Summary: Social Media and SEO on #SEOchat with @dan_shure

Guest: Dan Shure. Read about Dan: .

How did you use social media to help build your reputation in the SEO world? How could others use it?

First of these answers can apply to anyone in any industry. As a person or company?

First of all… i know WHY i am doing what i do… i follow this (or try to). I know that there’s two things that when I do them, time stops… SEO and MUSIC – do what you LOVE.

Secondly, everything i do is genuine… there is no trickery involved… and i never try to “get” things from others.

Now, lets get to tools…. i’m pretty basic… twitter website, google plus, NO facebook. With twitter, i LISTEN to people… i try to really understand their interests, concerns, questions and what would help them. Not to try and get anything from him… but because I had an EXCITED reaction to the music and wanted to share.

Next, I always made sure to leave intesrting, thoughtful and unique comments on peoples blogs. Yep… quora too! (getting to that, lol). Posts I was genuinly excited about & had an emotional reaction to where the ones I focused on I made sure they knew I commented.

Next would be helping people. When you help someone, make sure you’re not actually anti-helping… what i mean is… give them an answer, not just another ?? For example, if someone reaches out on Twitter and needs help, but you can’t give the answer in a Tweet (not helpful), write a blog post instead with the solution and then send it to them.

A couple quick twitter tips. Been experimenting with “double tweets” – – works well when you haven’t tweeted in a while. The catch with something like “double tweeting” is it works because its NEW. There’s a diminshing return once everything does it. Trick I got from Wil is to keep a few private lists going of people a bit outside of your “crowd” so you’re getting unique stuff.

With bitly… use chrome scrape plugin to source everyone who’s tweetd your stuff. You may have missed them when they tweeted it, also use the master bitly link (not the one you created).

@RachaelGerson: Any data on clicks from double tweets compared to single?
@dan_shure: Just what I’ve looked at in bitly and observation. it works really well if you’ve been offline for a while.

@scott_dodge: Can’t recomment scraper for chrome enough – I use it to scrape #seochat all the time: .

How did you use social media to help build your knowledge of SEO?

First of all, I was OBSESSED with learning where ever and whenever. In the car I listened to @RossDunn @JohnCarcutt – on SEO101… good when first learning. Don’t tell the cops, but I used to watch Whiteboard Friday in the CAR while driving to fit it in.

I used Q&A forums to learn by ANSWERING (not asking). I’d pick a question I didn’t know the answer and figure it out.

I paid attention to opportunity to go to events. Because of that I went to both Affilaite Summit East and SESNY free. I noticed a group called SEMNE (shout to @Jehochman @jillwhalen @stonetemple) – which I only knew about because of Twitter. And of course when going to events, especially Affiliate Summit, I’d tweet that I was an SEO who the affilaite could talk to.

Lastly, BIG thank you to @dohertyjf @iPullRank @tomcritchlow @wilreynolds @tedives @justinrbriggs @bill_slawski @randfish. I also used social to ask people questions directly, and they were all there for me at times to help. I think the interactive part of social is huge especially for me because I don’t see any SEOs in real life 90% of the time :)

To wrap up answer 2, social media as a form of communication is invaluable for someone like me who is not near ppl all the time.

@Scott_dodge: I can’t help but notice that @dan_shure is super close to 1k followers… Anticipation is killing me!
@dan_shure: This is my follower growth since last July – That’s not to brag AT ALL… just to say that if you HUSTLE things can happen!!
@scott_dodge: Also, could you share what tool that is?
@dan_shure: That’s crowdbooster the free version. I like it to follow my personal stuff. Crowdbooster has every single day of follower change since I created the account.

Why should someone looking to break out into the SEO world learn technical SEO?

First to define technical SEO, this is two things.

  1. knowing how websites are built
  2. knowing how search engines work

Knowing these two things is obvious to doing seo well… but it really shows the community you’re serious and HONOR the craft. Doing SEO for people and sharing my knowledge, progress and learning is about more than ME and knowing your shit helps show that.

Also, if you’re trying to build your reputation, you need to be able to talk to all people in the industry, devs/designers. Knowing html/css/php/sql xpath and all that stuff is just knowing the language of the web, which is synonymous with SEO really.

No matter if you’re more focused on link-building stuff, or content, its invaluable to understand what’s happening technically.

@ryanwats: Any specific recommendations on sources for learning technical SEO in depth? blogs, seminars, training courses?
@dan_shure: Agree! RT @LeydaHernandezV: is awesome! & is a good place to start.
@scott_dodge: This has also intrigued me quite a bit – good structure, totally free, but, it’s all redditors –

What should someone focus on if they want to learn technical aspects of SEO?

FIRST. Build a website from scratch with html and css. doesn’t matter if its 5 pages and ugly. I use text wrangler, MAMP (or WAMP for windows) and a browser to build websites by hand. The O’Reily Books are fantastic if you learn well with a hard copy. – that’s an archive of one of a website for one of my dad’s business, which I took it upon myself to rebuild by hand. It has a lot of flaws – pretty basic in a lot of ways (and I’m clearly not a designer) but here it is now

Point is, you learn technical SEO by DOING it… building a site from top down and understanding how it works mechanically. I was very proud of figuring out how to configure the .htaccess for all the URL rewrites –

NEXT, after you build some sites by hand… build a bunch of wordpress sites because you can get to the actual SEO much faster. Then study the Google Documentation – webmaster guidlines. I know alot of this is basic but sometimes we complicate things so much and forget the basics.

Google webmaster videos – I’ve watched every single one at least once – . participate in Quora’s SEO group – And of course the Moz Q&A – .

Lastly, you learn by teaching. find someone who knows less than you and teach them anything you just learned!

@AlanBleiweiss: Want 2 learn key aspects of technical SEO that matter most? Learn fundamental house building architecture.

What other skills do you feel are important to breaking out into the SEO world?

Writing gives you a unique voice! I have homework for you all. Try NOT using the word “great” at all. To get better at writing and expanding my vocabulary always keep a thesaurus near bye. FIND a better word than “great”.

To “break out” into the industry, you need to know traditional marketing. I consider myself a marketer first, SEO second. Read this – . Watch this – And study people like @ramit because he’s a genius marketer and copywriter –


  1. Content Muse says:

    [...] how Dan Shure engages clients, peers, and people.  “…everything I do is genuine… there is no trickery [...]

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