up in existing multi-channel funnel data in analytics.

@TheBuyerGroup   Through organic and paid Reach via social insights. How more people will see your content when shared. Especially influencers!

@AndreaMLehr   Your content on a targeted site guarantees you’ve reached your existing audience; social shares reaches an untapped audience.

@AndreaMLehr   For more insights, here is a link to the study I mentioned earlier.

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