Summary: Content seeding strategies for maximum exposure on #SEOchat

Moderator: @shuey03

When developing your content creation/promotion strategy, what are the different things you should take into consideration?

@shuey03   You need to address goals for each piece – what do you want it to do and what do you want the outcome to be? I believe that goals for each piece really help you hone in on the content and force you to produce something amazing! Especially when your boss or your client is holding you accountable for those goals.

@MattNeSmith   The channels available for distribution as well as the resources to develop that content.

@Scripti_Ashley   You have to consider both the goals, the audience, and the man power you have to make it successful.

@ConcerningChris   Opportunity. Without a defined opportunity, you risk spending time and money for an unknown impact.

@AJutah   The 1st thing you should as is what your goal(s) for the content are, and how you will measure the KPIs.

@parallelpath   Define what needs your audience has that you are looking to address when creating content, find the opportunities.

@BruceClayInc   What people are searching for; company voice; conversion goals; SEO factors.
@KristiKellogg   Creating something unique and compelling that users will want to read and search engines will be able to find.

@lisabuyer   Make sure a social sharing strategy is part of the content strategy Ex: Are plugins set up right.

@DanBischoff   First two things: define personas, then define their problems.

@larrykim   Over invest in story development. Is it remarkable and unexpected? Trending topic?
@lisabuyer   I agree but sometimes done is better than none, analysis paralysys can hurt marketers

@mattgratt   Goals. Goals, goals, goals. Then figure out audience, ideas, form, production, promotion. Then details.

@BrockbankJames   Firstly, the desired outcome from creating the content (link bait, brand awareness etc) and the target audience!

What are the different components necessary to create a solid piece of content that you can seed?

@shuey03   I think that ensuring that your content is evergreen is a huge component… you don’t want irrelevant content in a month. Other components that I work to include are input from third parties & thorough keyword research/placement.

@BrockbankJames   For me, it would always differ dependent on the type of content but social shares or links is always strong!

@KevinWaugh   Stats, research, people love facts, especially when you can craft that into content.

@Scripti_Ashley   Quality, quality, quality… and time.

@lisabuyer   Make sure that you measure content #ROI and #RonR, too much time spent on a blog post might not be worth it.

@BruceClayInc   Solid content necessitates solid research, tone and understanding of what is your target audience is interested in.

@AJutah   For content to be effective, the place where it lives should be designed to convert (or facilitate conversions down the road).

@Scripti_Ashley   I always write the content first, and apply SEO second. I don’t want to hinder my creativity.
@lisabuyer   Me too!

@inflatemouse   It is important to balance topical and evergreen resource. Most people should lean toward topical to maintain relationships.

@KristiKellogg   Content you can seed is content that is fresh, new — it has a different angle than everything else already out there.
@DanBischoff   Difficult to have different angle. If you’ve done it, so has someone else. Make it niche to your audience.
@KristiKellogg   – there’s ALWAYS a new angle.

@parallelpath   Need a solid understanding of your audience, know what content they will react best to.

@DanBischoff   With so much junk out there, sometimes all you need is to be 1% better than crap: Better headline/image, more niche.

What are the best strategies to identify link/social targets and how do you persuade them to help promote your content?

@BrockbankJames   Quality, length (in most instances, I find longer pieces work better) and uniqueness…why rehash someone else’s content?
@DanBischoff   LOVE the longer pieces of content — even in social media posts .

@lisabuyer   Facebook custom targeting and promoted posts can amplify good content and increase reach.

@shuey03   You can use followerwonk to identify influencers and invite them to help you create the content. Then, they have a vested interest in the success of the content since it directly impacts their business as well. Advanced search queries can also help you identify thought leaders in different verticals. the trick is to get them to notice you.

@parallelpath   Identify your social influencers and what channels they use. Tailor content to be shared across those channels. Build a relationship with influencers you identify. Interact with them, share their content and they will share yours.

@RHoberg   Google Alerts. Not only do opportunities show up in your inbox, but you gain insight into who is talking about you.

@BruceClayInc   Share on all your social platforms STRATEGICALLY. When is your audience online? What are they sharing, use UTMs to gather data.

@ConcerningChris   Partners are also a great resources for distributing content.

@KristiKellogg   ABS – always be sharing. Share your content, and other useful content. Know your audience. ABA – always be available. ENGAGE.
@shuey03   That takes a ton of time… how have you streamlined some of it, if any?
@KristiKellogg   Time is worth it – sharing AMPLIFIES content. I wrote re: #Twitter (for the journalist) yesterday:

@DanBischoff   Invite them on a podcast. They’ll do it almost every time. Then they’ll share that podcast (and more) with their audience. Level of entry is harder, but also it’s often easier for them to talk than write a blog post.

What social channels do you like to submit your content to and do you have any tricks (non-paid) to getting your content seen?

@AJutah   Google+ is MONEY when it comes to getting content seen. Blows Facebook out of the water every time for me. When you treat circles like silos, your content gets in front of the right influencers who will share it.

@parallelpath   G+ communities and Linkedin discussions have been great tools to distribute content.

@shuey03   We submit content to all relevant social channels. On twitter, we find relevant hashtags. On gogole+ and linkedin we find relevant groups/communities to submit to.

@ConcerningChris   Include quotes or mention influencers in your content. Increases likelihood that they will share your content. Ego bait. Also, getting influencers to contribute to a content piece will go a long way in the distribution phase.

@parallelpath   Monitoring trends on Twitter, find buzz words/hashtags around topics and tie your content to those.

@BrockbankJames   Whatever anyone says, you can’t beat manual social outreach! I always feel G+ gets the best pickup in terms of shares and plus ones, followed by Twitter! Sharing in G+ communities can work wonders! Ensuing you share numerous times on Twitter is vital too with it being so fast moving!

@BruceClayInc   Every audience is unique – determine where yours is and be there. BCI is active on #Twitter, #Facebook, #LinkedIn and #Google+

@KristiKellogg   #Hashtags are my greatest trick 4 getting content shared — w/out them, people you’re not connected with won’t discover it.

@lisabuyer   I would not call this a trick, more like a treat if you really participate – @triberr is one of my faves. It is a two way street, need <3.

What networks have you found paid promotion to be a viable option for seeding content & why?

@shuey03   We like to use facebook sponsored posts, stumble upon paid discover, and sponsored tweets to name a few. We’ve also been playing with @outbrain as well. Anyone have good luck spreading content through them?

@snakeynag   LinkedIn and Twitter have worked well for us. Facebook is less relevant for our audience.

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