Summary: Site analysis Q&A on #SEOchat

Moderator: @pincock

Site 1: on-page 101 question from a new web dev: looking for basic suggestions to make site SEO friendly

@mitchellbwright   Adding a blog would be a great way to attract links as well as pull in long tail traffic.

@pincock   Site 1: Fix broken links in the footer — 404’s are no good

@AJutah   First thing I’d suggest is optimize home page. More clear CTA would be nice. No funnel set up for incoming traffic.

@KevinWaugh   Have links on the home page off the services that are offered, it took me a minute to see what this company does.

@SauravRimal   Perhaps create pages around plumbing services they provide to target long tail but needs to be user friendly rather than SEO. Personalization of the team is helpful to build trust with their target audience. This can help build business and community.

@Scripti_Ashley   Site 1: /plumbing-services/ has some strange H1s and H2s. There needs to be one H1 or H2 on the /plumbing-services/ page for Melbourne Plumbing Services. Images need alt text.

@robbyp20   First thing that stood out to me is that their “Free Quote” banner is not clickable.

Site 2: @jasonbulloch submitted

@pincock   Site 2: Maggie is dealing with a manual penalty for unnatural links. @jasonbulloch you can jump in with more details — but the company is a big brand and suspects some malicious forum spam. Spam links were removed and or disavowed, two reconsideration requests into this, still canned reply from Google.
@jasonbulloch   Right we think negatove SEO since nobody at Maggie will fess up.

@Scripti_Ashley   Site 2: There is valuable text with in some of the images that need to a crawl-able font instead of an image. Link titles should include key phrases.

@AJutah   An OSE report shows quite a few Squidoo and Hubpages articles. Was/is that part of your SEO strategy? If so, I’d recommend editing those if you can to change out the anchor text, add other external links & beef up the content. Category pages are somewhat devoid of content. While that won’t fix a “manual link penalty”, it could help indexation.

@SauravRimal   Site 2: Fix pagination duplicate issue! Looks like more technical fixed can be done while working on manual penalty! PRIORITIES!
@jasonbulloch   Penalty is unnatural inbound links, and we have done 0 link building for this client. we are purely evaluating prob.
@parky   No doubt I agree but it looks very negative and I doubt a brand of this stature in their niche really got into that.

@victorpan   hahaha I see there’s some old “press releases” that link liberally.
@parky   I found the same but that is very natural for a big brand company like this that is at all the major shows links natural
@SauravRimal   It’s not about doubting it’s about data, whether they did it or not! #seochat. If they didn’t they just got the wrong end of it.
@jasonbulloch   havent disavowed PR’s, but I have disavowed all forum domains and still received canned response, “site still violates”

@OldhamJared   Reconsideration requests included documentation of link removal and dissavow for all other toxic links not removed?
@victorpan   I’d be suspecting one of two things – hidden paid links, and anchor text distribution.
@jasonbulloch   Outside of forum spam we disavowed with exactmatch ancTxt their anchorTxt distribution is strong brand. We have assumed respblty of fixing, & are getting canned responses from Google “still Violates”.
@victorpan   This will sound counterintuitive. Build good links with real marketing efforts. Increase the ratio of natural links.

@mitchellbwright   Yeah. I imagine if they had an actual SEO company previously those on-site issues would have been taken care of
@SauravRimal   otherwise why would they have keywords in top 5 anchor texts?
@jasonbulloch   We’ve submitted large dissavow file with all forum spam & 2 recon. requests. We’re stumped.

@Scripti_Ashley   As a whole, this website just feels very unorganized. I’m sure Googlebots feel the same way.

@pincock   If links have been addressed via removal and disavow, any suggestions on avoiding another canned reply from G?

Site 3: looking for some fresh content marketing and linkbuilding ideas

@Scripti_Ashley   Site 3: If you are focusing on content marketing then make the blog obvious. Is there one? Make product videos for sure. Videos make the value of the products speak for themselves.

@AJutah   I see 2 blog posts on the home page, but there’s no /blog folder, and no links to posts on deeper pages of site. Make the blog more prominent, and run a contest/giveaway with tech bloggers.

Site 4: @johnrampton

@organize   Moving our Store from Yahoo to Magento and need help on URL structure. Any suggestions?

@Scripti_Ashley   Site 4: IMAGE OVERLOAD! WHERE DO I CLICK? Get off of Yahoo stores. Add your own Favicon. So far, you have a good start to the link structure. This URL makes no sense though, Use the product name.
@organize   Agreed, that’s pretty much done on new dev site. Any help on how categories should be setup?
@mitchellbwright   Trying to change the URLs on Yahoo stores is ridiculously hard. I can understand why they haven’t.
@Scripti_Ashley   If you can afford to, I would A/B purpose vs room structures. I like to be able to shop by both. Example of a by purpose structure: .

@AJutah   A4: What’s up with all the empty space at the bottom? Your main nav is a good starting point for top level category pages. Just build off those. For example, instead of /floating-wall-shelf-medium.html, could be /shelving/floating-wall-shelf-medium.html.

@parky   Keep your current product database URLs in tact and just have magento build new product urls as new products are added. Top category URLs can stay same but you will likely want to change sub cat URLs following folder hierarchy in #magento. These two options are a must for you in migrating over from yahoo stores .

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