Summary: Open #SEOChat. Google +1,, etc.

@matt_storms I was reading about and I am a little confused at what I need to do with it right now.
@AlanBleiweiss .@matt_storms – think of schema as the new microformat on steroids.
@matt_storms @AlanBleiweiss gotcha.

@ashbuckles I don’t think should distract from the basics.

@AlanBleiweiss Page level formats will be SEO game changers. Of course SEO best practices will still rule, yet anyone who ignores will suffer eventually. Just like Page Speed was laughed off, and before that microformats. is the new reality.
@kmullett @AlanBleiweiss microformats still has less then stellar adoption too. I thought it would be much more pervasive.
@ErikaLAndersen Why do you think this true? RT @kmullett: @AlanBleiweiss microformats still has less then stellar adoption too.
@AlanBleiweiss @ErikaLAndersen Bing ignored microformats. Developers had to choose methods. No standards. Schema changes it.

@matt_storms What does anyone think about Google Translate being turned off?
@aknecht @JadedTLC Not sure what you mean about google translate being turned-off. Did I miss something.
@matt_storms @aknecht yeah the Google Translate API is going to be shut off at the end of this year.
@aknecht @matt_storms Wow, as long as they leave the web interface I’m happy. API does bring with it all sorts of issues.
@phillohren RE:Translate. I think this is great. It will help reduce the number of sites translating as vein effort to create unique content.

@lyena @AlanBleiweiss Any possibilities of abusing recommendations?
@AlanBleiweiss .@lyena I actually believe schema will mean it’s going to be harder to fool search engines.
@kmullett @AlanBleiweiss @lyena except that nothing says that you have to label things correctly and since it is in code…. ?? who knows.
@lyena @kmullett It all depends how engines are going to treat the code. If they don’t believe everything they see – good. @AlanBleiweiss
@kmullett @lyena @AlanBleiweiss sure the amount of weight they give it will no doubt have to be tweaked a lot based on how it is implemented.

@ashbuckles @AlanBleiweiss I think is the next level of micro formats. Unless I’m missing something.
@aknecht @AlanBleiweiss I think that schema is the natural evolution of Berners-Lee’s original schematic mark-up for HTML
@AlanBleiweiss @aknecht I agree totally on that.
@matt_storms @aknecht you know Al Gore invented the internet and not Sir Berners-Lee.
@aknecht @matt_storms Perhaps ;-) but after getting raked over the hot coals by Berners-Lee for saying URL instead of URI I’ll yield to him.

@aknecht @AlanBleiweiss How quick do you think it will take the SEO community to learn all the schema formats?
@AlanBleiweiss It’ll probably take a year for the new schema framework to become a factor @aknecht @AlanBleiweiss Agree, I told people years before about page speed, it’s the natural evolution of effective page design.
@ashbuckles @aknecht @alanbleiweiss XML has been the precursor for sure.

@JadedTLC Schema will mean something – matt cutts barely mentioned page speed six months before it became a major factor in indexing. Schema will probably be google’s path to publishing.
@aknecht @JadedTLC Matt Cutts can’t mention anything until it’s official and Google wants to admit it. Seen it for other issues as well

@AlanBleiweiss Schema will mean things like events, recipes, prices, reviews, will be easier to rank for but it’s much more. The real SEO game changer with Schema will be page level elements – header, nav, adblock, sidebar. Search engines will have an easier time saying “does this stuff in this element belong here? or is it spammy?”
@ashbuckles @JadedTLC @alanbleiweiss For sure. Schema allows the publisher to make boring data interesting. I’m not sure schema changes spam detection all that much.
@ErikaLAndersen This part of HTML5 spec?
@AlanBleiweiss @ErikaLAndersen HTML5 and Schema structure will go hand in hand.
@kmullett Think of the page scraping and browser plug-ins that will be developed to read Schema data! Like microformat plugins.

@AlanBleiweiss Developers always prefer to adapt to standards. Microformats had no standards. Schema changes that. Right now, Google has to figure “is this code really inside the footer?” With Schema they’ll know. If you think they do a good job now at devaluing footer links, wait. Same with ads, nav abuses.
@kmullett @AlanBleiweiss agreed and one might argue that w3c themselves have failed to provide “standards”. Browsers ignore at will.
@aknecht @kmullett the W3C only created recommendations. Major fail part of the open source we’ll all play nice BS of the early days.
@AlanBleiweiss .@kevinmarks I prefer standards from non-profits like W3C. With search, the dictators decide the standard.
@AlanBleiweiss @kmullett yeah W3C was too slow, too politicized. Schema does an end-run.
@kmullett @AlanBleiweiss exactly. It was a hey, do you not see where this is going guys….we do and were doing it now.
@aknecht @kmullett The closest the #W3C came to setting standards was with HTML & XHMTL validation. Beyond that anything goes.
@kmullett To be honest though, we are our own worst enemy to standards. Early days, everyone wanted to do it “their” own way.

@kevinmarks @AlanBleiweiss how do you define a standard? Microformats has a process for that; says it isn’t a standards body. is our attempt at defining how to agree a standard #SEOchat #tummel

@ashbuckles My 13 year old just obtained his first #1 Google listing for his gaming blog. I’m very proud.

@matt_storms I am surprised no one has talked about +1 on Google. Why has put it on their site yet?
@aknecht @matt_storms Seen a few friends introduce +1 I think it’s just confusing for main stream audiences.
@dan_patterson @matt_storms I put +1 on today.
@shuey03 @matt_storms I was up till 1am this morning adding +1 and facebook comments to all of my sites. I guess we’ll see how it works out.
@matt_storms @aknecht They figured out like on facebook quick.
@phillohren @matt_storms I recently installed +1 ion my site. It was actually much easier than that dam like button… :)
@aknecht @matt_storms but “Like” is a call to action & people were on Facebook. +1 doesn’t resonate the same way.
@phillohren +1 Analytics coming soon. Hopefully, it will be as insightful as FB’s
@lyena @shuey03 Please, let me know. I added FB comments last week and +1 today too. I’m very skeptical that it would make a difference.
@shuey03 @lyena seriously! +1 seems way too easy to game… i could pay a mechanical turk and have 4000 +1’s by tomorrow morning.
@lyena @shuey03 OMG! Cannot believe you just put your black hat on! lol. :) I agree. But surely Google thought of stuff like that. ??
@shuey03 @lyena fine… spread them across many IPs.. I’m sure there are ways around it :)
@lyena @shuey03 Absolutely. Where there is a will… as they say. There will always be people gaming the system. Just hope G is smarter.

@JadedTLC How soon will you guys recommend/implement schema on your sites/clients’ sites? @matt_storms @JadedTLC as soon as I figure it all out, I will start on my sites to test and then roll to clients.
@ErikaLAndersen Are common browsers using schema yet? RT @JadedTLC: How soon implement schema on sites?
@AlanBleiweiss .@ErikaLAndersen schema is brand new. Just announced. It’ll take a year probably to take significant hold
@ErikaLAndersen Assuming that web creation tools (dreamweaver/cms) must also be updated RT @AlanBleiweiss schema brand new.
@AlanBleiweiss .@ErikaLAndersen Yes – web dev tools, major CMSs will all need to integrate Schema for widespread adaption.
@kmullett @ErikaLAndersen @AlanBleiweiss I just debriefed our CMS and dev team on Schema this morning. They were overjoyed. ;)

@RossHudgens Main problem w/ Schema I’ve heard is that the barrier to implementation is high/more complex than many other tasks.
@shuey03 @RossHudgens oh my heck… it looks brutal!
@AlanBleiweiss @rosshudgens absolutely. Schema is even more complex. Lots will stumble, fail
@ashbuckles @rosshudgens @AlanBleiweiss It’s difficult to force change on billions of pages. Takes time.
@shuey03 @AlanBleiweiss i will probably stumble and fail more than a few times trying to implement it.
@anthonybrunetti @RossHudgens Agreed. At this point educating clients is key, but I wouldn’t push for implementation until the value is justified.
@ErikaLAndersen but then chicken and egg prob RT @AnthonyBrunetti: At this point educate clients key, but not push until the value justified.

@ajkohn Interesting that Facebook isn’t part of Will the Open Graph use and leverage mark-up?
@AlanBleiweiss @ajkohn Facebook adapt to Schema? they’ll probably fight it all they can.

@IanMRountree @aknecht I’ve always wondered if browser responses have anything to do with search rankings. Servers fine, but browsers?
@aknecht @IanMRountree It’s response rate to the bot browser and not the human factor. I had to prove it a few times for clients.
@AlanBleiweiss @ianmrountree for now. Then wait for search articles.

@AlanBleiweiss A major step to adapting Schema is WordPress devs integrating Schema into themes & Thesis type systems.
@IanMRountree @AlanBleiweiss Where might we find the best details and specifications for Schema?
@ashbuckles @ianmrountree @alanbleiweiss Some good posts indexed already:
@IanMRountree @AlanBleiweiss Schema appears to be a code structure methodology. Does it address content structure at all?
@AlanBleiweiss .@ianmrountree think of Schema as CSS for content type identification
@ErikaLAndersen instead of


@AlanBleiweiss @ErikaLAndersen no – not simply

It’s MUCH more complex for sidebar. And within Sidebar,
@IanMRountree @AlanBleiweiss CSS is dangerously non-standard in implementation.
@ErikaLAndersen Agree. RT @ianmrountree: @AlanBleiweiss CSS is dangerously non-standard in implementation.
@AlanBleiweiss @ErikaLAndersen @ianmrountree welcome to the imperfect world of web development. Imperfect yet vital.

@matt_storms So how about the really cool news that Salt Lake City is getting the very first #mozcation.

@JadedTLC I feel that +1 is a gaming system for SEOs (some) – why would a real user do it? what’s the motivation? nothing is shared. Unless you are using +1 to bookmark, then what point does a user have to use it? None.
@AlanBleiweiss @JadedTLC Google +1 = Mechanical Turk. End of real value.
@elkirkmo @JadedTLC I disagree. I know plenty of people who share way too much. Everyone uses google/facebook. +1 could work.
@JadedTLC @elkirkmo +1 doesn’t share. it does Nothing for a regular user.
@shuey03 @JadedTLC does +1 tie into any other google product? bookmarks? reader?
@AlanBleiweiss @shuey03 plus+ requires a public Google profile – read @LisaBarone’s article
@JadedTLC @shuey03 google webmaster tools – a gem for SEOs but real users, None. they dont want to work to get search results.
@kmullett @JadedTLC the bigger initiative is to move google users into the google social network, hence the need for Google Profile.
@JadedTLC @kmullett exactly. how are you going to get ppl to get a google profile. we dont want one.
@lyena @kmullett @JadedTLC Google is showcasing profiles a lot. They are pushing out all other results on SERPs.
@JadedTLC +1 = profile fatigue
@aknecht @Thos003 @AlanBleiweiss @JadedTLC and you don’t think ppl in idea will create bogus profiles just to +1 mechanical turk requests.

@phillohren @JadedTLC Why do think that? I think its flawed cause its “Social” in the same way the like button is. K Now what I mean?
@anthonybrunetti @JadedTLC It’s a gaming system for Google first. Imagine the brand visibility Google gains, look at FaceBook Like.
@elkirkmo Also, google will figure out a way to control +1 spam. What else is @mattcutts going to do with his summer?
@aknecht @elkirkmo I hope @mattcutts & the team already have a plan to deal with +1 spam. I assume they anticipated it.
@kmullett @JadedTLC @elkirkmo they show in serps for others in the social circle. Your pic shows +1 something. like bing/fb
@aknecht @JadedTLC Saw lots of tweets today asking people read and +1 blog posts. So is that gaming the system?
@JadedTLC Good pt. So do we have to stipulate which +1’s were endorsed via marketing? ie nofollow?
@kmullett @JadedTLC a percentage will and a percentage won’t, just like fb/twitter, et al. I suspect Google will up reasons why.
@elkirkmo @kmullett @jadedtlc That’s what I thought. I’m pretty sure it shares. Like their “results from people in your social circle”.
@JadedTLC @kmullett @elkirkmo but that’s a lot of work to motivate a user to sign up for something else.. we already have “like” which works. Cuz we have fb on all day. I sign in daily – my mother is on for more than 12 hours a day. sister mobiles in. hs/jr high college coworkers – all on fb always.
@Thos003 @AlanBleiweiss @JadedTLC Their engineer believes that it can’t be gamed since it is more of a social influence. /personalization
@JadedTLC @elkirkmo @kmullett but it doesn’t “share” like send a link to your friends. so why are you using +1 when no one else is.
@kmullett @JadedTLC @elkirkmo yet we did/do for digg, stumbleupon, etc. They will push businesses to have, users to follow? Incentives?
@elkirkmo @JadedTLC I’ve quit facebook almost completely. Now that my 86yo Grandpa is on it, the party is over.
@JadedTLC @elkirkmo u r rare. 700 million ppl on facebook.
@ErikaLAndersen signed up, but are all really using it? RT @JadedTLC: @elkirkmo u r rare. 700 million ppl on facebook.
@elkirkmo @JadedTLC It’ll die. 700 million means that the trendsetters/hipsters will leave, start something new. 700 million will follow.
@JadedTLC Facebook isn’t dying now. That’s like saying msft is dead – but everyone uses office. Seriously.
@ErikaLAndersen Not true. 50% NYC lawyers still use WordPerfect. True story. RT @JadedTLC: Thats like msft is dead – but everyone uses office.

@AlanBleiweiss I put my agency dev team clients on notice today. Start learning Schema – plan for 6 month transition
@JadedTLC good pt RT @AlanBleiweiss: I put my agency dev team clients on notice today. Start learning Schema – plan for 6 month transition
@kmullett @JadedTLC @elkirkmo it shares to the profile page. It creates a tab, but correct not in true sense.
@phillohren @elkirkmo I’m confident you can work out the value of a+1 based on users rep. I.e. 2 week old users VS Gmail BETA user (8 years)
@AlanBleiweiss @phillohren Your mother will +1 if you tell her you need her to.
@aknecht @JadedTLC @AlanBleiweiss @phillohren I can see it on a t-shrit “Your mother +1 me!”
@kmullett @ErikaLAndersen @JadedTLC @elkirkmo 64% of US online users are on Facebook, claim is 50% sign in daily.
@elkirkmo @JadedTLC I guess Facebook is the new Oprah.
@JadedTLC @elkirkmo FB is the new Oprah – I have family and friends from all walks of life, all ages that uses it daily.

@MediaCollective For those following along is ( means site redo’s in the future )

@ashbuckles I’m not a fan of personalized search, too limiting for new info, so +1 is concerning to me. I think +1 is actually a step backward I’m search. but I’m following closely.
@lyena Agreed. RT @ashbuckles: Im not a fan of personalized search, too limiting for new info, so +1 is concerning to me.
@MediaCollective @ashbuckles I agree with that , its like the FB newsfeed deciding w/ I want to see which is often not
@ashbuckles @MediaCollective Yep. Plus I want to discover new informTion from outside my network.
@AlanBleiweiss @ashbuckles totally agree. Its an unfair, biased sway factor that disadvantages small sites.
@ashbuckles @AlanBleiweiss I try to keep an open mind and this seems too closed.
@lyena @ashbuckles Personalized search works only if you are social. Most people are not. There will be no benefit.
@Thos003 +1 is only going to work if there are enough people using it. To use statistical analysis you must have enough numbers. FB = 700mil
@kmullett @lyena @ashbuckles that is changing with BING. BINGs upgrade uses “social intelligance” i.e. likes as a signal, even if not friends.
@JadedTLC @kmullett: @lyena @ashbuckles but bing has facebook info, not building from scratch. button fatigue.
@lyena @JadedTLC Too many buttons give me vertigo.
@JadedTLC true. but sites will put them on because google will rank thru it RT @lyena: @JadedTLC Too many buttons give me vertigo.
@aknecht Too many buttons no room for content! RT @lyena: @JadedTLC Too many buttons give me vertigo.
@JadedTLC @lyena no one will use it in the real world – it will become obsolete as meta keywords and nofollow
@lyena @kmullett I would not like to see some suggestions from random people. I do not care what they think. :) @ashbuckles
@kmullett @lyena @ashbuckles they claim meant more like a signal of popularity equaling quality. More traffic, likes, then it must be good?
@lyena @kmullett @ashbuckles So, pretty much what Google already does. Ok. Could be good. I need to look at Bing. What’s the URL? lol
@ashbuckles @kmullett @lyena True. But social queues can only be “so” influential because of spam. Same is true for content on the whole. But “must be good” is too gamble to be a sole ranking factor.
@lyena Agreed. Nothing is that simple. RT @ashbuckles: Right. But “must be good” is too gamble to be a sole ranking factor.
@lyena @kmullett @ashbuckles With SEO spam you measure value per effort. Less value + more effort = less spam.
@ashbuckles @kmullett Ah yes. But SEO spam is predicated on normal distribution of information.

@aknecht +1 will be more valuable when the add a -1 option so I can flag crap posts. I also want a Didn’t Like button.
@shuey03 YES RT @aknecht: +1 will be more valuable when the add a -1 option so I can flag crap posts. I also want a Didn’t Like button
@matt_storms I would love a – 1 or dislike. I guess that facebook and Google only want the positive.
@lyena @aknecht +1 and -1 will be like pulling rope. LOL.
@aknecht @lyena great analogy “pulling rope” nothing like a good fight to get someones attention.
@Thos003 @shuey03 @aknecht They are using the “Block all www. ___ .com results” as the -1. @MediaCollective +1 or -1 , like or dislike both can be potentially abused.
@ArnieK Me 2! RT @matt_storms: I would love a – 1 or dislike. I guess that facebook and Google only want the positive.
@kmullett @MediaCollective I don’t know, but it is too large to ignore or poo poo away. No one media channel is “it”.
@MediaCollective @kmullett I agree as the audience is big and showing up 4 the party is key, but u have 2 consider mindset /use in network majority.
@kmullett @MediaCollective certainly you have to consider that, and measure it. It’s what we do. :)

@ashbuckles I believe some people are social and +1 may benefit some people in some cases. But there’s not enough incentive for the masses.
@AlanBleiweiss @ashbuckles google is in mass panic about social media. +1 = CodeMonkeys Flailing.

@IanMRountree I have concerns about scaffold-type layered standards. One would think the W3C would have something to say.

@JadedTLC these are NOT marketers either – some of them are midwest/southerners – not california fanboys.

@matt_storms Onto a new thing did anyone else hear about Amazon trying to get in the Groupon business starting in Boise today? Anyone’s thoughts on Amazon tossing the hat in on Groupon?
@aknecht Yawn another coupon site – big deal. Biggest impact on Groupon pending IPO @AlanBleiweiss @matt_storms

@ashbuckles For the same reason I don’t Stumble, Digg, bookmark, tweet, etc. everything I read, +1 will have limited distribution.

@RossHudgens We can only use so many buttons. It is our instinct to share, but very rarely do we share across more than two networks. Google +1 will either cannibalize other social networks “sharing” or it will fail.

@AlanBleiweiss My hope is +1 dies, yet digg lives on even tho its purely a content gaming scheme now
@Thos003 @AlanBleiweiss Sadly the only crowd this whole +1 will be attracting is the search crowd and elite Googlists.
@kmullett I really don’t care what lives or dies. Not for me to decide. I ride things while hot and drop when they are not. lol
@ashbuckles @AlanBleiweiss Haha. So true. I hope the end result is better search but it’s a little ugly to watch right now.

@lyena @JadedTLC Poor Google. It is really trying to be social and nothing works.
@aknecht It’s not in their culture – that simple RT @lyena: @JadedTLC Poor Google. It is really trying to be social and nothing works.
@aknecht It’s like MS trying to be innovative ;-0 RT @lyena: @JadedTLC Poor Google. It is really trying to be social and nothing works.
@JadedTLC Google can’t do social. Engineers don’t have friends and party. Zucker built his empire on hot or not – popular kids party.
@shuey03 Then run it into the ground RT @JadedTLC: Google will struggle to be social. They will have to buy twitter. No ifs ands or buts.

@JadedTLC I have nearly 500 friends on facebook, all ppl i’ve met in real life except 3 seo tweeps. Google will struggle to be social. They will have to buy twitter. No ifs ands or buts.
@aknecht & they’ll blow that to RT @JadedTLC: Google will struggle to be social. They will have to buy twitter. No ifs ands or buts.
@ArnieK And ruin it. RT @JadedTLC: Google will struggle to be social. They will have to buy twitter. No ifs ands or buts.
@Thos003 @aknecht I believe some will create & use fakes. But if the +1 focuses only on ranking within friends circle, what’s the point?
@JadedTLC @aknecht they will. but twitter is their only hope
@AlanBleiweiss @JadedTLC @aknecht Twitter won’t sell to Google. They’ll IPO.
@JadedTLC Good point – but google will get some cash in there RT @AlanBleiweiss: @JadedTLC @aknecht Twitter wont sell to Google. Theyll IPO.
@lyena @JadedTLC @AlanBleiweiss @aknecht Doesn’t Twitter have to demonstrate revenue plan? How successful are they with promoted tweets?
@AlanBleiweiss @lyena @JadedTLC @aknecht revenue plan? LinkedIn went IPO even tho they have never made a profit.
@aknecht @lyena @JadedTLC @AlanBleiweiss we’re in a bubble again, revenue/profit don’t matter audience siz does. Wait for it 2 implode.
@AlanBleiweiss @aknecht @lyena @JadedTLC the bubble is real, though less companies, bigger $
@dan_patterson @aknecht @lyena @JadedTLC @AlanBleiweiss that’s kinda what it’s looking like. I was surprised by the LinkedIn IPO.
@lyena @AlanBleiweiss @JadedTLC @aknecht True. But now LinkedIn spams me every week to try paid service. Looks like they need revenue.
@MediaCollective @JadedTLC add in their new button too, the apply for a job button,,, ugg button craze.

@RossHudgens 1/2 Given that most networks are entrenched in FB or Twitter, and we have nobody to “share” with or feel social love from..
@JadedTLC @rosshudgens I agree. Google got into social too late.
@NicholaStott 1/2 @rosshudgens disagree. +1 is a feedback mechanism. I don’t have to have any connections to use it just profile.
@RossHudgens @NicholaStott What incentive do we have to press a “I like this” button if there’s no positive feedback loop?
@NicholaStott @rosshudgens aggregate data contribution and agg. +1 numbers shown when no direct connection has plus 1’d. Obviously carries much less incentive. But altruism is reward enough for many. I’m kind of playing devils adv here.
@SuzanneVara @rosshudgens if +1 was seen across a platform like twitter/retweets it would be huge. PPl like ppl to see who they are promoting.

@JadedTLC @ashbuckles I am also fearful of personalized search. I like different. Different than my habits. thankyouverymuch

@matt_storms So what is the next big thing besides Schema, +1, or Groupon IPO that is next for business?
@aknecht @matt_storms How about business develop products that people want & treat customers with respect. Now that would be new (OK old)

@shuey03 Honestly, the only think I can see +1 being useful for is building trust when someone comes to your page and sees a big fat number
@lyena @shuey03 Wouldn’t you see the numbers on SERPs?
@shuey03 @lyena i don’t know… do the numbers show up in the SERPs? or only when someone in your social circle +1’s something?
@lyena @shuey03 I think your friend has to +1. I see numbers in SERPs but not many.

@Thos003 What value does +1 give the average user? If there is no real value for users to pick it up and use it then it will fail.
@shuey03 Just like when someone comes to a site and sees 19,000+ people “like” a product or service… people believe it’s legit
@ashbuckles @lyena @shuey03 Yeah, 19k likes seems great unless it’s games.
@shuey03 @ashbuckles eh… even if it is gamed, users won’t know… not that i endorse that
@ashbuckles @shuey03 Exactly. I’m not saying it doesn’t work. It just doesn’t provide real value; hence +1 loses it’s edge.

@JadedTLC @ianmrountree too late to try now. Look at google wave google buzz google profiles. My parents are not on google profiles.
@IanMRountree @JadedTLC Was Google Wave social? I thought it’s lack of social was it’s entire failing.
@JadedTLC @ianmrountree it was supposed to be social, but somehow the googleers forgot that we had email already
@IanMRountree @JadedTLC Email, and Google Docs which is far more powerful. The only thing Docs doesn’t have but Wave did was recorded commentary.
@JadedTLC @ianmrountree true, and google launched competitive products – why? probably to keep us from looking at the man behind curtain.
@AlanBleiweiss @JadedTLC the man behind the curtain is flailing all over :-)
@JadedTLC @AlanBleiweiss that’s what the man gets for bringing a panda indoors.
@ashbuckles @AlanBleiweiss @dan_patterson If you recall, the man behind the curtain turned out not to be that impressive after all.

@dan_patterson So here’s my take on +1: unless GG can integrate it with FB or Twitter, it’s pretty useless.
@JadedTLC Need user with good ip cloaking and fast clicking mouse. Must have google profiles.
@aknecht @JadedTLC @dan_patterson Think +1 has to integrate with “Tweet This” Button. 1 message 2 actions.
@ashbuckles @dan_patterson +1 is so last hour dude.
@JadedTLC that would work RT @aknecht: @JadedTLC @dan_patterson Think +1 has to integrate with “Tweet This” Button. 1 message 2 actions.
@AlanBleiweiss .@JadedTLC I totally believe Google removed the Google Checkout button from SERP due to Feds.
@JadedTLC .@AlanBleiweiss I could believe that – Google doesn’t do anything without thought even on failed products.
@aknecht @JadedTLC @AlanBleiweiss Yes Google give everything thought, just without practicality testing.

@Thos003 So if internet marketers run with this +1 will it ruin it? If they don’t, will it fly?
@JadedTLC @Thos003 marketers will because google says they’ll use it to rank, but regular folks won’t use it.
@ErikaLAndersen Ruin or fail. Sounds promising. RT @Thos003: So if internet marketers run with this +1: will it ruin it? If not: will it fly?
@IanMRountree @JadedTLC Google’s biggest problem is it’s right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing. Very little coordination internally.

@dan_patterson All of these ‘social signals’ are only good for power user friend/niche groups. This goes for +1 and Bing’s FB integration.
@matt_storms @ashbuckles @dan_patterson I think it was 30 min ago.

@ajkohn Only current advantage I see for Google +1 is the ability to plus one a site even if they don’t have the button installed.

@ashbuckles @JadedTLC @thos003 @derekmabie @alanbleiweiss I’m looking into Mechanical Turk for +1 spam requests.

@matt_storms I like the comment to facebook, it cuts down on spam and creates a share on the persons facebook wall.

@dan_patterson So now if I like an article I have to Like, +1, Tweet, Stumble, Digg, and Delicious it. Can’t we make this easier???
@AlanBleiweiss @dan_patterson easier would required unified login (something that’s come close but not been reached
@matt_storms @dan_patterson do what I do and close the tab or go search something else.
@JadedTLC @dan_patterson I think you choose the buttons that make sense per piece of content
@dan_patterson @AlanBleiweiss Unified login would be nice, but I don’t trust most of the services that have tried it yet.
@kmullett @dan_patterson I don’t think so. Out of visitors, you will pick the one(s) you use, while I will pick the one(s) I use.
@dan_patterson @kmullett Yeah, I totally agree with that. I need to find a service that will hit all of my favorite networks for me.
@kmullett @dan_patterson you mean like the shareaholic plugin for browswers or addthis or sharethis onsite?
@dan_patterson @kmullett Those are nice, but any I’ve tried aren’t as friendly as I’d like. Maybe I’m just picky :)

@AlanBleiweiss @dan_patterson that’s why it’s failed to be truly adapted. Security sucks.
@dan_patterson @AlanBleiweiss After taking a security class my last semester of college, I got very scared of unified logins as they were then. I guess that fear/caution has kinda stuck with me on that.
@AlanBleiweiss @dan_patterson Hackers hit Sony twice this year. Imagine if a unified login was in place ;-)
@dan_patterson @AlanBleiweiss Yeah no kidding. Sony is getting hammered! #NightmareComeTrueForThem
@lyena @dan_patterson @AlanBleiweiss I still do not trust “login with FB” & “login with Twitter”. I clean out all Twitter app permissions.
@AlanBleiweiss @lyena @dan_patterson yeah same here. cleaning house is vital on a regular basis.
@kmullett @lyena @dan_patterson @AlanBleiweiss I always opt to use normal site registration instead of social logins if an option.
@dan_patterson @lyena @dan_patterson @AlanBleiweiss I’m not as cautious with Login as Twitter as I probably should be. Facebook I’m more careful.
@lyena @dan_patterson Me too. I use FB for personal friends. Twitter is more open.
@JadedTLC @lyena @dan_patterson @AlanBleiweiss good thing too because DMs are being transferred thru api.
@ashbuckles @dan_patterson @lyena Facebook continues to prove they don’t deserve our trust.
@lyena @ashbuckles @dan_patterson That is absolutely true. But like addicted users, we keep coming back for more.

@IanMRountree @aknecht @JadedTLC @AlanBleiweiss PO: Practicality is a very all-skill-levels consideration. Google considers the tech savvy.
@AlanBleiweiss @ianmrountree @aknecht @JadedTLC Google considers their own in-house tech-savvy – even more myopic!
@aknecht @ianmrountree Agree, they only consider the tech savvy coolness factor

@DieselLaws Google’s +1 Button is not being installed on my website until Google Apps users are supported.

@SuzanneVara @ianmrountree – isn’t +1’s going to help with SERPS? If so, why would I +1 someone to rank over me? Am I right here Ian?
@IanMRountree @SuzanneVara That’s a very good question. I imagine a lot of people will be weighing +1 on if a page is in their vertical

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