Optimizing for Google News with Kaila Strong (@cliquekaila) #seochat

On Thursday, May 12, 2011 Search Marketing Weekly will be hosting an #seochat on Twitter. Kaila Strong (@cliquekaila) will be our guest answering questions about Optimizing for Google News.


Starts at 7:00 pm Mountain Time
About 1 hour long
Use hashtag #seochat
Host: Greg Shuey

About Kaila Strong

As a Campaign Manager at Vertical Measures, Kaila works directly with clients to evaluate and analyze their overall Internet Marketing needs, creates sales proposals and recommendations. In addition she regularly reports on client rankings, gives SEO advice to brands in a variety of industries and manages client expectations.

Kaila develops Internet Marketing campaigns for clients, gearing a variety of efforts toward the overall goal of increasing search engine rankings, brand recognition, traffic, and conversions. She is most skilled in utilizing a mixture of content marketing and social media marketing to help the Vertical Measures clients due to her background in social media marketing, link building, SEO and content marketing.

In addition to her client work Kaila is a regular author on Search Engine Watch writing about social media topics, and has guest blogged on Wordstream’s Blog, Bruce Clay, Stay On Search, The Social Robot, and many others. Her book “Facebook For Business: A How-To Guide” is available now in the Vertical Measures store. She also loves to present webinars on topics related to Internet Marketing for Vertical Measures.


  1. Will she be answering questions about MMA?

  2. Haha, what kinda questions would you want to ask about MMA? I could certainly give my two cents about mixed martial arts. :0)

  3. No MMA ;(

    Google News is a fun creature. Looking forward to it.

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